Le pronostic After achieving the challenge of aligning three rank handicaps, the last in a Z5 event, Golden Call changes register with the highest ambitions. Of good birth, Beans opened his prize list with style for his comeback, on the course of the day. Agile is engaged in the Arc de Triomphe. There is … Read more

Not so! One of the best dancers in the world, originally from Ukraine, has three heads of Putin tattooed on his body

He is one of the best dancers in the world. People may know him, for example, from the popular clip for the song Take Me To Church, in 2016 he was even a guest on Jan Krause’s popular talk show. Sergej Polunin was born in Kherson, Ukraine, but he does not express solidarity with his … Read more

Tattoo reveals identity of TVDE driver murdered and dismembered – Portugal

A tattoo on her left arm and a bracelet helped to identify the body of Sandra Andrade, 49, who was found inside a suitcase hidden in the middle of a stone wall, in Almancil, in the municipality of Loulé. The investigation into the murder is now entering a new phase, in which the Judiciary Police’s … Read more

A man addicted to extreme tattoos rages. Nobody wants to hire him

He underwent a series of physical modifications to make him look like an alien. But now he can’t find a job because of his unusual appearance. A man from France spoke about the disadvantages that his transformation brought him. Anthony Loffredo is a 34-year-old man from France. When he was 27, he decided he wanted … Read more

“Goodbye Germany” emigrant Lina Lorenzen shows tattoo transformation

Strictly religious parents were against it TV emigrant shows her tattoo transformation “Goodbye Germany” emigrant Lina Lorenzen only wants to please herself with her 250 tattoos. On the way to self-realization, however, she left a lot behind. This German TV emigrant has undergone a transformation that literally gets under your skin. Lina Lorenzen (34) grew … Read more

Tattoo artists spread monkeypox – Svenska Magasinet

A tattoo parlor in San Fernando, 10 kilometers outside Cádiz is linked to an outbreak of the disease with at least twelve infected. The salon that performs tattooing, micropigmentation and piercing has been inspected and closed by the authorities. The outbreak has been reported to Andalusia’s epidemiological surveillance system and the investigation is in full … Read more

THE BALL – Mourinho shows tattoo (Roma)

José Mourinho had already unveiled the image that served as the basis for the tattoo he made and this Sunday, at the end of the afternoon, he shared a photo of the already tattooed arm on his Instagram account. In the skin, the Portuguese coach immortalized the European trophies he won so far: Champions League … Read more

Cool! Jose Mourinho shows off his new tattoo with 3 European trophies – AS Roma coach Jose Mourinho shows off a new tattoo on his right arm. The tattoo depicts the three European trophies he has won. Mourinho is one of the most successful coaches in European competition. Most recently, the Portuguese coach was able to lead Roma to win the UEFA Europa Conference League trophy. … Read more

My heart hurts… my son secretly got a tattoo. All of the hopes that we have set for 20 years, the more we know who gives money, the more it hurts!

My heart hurts… my son secretly got a tattoo. All of the hopes that were set for 20 years, I tried to want my son to serve in the civil service The more you know who gave the money, the more it hurts. Now both regret and resentment On July 15, 2022, the world online … Read more

Hong Seok-cheon, scalp tattoo challenge? “I drew hair”… ‘Suddenly’ Changed Appearance [N샷]

Photo = Hong Seok-cheon’s Instagram © News 1 Photo = Hong Seok-cheon’s Instagram © News 1 Broadcaster Hong Seok-cheon revealed a different hairstyle. Hong Seok-cheon posted a photo on his Instagram account on the 6th with the caption, “I drew hair, how does it feel?” He continued, “I filmed scalp tattoo content, and the reactions … Read more