Brooklyn Beckham has Nicola Peltz’s face on her shoulder. He showed off his new tattoo

Brooklyn Beckham loves tattoos, which he has shown on social media many times. His collection included the face of his beloved Nicola Peltz. Brooklyn Beckham has been married to Nicola Peltz for a year. This relationship is reportedly not supported by the star’s mother, Victoria Beckham. Despite this, the lovers are still together and there … Read more

Adrianna, after she confessed that she had lost her child, went with her younger partner to a tattoo parlor (PHOTOS)

source photo: Podlewski/AKPA Adrianna Eisenbach went with her younger partner to a tattoo parlor Adrianna Eisenbach is known for queens of life. Viewers fell in love with her very quickly, just like Dagmara. The celebrity also evokes great emotions primarily through her appearance: numerous tattoos, aesthetic medicine treatments and characteristic stylizations.

The first tattoo – short guide to not infecting yourself with dangerous viruses and bacteria

Although the conditions in which tattoos are performed are much more hygienic than in the past, you must be careful to prevent infection. We like to live free and have freedom of expression. Through words, through freedom of movement, through freedom of writing. We express ourselves through the clothes we wear, we tell our stories … Read more

Chris should have thought twice about getting a $900 samurai tattoo on his arm

Chris should have thought twice before getting a tattoo on his arm. The Londoner spent more than 900 euros for a samurai. Except that he didn’t expect the real meaning of the quote that was going to accompany his warrior. of videos Originally, Chris wanted the phrase “better to be a warrior in a garden … Read more

Laurent, tattoo artist in Montignies-sur-Sambre, arrested with his partner in connection with a banditry case (video)

Laurent Leglise receives us this Monday at his “Tattoo Connection” salon, in Montignies-sur-Sambre. After the serious accusations against him, the tattoo artist wants to give his version of the facts. ** ***** * ***** **** ** ********* *** ****** ** ********* *** ********** ** ****** ** *** ***** ** ********** ************ ******* **** ******** ******* … Read more

Maya, 12 years old and pro tattoo artist: “I did my first tattoo at the age of 2”

Maya, a 12-year-old girl from Germany, says she started tattooing people when she was 2 years old and with the help of her parents Lily Lu and Anuskatzz. She has just become a skilled professional tattoo artist. Maya’s father, Lily Lu, always encouraged a free and artistic lifestyle for Maya, and as a tattoo artist … Read more

“The Magic of Nudity”. The controversial tattoo of the participant shocked Internet users. The picker, however, was delighted

In the program “Magic of nudity” many people have an extraordinary appearance. Piercings in intimate places, tattoos and the like. However, such a painting on the body has probably never been seen in the history of the show. It caused a lot of controversy on Twitter, but the selectee liked it. The very naughty tattoo … Read more

Missing fisherman, Diego Barría’s remains found in a shark. Recognized by a tattoo

The remains of a man who disappeared in southernArgentina earlier this month they were allegedly found inside a shark caught by local fishermen. The family of Diego Barria, 32, recognized his remains thanks to a tattoo, Daniela Millatruz, the police officer who was in charge of the search, told local media. Barría had last been … Read more