A recording of the G7 summit talks has been leaked. Leaders make fun of Putin. “With or without jackets?” | World news

Sitting down to the common table where the leaders of the seven most powerful economies ¶wiata they talked about new ones sanctions for Russia, politicians they allowed themselves to make fun of Vladimir Putin. More current information from the country and the world at the main page of Gazeta.pl Watch the video What kind of … Read more

Prince Wenceslav of Liechtenstein is the playboy prince no one talks about

As a member of the historic royal family with a brilliant career in finance and known for his stellar events he organizes, Prince Wenceslaus of Liechtenstein has something to offer to your potential partner. However, the 47-year-old prince continues to look for the “only one”. Prince Louis – the new star of the royal family … Read more

Formula 1 | Nice in F1? Monaco without a Grand Prix? Alesi talks about the future…

Could the Paul Ricard really give way to another Grand Prix in France? And there is no question of a return to Magny-Cours this time but of another project, unveiled by Stefano Domenicali, the CEO of F1: a race in Nice. This project driven by Christian Estrosi raises questions: some see it as a desire … Read more

Everyone agrees on the tax wedge cut, but no one talks about how to compensate for the lost revenue. Other taxes or less expenses?

The tax wedge cut was one of the main themes of the debate that took place yesterday and the day before yesterday in Rapalloin the context of the usual conference of young entrepreneurs of Confindustria (where young means up to 40 years). Other hits of the day were the attacks on citizenship income and the … Read more

In Setúbal, culprits are being sought. “Now everyone talks. But when the girl was alive nobody did anything for her” | report

With the same name as the girl who died in Setúbal, and whom everyone now seems to have known, 23-year-old Jessica is cradling a four-month-old baby in her arms. Clinging to him, he has another five-year-old daughter, Maisa, who, with an expectant look, looks for an answer: “Mother, where is the girl?”

What are the authors of Elden Ring preparing? Miyazaki talks about a new game, with a detail that encourages us

The president of From Software states that there is an unannounced project that is in the final phase of development. If Miyazaki speaks, we all listen to him. After signing game icons such as Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls o BloodborneNot counting the recent success of Elden Ringthe players have no doubt that the games of … Read more

Formula 1 | ‘C’est la mort’: Gasly talks about mid-table struggle this season

With the arrival of new technical regulations in Formula 1 this season, the fight within the mid-table to become “best of the rest” seems closer than ever, with a difficult to read hierarchy which tends to change with each Grand Price. And if a team like AlphaTauri aspired to get involved in this fight, the … Read more

Lety Calderón talks about Juan Collado and reacts to a love proposal

Leticia Calderón / Mexico Agency The actress Leticia Calderón talked about different topics during the video call she had with the program First handafter in recent days he confirmed his third contagion of covid-19. Clarifying that she continues to carry out all the care measures so that her children do not get the virus, the … Read more

PMU race interviews. Pavel Tamsin talks about his Friday starters, at Vincennes and Caen.

Pavel Tamsin (photo) will play on two tables on Friday. He will indeed have a starter in Vincennes (R-1) and another, the same day, in Caen (R-3). He tells us about it (By Stephane Davy) : “In Vincennes, I delegate NICE PRESENT (603-R-1 in Vincennes). It is a quality walker. He behaved very well at … Read more

Thomas Gottschalk talks about separation from Thea

Thomas Gottschalk on separation from Thea “It was a life decision that I don’t regret a day” They were considered a dream couple for around 40 years – but then Thomas and Thea Gottschalk separated in 2019. Now the moderator is talking about this decision. Published: 06/23/2022 at 12:37 p.m Thomas (72) and Thea (76) … Read more