Lu Yuren – Hong Kong needs to create conditions to go upstream|Financial High Tea | Headline Daily

The U.S. Federal Reserve announced its interest rate meeting, and the results were within expectations and somewhat unexpected. The expectation was to raise interest rates by 0.75%, but beyond expectation was Powell’s hawkish attitude towards rising interest rates. Powell has often put hawks in recent days, but adding more feet after raising interest rates by … Read more

Queen Camilla spit out the tea when Prince Harry proposed to reconcile

the wife of now Rey Carlos III, Camila Parker, he would have spit out the tea and called his stepson “ridiculous” the Prince Harry, when he proposed to make peace with them, according to the popular British newspaper The Sun. Since the death of the Queen Elizabeth II of England, social networks have focused mostly … Read more

Four cups of tea a day reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 17%

A large international study presented at the annual meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes, which is currently being held in Stockholm (19-23 September), has revealed that a large daily consumption of tea would prevent type 2 diabetes. Involving more than one million adults from eight countries (China, United States, Japan, Finland, … Read more

King Charles III and food: Why doesn’t he eat lunch and what does he like best? | Magazine

King Charles III just like his mother Elizabeth II. he is very careful that his diet is of good quality. He cares a lot about where his food comes from and places great emphasis on it being seasonal and organic. So the royal palace staff knows well that serving jcome back or asparagus in December … Read more

Lu Yuren – Looking at the big world of investment from a small dividend stock | Financial High Tea | Headline Daily

U.S. stocks did well before the Fed’s interest rate meeting, and Hong Kong stocks followed suit. However, the market sentiment was still on the sidelines, so the turnover was only 73 billion yuan. There is no clear message yet, which can confirm that the market has bottomed out rather than rebounded. The global stock market … Read more

Fennel tea, an ally against joint pain

Fennel is a very nutritious plant, with a pleasant aroma, which can help to lose extra pounds, but also to relieve joint pain. And its benefits don’t stop there. Modern science has begun to confirm some of the traditional claims, such as that fennel has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties. It helps digestion and … Read more

No filming for 8 months… The actor “picking up and selling tea eggs” was said to be miserable, and I responded | Entertainment | CTWANT

Mainland actor Liu Jin once played Qiu Ya’s husband in the 1.4 billion box office movie “Charlotte Trouble”, which made him famous. However, recently, because he has not been filming for a long time, he switched to selling tea eggs, picking up and recycling them to support his living, and as a result, he was … Read more