No cars! Revealed after SCT tax regulation: ‘order’ detail in discount… – The right address for financial news

The SCT base update was put into effect on Thursday, November 24. Finally, the changing bases in August 2021 were increased with the new decision. The basis for the 45% SCT rate is from 120 thousand liras to 184 thousand liras; The basis for the SCT rate was increased from 200 thousand liras to 280 … Read more

Tax fraud, Commuter housing | The tax dodgers with free commuter housing must lay their cards on the table now

Online to the point These are comments written by Nettavisen’s editor-in-chief. Tax evasion with free commuter housing has been uncultured in the Storting and in the government quarters. The latest is SV’s deputy chairman Torgeir Knag Fylkesnes, who has now received over a million kroner added to his income for 2017-2020 for the benefit of … Read more

Fearing for the future, people cook more at home; caterers hope for several tax reductions / Article

Fearing for the future, people cook more at home; caterers are hoping for several tax cuts Seven “Can Can” pizzerias and three “Caif Cafe” cafes will be closed from next February. The manager of this business, Andrjus Vasiļusks, explained that it was difficult to make the decision, but it was inevitable, because the Lithuanian company … Read more

tax deductions in box 1

Listen to the audio version of this article below 15 15 In just over a month we can usher in 2023. By smartly shifting your assets, timing larger payments conveniently and paying off debts, you can save a surprising amount of money at the last minute. In a short series on tax year-end tips for … Read more

Traffic jam of tax deadlines, from VAT to aid for Covid – Economy

Perfect Storm of fiscal deadlines ready to unleash at the end of the month: November 30thin fact, it will be the last day on which it will be possible to present both the Lipe (VAT communications of periodic liquidations) for the third quarter of the year, as well as making the payment of the 2022 … Read more

Anger of exploited drivers … Prime Minister Kishida’s denial of consideration of “mileage tax” is also unreliable | Gentosha Gold Online

(*The image is an image/Pixta) On November 25, 2022, at the House of Representatives Budget Committee meeting, Prime Minister Kishida responded to a question from Constitutional Democratic Party leader Izumi Izumi, expressing his negative thoughts about the introduction of a “mileage tax” for EVs (electric vehicles) at this stage. showed. The mileage tax was originally … Read more

Tax charged in the last 5 years will be REFUNDED; see if you fit to RECEIVE

After the Federal Supreme Court (STF) announced a recent change, most Brazilian citizens will be able to obtain exemption or even refund of up to five previous years of Income Tax (IR). The recent decision hopes to solve the undue collection of the tax in some specific cases. Do you want to know more about … Read more

Tax havens are a black hole in the global economy, a cache of $32 trillion

The British Tax Authority has announced plans to publish its estimates of the amount of tax evasion by UK residents who keep their money abroad. This decision comes after preliminary information revealed that UK residents have £850 billion in offshore financial accounts, of which £570 billion are in safe tax havens, according to 2019 estimates. … Read more

Most popular in business: How to check liquid fuel BLT next month, Sri Mulyani is surprised that the tax data is not like the layoff news

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The most popular economic and business news on Friday, November 25, starting with Sri Mulyani ensuring that BLT BBM will be disbursed again next month and the Minister of Finance is surprised that the tax data is not directly proportional to the recent news of layoffs. Next Bappenas revealed that the population … Read more