Billionaire indicted for biggest tax evasion fraud in US history goes on trial

The judge overseeing billionaire Robert Brockman’s tax evasion case, the largest against an individual in US history, has tentatively set a trial date for February 23, 2023. Brockman faces criminal charges for evade taxes on $2 billion in income and money laundering, as well as parallel civil lawsuits. But at 81, he suffers from dementia … Read more

Economists Say Zeroing Fuel Tax This Year Will Push Inflation in 2023 | Economy

Economists heard by g1 claim that the measures federal government It’s from National Congress to zero federal taxes and duties on fuel by the end of this year may even contain inflation in 2022, but should put pressure on prices in 2023. In March, for example, Congress passed — and Bolsonaro signed into law — … Read more

Remember! Free BBNK B II in West Java Motor Vehicle Tax Whitening 2022, Note the Terms and Mechanisms

BANGBARA.COM. – Free of charge for the transfer of the name of the second motorized vehicle (BBNK B II) is one of the many advantages of the program motor vehicle tax waiver West Java 2022. For program motor vehicle tax waiver organized by Bapenda West Java it will be held from 1 July 2022 to … Read more

There is a motor vehicle tax whitening in West Java, these are the benefits, complete with schedules and conditions

PRFMNEWS – Regional Revenue Agency (Bapenda) West Java (West Java) re-launch the program bleaching tax motor vehicle. Through the program bleaching tax motor vehicle From this, residents can get several advantages. The benefits that residents get in the program bleaching tax motor vehicle from the Provincial Government West Java these are as follows: Also Read: … Read more

12.h – Europe is growing, PSE or EZ has been intimidated by two tax sectors and a sharp decline, the euro is stronger, oil is oscillating around 110 USD

European stock markets in the water of the new week continue in a positive mood from the end of that pedelho.The main driver is the growth of the stock materials sector with a shift of the aggregate index by 2.7%. In fact, all sectors are in the red, with the exception of the insurance industry, … Read more

Apple in Japan cancels the tax rebate policy for foreigners who go to Japan to buy iPhone, Mac and need to pay full consumption tax

At present, the yen has fallen below 6, hitting a new low in 20 years. Although the current epidemic situation has not stabilized, it is believed that many Hong Kong people must have exchanged a large amount of yen and will use it later “back to the countryside”. However, the current Japanese Apple Store has … Read more

Everyone agrees on the tax wedge cut, but no one talks about how to compensate for the lost revenue. Other taxes or less expenses?

The tax wedge cut was one of the main themes of the debate that took place yesterday and the day before yesterday in Rapalloin the context of the usual conference of young entrepreneurs of Confindustria (where young means up to 40 years). Other hits of the day were the attacks on citizenship income and the … Read more

West Java Motor Vehicle Tax Whitening 2022, this is the 5-Year PKB Payment Procedure

PRFMNEWS – West Java Regional Revenue Agency (Bapenda West Java) held a program bleaching tax vehicle motorized from 1 July to 31 August 2022. Bapenda West Java give 5 programs bleaching tax vehicle whose benefits can be utilized by the community, the program includes, tax-free fines vehicle motorizedfree transfer of name II, free of 5th … Read more

The Back and Back of the Carbon Tax: From Unfinished Regulations to Global Risks Page all

GOVERNMENT postpone the application carbon tax starting July 1, 2022. This is the second delay in the implementation of the carbon tax schedule. The unfinished readiness of regulations and related sectors as well as global economic risks are considered. Carbon tax is the mandate of Law Number 7 of 2021 concerning Harmonization of Tax Regulations … Read more