Literature and legislature – Ferdinand von Schirach – the man who talks about guilt – culture

content From criminal defense attorney to star author: Ferdinand von Schirach tells stories as they are written in the courtroom. In his very first volume of short stories, «Verbrechen» (2009), Ferdinand von Schirach told a disturbing true story: on a hot summer’s day, a folk festival takes place in the country. The alcohol flows freely. … Read more

The Lord of the Skies: Carmen Aub talks about her operation scars | Breast implants | TV series | Netflix | Telemundo nnda nnlt | CHEKA

Carmen Please is one of the oldest of “The Lord of the heavens”. The Mexican actress has been part of the main cast of the drama since its second season, when she was introduced as Rutila Casillas. Today, at 31 years old, he feels very happy for having had the opportunity to be part of … Read more

Trump tried to start talks between the US and Venezuela

Maduro pronounces on the US elections 1:05 (CNN) — Venezuela’s embattled President Nicolás Maduro said that US President Donald Trump tried to start talks between the two countries on several occasions. «[Donald Trump] He wanted to talk to me several times … and there was contact between special envoys, but, in the end, the established … Read more

Turkey in talks with South Korea to save Altay’s tank program. – Military Galaxy

Turkish military and procurement officials, as well as equipment from a private manufacturer, have been negotiating with a South Korean company to recover a backlog-plagued schedule for the production of the country’s first indigenous next-generation main battle tank. “This program has suffered long delays due to lack of access to significant components such as the … Read more

Vikings season 6: Ivar’s actor posts photos on set and talks about the arrival of last episodes

Fans of the historical drama Vikings, await the arrival of the second wave of episodes of the last season 6. Ivar’s actor, spoke about the date while posting his photo gallery on the film set. November 20, 2020 01:39 hs History Channel, must deliver to fans of Vikings the second part of the last season … Read more

Post-Brexit Talks Delayed After Barnier Official Gets COVID-19

Talks on a trade deal between the EU and the UK face a further delay after a senior member of the EU negotiator’s team, Michel Barnier, tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday (November 19). “One of the negotiators on my team tested positive for Covid-19. With David Frost we have decided to suspend negotiations at … Read more

Óscar Acevedo talks about remote music teaching – Music and Books – Culture

I met the renowned Colombian pianist Jesús Molina and asked him with whom he had studied jazz piano in Sincelejo to obtain the Berklee College of Music scholarship. He answered me without hesitation: “YouTube tutorials, teacher”. That answer was my tummy landing in virtual teaching. I thought that those videos were more prepared for the … Read more

The pandemic hits Brexit: a positive interrupts face-to-face negotiations in the final stretch – Europa Directo

The outbreak of the pandemic forced face-to-face meetings to stop in spring. Even the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, tested positive. The videoconference format dragged on for months, until both parties realized that the only way forward could be with face-to-face meetings where papers and notes could be exchanged. But even so, the main issues … Read more

Conisch talks about his work as composer of the soundtrack of Pokémon: Wings of Twilight – Nintenderos

Once again the official page of Pokémon has posted an interview to give us more details on how the popular animated series was made Pokémon: Wings of Twilight. Previously we had an interview with Mizutamari Higashi, artist of the series, followed by another with the scriptwriter responsible for the story, Sou Kinoshita. Now we can … Read more

The talented actor and standupero talks about “Me caigo de laughter”

By Mino D’Blanc The talented actor and stand-out Isaac Salame is one of the members of the successful program “Me Caigo de Risa”, which is celebrating its 200th broadcast this Wednesday, November 18. We spoke with him, thanks to the kind attention of Paola García, from Televisa. MD’B: Why did you decide to enter the … Read more