China has ordered tech giants to disclose information about the algorithms they use Business

The country’s internet watchdog on Friday published a list of 30 algorithms that companies use to collect information about users and advertise their content or services. Algorithms used by tech companies are tightly guarded around the world, but in March China announced rules forcing companies to disclose them amid growing concerns about the misuse of … Read more

Zoom fixes flaw in Mac software that allowed hacker to take over computer | Tech

Video calling app Zoom has released an update for Macs and MacBooks. This fixes a malicious bug, reports MacRumors. Through a vulnerability in the software, malicious parties could take over a computer. Whether the leak was actually exploited remains unclear. The vulnerability was discovered by cybersecurity expert Patrick Wardle, who shared his findings at the … Read more

CFexpress Type A Archives | AV Tech Guide Media Online Reviews News Knowledge Audio Hi-Fi Home Theater TV Smartphone IT Multimedia and Innovative Products

Lexar, the leading brand of flash memory solutions, today introduced the Lexar® Professional CFexpress™ Type A Card GOLD Series and the Lexar® Professional CFexpress™ Type A/SD™ Card Reader with superior performance and read speeds of up to 900MB. /s write speeds of up to 800MB/s and minimum write speeds of 700MB/s Lexar® CFexpress™ Type A … Read more

Big car for little money

Aiways, this name is probably not yet known on the German car market. This company released their first car, the Aiways U5, for sale with us after just three years. We were allowed to test the car for you. We were able to test the Aiways U5 SUV in everyday life for ten days. In … Read more

With AirTags you can (partly) prevent losing your suitcase | Tech

12 aug 2022 om 05:30Update: 2 dagen geleden It is currently the fear of many holidaymakers: losing luggage at Schiphol or another airport. Some travelers therefore use Bluetooth trackers such as AirTags. What kind of trackers are these and can you always find your luggage with them? By Elisa Heisen An acute staff shortage in, … Read more

Unity Unveils New 4K Tech Demo, ‘Lion’ Running on PS5

At SiGGraph 2022, Unity has released a new real-time tech demo video. Unity’s new live tech demo is called Lion and is said to have been created with artist tools such as Weta Digital, SpeedTree, Ziva, SyncSketch and the Unity Editor. It is known that Unity’s tech demo revealed this time is a real-time rendering … Read more

Security updates for August 2022 fix critical vulnerabilities

Microsoft released new updates for Exchange Server 2013, 2016 and 2019 in August 2022, just in time for Update Tuesday. This time, too, it is about critical security gaps that are plugged as a result. This month, too, Microsoft is filling six gaps with a total of five update packages for three server systems. There … Read more

Microsoft: Sony pays developers to keep games off Xbox Game Pass | games

11 aug 2022 om 09:57 Microsoft says Sony pays developers money to make sure they don’t release their games on Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s subscription service. The company from that accusation in a document filed with a Brazilian regulator. By our tech editors According to Microsoft, it is difficult to expand Game Pass because Sony … Read more

Razer unveils DeathAdder V3 Pro, lighter, more responsive and accurate – mashdigi – Tech, New Products, Fun Facts, Trends

Razer earlier announced the launch of the new DeathAdder V3 Pro gaming mouse, which also adopts an ergonomic design and is more than 25% lighter than the previous generation.HyperPolling wireless transmission technologywhich corresponds to a wireless polling rate of up to 4000Hz, corresponding to a faster operation response speed. In addition, the new DeathAdder V3 … Read more

New Sennheiser headphones last 60 hours on a single charge | Tech

09 aug 2022 om 17:39Update: 2 dagen geleden Sennheiser has presented its new wireless headphones. The Momentum 4 has a new design and lasts sixty hours on a full battery, reports Sennheiser. By our tech editors The Momentum 4 has exchanged the striking design of its predecessors for a simplified appearance. The headphones were previously … Read more