French border workers: 29 tight days and tax credit in the future

Will the 29-day threshold be restored at the end of December? No announcement for the moment, second wave requires. The Daily can however certify the following dimensions in the state of the debates … • When the threshold is restored, any teleworking day started on the French side will be worth the day consumed. There … Read more

Apple Pressures Trump Administration For Tax Benefits

It is clear that Apple wants to stop manufacturing in China. For two more than clear reasons. The first, he has already experienced in his meats: at the beginning of the year China’s factories were temporarily closed due to the happy Covid-19 pandemic. The second is rather political, as the Trump administration is penalizing imports … Read more

A tax credit for the energy renovation of business, social and HR premises

As part of the economic recovery plan, the government has implemented a new tax credit to support companies in their ecological transition. Note: the implementation of this tax credit should be included in the finance bill for 2021. Which companies? This concerns VSEs and SMEs, without distinction of activity sectors, subject to income tax or … Read more

G20 proposes a tax on Bitcoin

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), crypto assets and virtual currencies develop fast so they want to create a proposal in the tax information framework that involves any investment or transaction made through Bitcoin. The organization notes that in the vast majority of G20 countries, cryptocurrencies are legal since the purchase … Read more

Piñera enacts tax reform and stresses the importance of growth to finance public spending

This Tuesday, the president Sebastián Piñera enacted the tax reform, an initiative that will raise US $ 2.2 billion. At the ceremony, held at the Palacio de La Moneda, the president highlighted aspects such as the taxes on digital platforms and the existence of an integrated regime for SMEs. “The tax system is much more … Read more

The President’s weakness: The Piñera Morel Family took out of the country more than US $ 500 million destined for Tax Havens

This year two news items have once again highlighted the fortune of the President of the Republic. In March of this year, Forbes magazine reported that Sebastián Piñera rose 55 position among the richest people in the world and during this week – the seventh since the social and political crisis broke out – it … Read more

Deputy Ascencio officiates the Comptroller’s Office to supervise the financial activity of President Piñera after millionaire transfers to Tax Havens

After the journalistic investigation that revealed the irregular financial activity of the Piñera Morel family, which came to transfer more than 500 million dollars to Tax Havens, the deputy of the Christian Democracy (DC), Gabriel Ascencio, officiated at the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic for it to rule on the declaration of … Read more

Top 10 crypto news of the week OKEx and BitMex arrests, Spain will control the use of cryptocurrencies, G20 tax on crypto transaction …

Welcome to another weekly collection of crypto news from BeInCrypto, we bring you the top 10 most relevant crypto news of the week of October 12-18, 2020. Instantly update the latest Bitcoin news, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, FinTech, disruptive technologies, macroeconomics and much more. Dig into the topics that seem most interesting to you. The most important … Read more