5 Advanced Tanks Owned by the United States

loading… The M1A2 tank became the mainstay of the US on the battlefield. Photo/airspace review WASHINGTON – The United States (US) as a developed country has around 6,333 sophisticated tanks spread throughout its military ranks. Tanks are vehicles that have an important role in maintaining national security from external enemy attacks. Tanks are made of … Read more

5 Sophisticated Russian Tanks, The Last Number of City War Heroes

loading… Russia deployed all the most advanced tanks it had during the conflict with Ukraine which started in February 2022. Photo/Wikipedia MOSCOW – Russia deployed all of the most advanced tanks at its disposal during the conflict with Ukraine that began in February 2022. As per its signature role, the main battle tank supports infantry … Read more

The commander of Brigade Nord cannot imagine an army without tanks

– I register that the government has decided to proceed with the acquisition of tanks. Beyond that, I have no comments. It is not my job to comment on this, says Brigade Commander Berglund Aftenposten. But he admits that he was surprised that Chief of Defense Eirik Kristoffersen advised against buying new tanks. If this … Read more

Britain Sends Advanced Brimstone 2 Missiles to Ukraine, Can Hunt Russian Tanks

loading… Britain sends advanced Brimstone 2 missiles to Ukraine. This missile can hunt Russian tanks. Photo/Peter Jordan/The Sun LONDON – The UK has sent Brimstone 2 advanced missiles to Ukraine to support its fight against the invasion Russia . The missiles, which cost £175,000 each, have the ability to hunt Russian tanks and choose targets … Read more

Italian Centauro II wheeled tanks for Brazil

Italian battleship Centauro II defeated in a short selection process American vehicle LAV 700 AG from General Dynamics Land Systems and China’s NORINCO ST1-BR. In the Brazilian army, the Centauro II will replace the 50-year-old EE-9 Cascavel – a 15-ton machine armed with a low-pressure 90mm cannon. The Italians were helped by the earlier massive … Read more

In Ukraine in a day, what in Afghanistan in a month. The West is catching up with ammunition stocks — ČT24 — Czech Television

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, European countries drastically reduced their defense budgets, armies and arsenals. With the subsequent rise of al-Qaeda, they have focused on fighting terrorism, which requires other military investments and lighter forces, the NYT notes. Even NATO’s long engagement in Afghanistan, the paper said, bore little resemblance to the gun- … Read more

Russia. They showed the cemetery of tanks in Belgorod. “Everything is going according to plan” | World news

See the video Pszczel on General Gerasimov’s silence: He had no instructions from his boss Recently, a series of photos appeared on the telegram profile of the Strategic Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. We can see a lot of destroyed tanks and other military vehicles on them, which were probably used by the Russians … Read more

The chief of defense says no to new tanks – draws criticism

According to Today’s business On Thursday, the defense chief advised the government to stop the purchase and instead focus on new helicopters and long-range weapons. According to the newspaper, the advice is given “from the Chief of Defense as a person” – not from the Armed Forces as an organisation. – Disappointed – I am … Read more