SAP achieves its annual targets and plans to cut 3,000 jobs

Dhe Baden-Württemberg software group SAP achieved its annual targets in day-to-day business with a respectable final quarter in the past financial year. As the board of directors reported today from the company’s headquarters in Walldorf, earnings before interest and taxes adjusted for special effects fell by 2 percent to 8.03 billion euros. Annual sales rose … Read more

It turned into a mass of flame.. A missile targets a Turkish ship in a port in Ukraine (video)

– Advertisement – Country- On Tuesday, a missile of unknown origin hit a Turkish ship in the Ukrainian port of “Kherson”, which had been stuck in the port since February 2022, and is managed by the Turkish “Gayli Shipping” company, which led to a fire, according to video clips from the accident site and shipping … Read more

Danger Alarm, Russian Troops Become Sabotage Targets in Idlib

Wednesday, 25 January 2023 – 08:12 WIB VIVA – Major General Oleg Yegorov pressed the alarm button, having received information that troops military Russia became the target of terrorist sabotage in the city of Idlib, northwestern region Syria. This intelligence information reached Yegorov, who is Deputy of the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria, Thursday, … Read more

Intel XEON CPU rumors: Sierra Forest targets 334+ cores in 2024, Granite Rapids-SP up to 132, Granite Rapids-WS up to 86 cores –

MILD brought up new Intel XEON CPU rumors and exposed the core counts of the next-gen series such as Sierra Forest, Granite Rapids-SP, and Granite Rapids-WS. MILD talks about the three upcoming XEON series in his latest YouTube video. These include Granite Rapids-SP, Granite Rapids-WS and Sierra Forest. The Granite Rapids Xeon CPU family will … Read more

According to the study, CO2 removal is necessary to meet climate targets

In the first report on the global status of CO2 removal, researchers call for the expansion of new technologies, since it has not yet been possible to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Global warming can only be limited to a tolerable level if significantly more carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere. This is the … Read more

TotalEnergies triples its production targets

This is a fine example of the accelerated transition that is taking place in the world of energy. In October 2013, TotalEnergies stopped the commercial exploitation of its gas field in Lacq (Pyrénées-Atlantiques). Almost ten years later, he has just announced the commissioning of the largest biogas plant in France, located about ten kilometers away, … Read more

Surprises are at the Door Here are the Price Targets! Commentary on Dogecoin, Shiba, XRP, Ethereum and Solana! › CoinTurk

What awaits the most popular altcoins in the coming days? Current price evaluation and important details. Reading Time: 3 A minute Altcoins were active as Bitcoin reached the $21,000 limit again and closed above the $20,500 resistance. Altcoins had lost critical support levels amid the oversold following the FTX crash. Now, with the effect of … Read more

Singapore Targets Indonesian Lung Cancer Patients

JAKARTA, ID – Singapore is targeting lung cancer patients from Indonesia given the large number of cases of this cancer. A number of treatments can be done to treat the cancer that most Indonesian men suffer from. “In Singapore, the most common cancer is colorectal cancer (colon). Meanwhile, lung cancer numbers continue to decline. In … Read more

Race for missiles – expert warns that Russia may go after new targets

In addition to the two countries fighting each other along the various front lines in Ukraine, Russia continues to attack targets far behind the front lines with missiles and drones. At Christmas there were several large waves of attacks. Most of the Russian missiles are shot down by Ukraine’s air defense systems. There is a … Read more

Putin is abandoning all taboos to feed his war chest, and in doing so he also targets one striking target group

©  AP Extra taxes for IT workers, a ‘war dividend’ for mining companies, cuts in social spending. With war costs rising, the Kremlin is scrambling for options to pass the bill. And money is also sought in places that were previously taboo. Nico Tanghe Tuesday, January 10, 2023 at 11:04 AM