Internet black tea drinking has another accident in Zhejiang, 36 tea shops with a hundred problems found-Latest News

According to Zheyanghong TV report, the well-known milk tea brand Cha Baidao “using expired raw materials” has attracted widespread attention recently.During the National Day, the Zhejiang Provincial Market Supervision Department dispatched 1,362 law enforcement personnel to carry out surprise inspections of 710 stores of the “Hundred Tea Paths” in Zhejiang, and 36 stores were found … Read more

The endocrinologist explained why you can’t drink cottage cheese with tea and coffee

+ A – And she said that it is better not to add to the product Zukhra Pavlova, candidate of medical sciences, endocrinologist of the Moscow State University clinic, spoke about which cottage cheese is better to use and explained why it should not be taken with tea or coffee. “I still recommend eating cottage … Read more

Those who drink more than 3 cups of tea a day, beware! If you’re putting more than two sugars in the tea…

Nutritionists warn tea drinkers. This unintentional mistake can cause great harm to health. If 2 cubes of sugar is added to tea, which is one of the most consumed beverages after water during the day, this means an extra 22 calories in each tea. When people take an extra 7200 calories, they gain 1 kg. … Read more

Suffering Malignant Cancer? Herbal Expert Dr. Zaidul Akbar: Brew This Tea Every Day

SANGALU—Cancer is still a scary disease. There is a series of treatments ranging from surgery to chemotherapy for sufferers cancer. However, there are interesting tips from health practitioners, dr. Zaidul Akbar. dr.Zaidul Akbar give tips, destroy cancer malignant naturally without surgery. Also Read: Update FF Redeem Code This Afternoon Saturday 2 October, Claim Now! Crushing … Read more

An Phuwanat gave as an example of the cabinet falling over the child! The person revealed that the cabinet weighs 100 kilograms! Tea from leg to head!

An Phuwanat Open your mind for a thrilling second A large cupboard fell on top of the eldest son! Discussion revealed! The most shocking, numb all over the body! Leave it as a parable to parents with small children. It is definitely an unexpected event of a father and mother. for various accidents with children … Read more

Hollywood sci-fi masterpiece “Dune” shows the world’s hottest sweet tea Zandaya dream “love and kill”_TOM News

The Hollywood science fiction giant “Dune” has recently won box office titles in many regions around the world, and the Rotten Tomatoes praise rate has risen steadily as high as 91%, making Chinese audiences more and more looking forward to witnessing the legend on the big screen. The “Foreseeing Dreams” feature released a few days … Read more

Just Consume These 3 Types of Tea, Feel Effective in Lowering Cholesterol and Blood Sugar

TRIBUNJABAR.ID, JAKARTA -Control cholesterol and blood sugar It is important to keep the body in good condition. One way to manage cholesterol and blood sugar is to maintain a good intake for the body. Therefore, 3 kind of tea This is considered effective in reducing cholesterol evil and blood sugar. Until cholesterol in the blood … Read more

“Healthless Drinking” does not exist!National Health Administration: Tea should be used instead of wine-News-Free Health Net

The National Health Administration pointed out that drinking alcohol has a carcinogenic effect on the human body, and there is no such thing as “harmless alcohol consumption.” Only by reducing alcohol consumption to zero can the various harms of alcohol to the body can be avoided. (The picture is taken from Unsplash) [Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]The … Read more

6 Benefits of Drinking Ginger Mixed Lemon Tea for Health

The content of lemon and ginger tea makes the body warm and relaxed. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — If you are someone who has trouble sleeping, you might try consuming herbal drinks such as lemon tea mixed with ginger. The content of the drink makes the body warm and relaxed. Reported from on Friday (17/9), lemon … Read more

Yogurt to tea, cold and cough medicine can be made from these 4 ingredients

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Starting from children to adults must have experienced the flu and cough. Of course it causes the body to feel uncomfortable. So that your condition does not worsen, try to immediately take cold and cough medicines from natural ingredients. When infected with the flu, your appetite tends to decrease. However, that does … Read more