Harvey Weinstein in very bad shape. He lost his eyesight and his teeth

There was an extradition hearing via videoconference on Monday, where Weinstein appeared, assisted by lawyers Mark Werksaman and Norman Effman. The defense team argued why their client should not be taken to Los Angeles, but to serve his sentence in New York. Effman argued that Weinstein was technically blind and had serious dental problems, allegedly … Read more

New AIDS vaccine produced antibodies in 97 percent of Phase 1 participants

Go upstairs EXTERNAL NEWS SERVICE The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) and the Scripps Research Institute announced that the new vaccine approach developed for the prevention of AIDS has achieved promising results in Phase 1 trials. What organizations do according to the descriptionThe candidate vaccine stimulated the immune cells needed to produce antibodies against HIV … Read more

Mysterious disease killed 5 people! Her teeth rattle, hallucinate – news

Mysterious disease killed 5 people! It has been stated that a mysterious brain disease seen in New Brunswick, Canada has affected dozens of people. Doctors do not know the cause of the mysterious disease that affects dozens of people. According to the news in the British newspaper Indipendent, the mysterious disease caused the death of … Read more

Caries or periodontitis – not just the candy’s fault

– In Sweden, about ten percent suffer from severe caries or tooth loss and the proportion is expected to increase in the future due to the rising proportion of older people in society, says Gunnel Svensäter. She is a professor of oral biology at the Faculty of Dentistry, Malmö University, and leads an interdisciplinary research … Read more

“Havoc Killing 2” R & D film showing weapons and teeth emphasizes “make every character have a unique smile” “STALKER 2”-Bahamut

GSC Game World’s “Holocaust Killing Array“The sequel”Holocaust Killing Array 2(STALKER 2) “In the recent Xbox latest independent game display event [email protected], the latest developer’s focus film was released to show players the weapons, costumes and even the teeth of the characters in “Hero Killing Array 2”. GSC Game World public relations ZAKHAR BOCHAROV first showed … Read more

The dollar mangled its teeth to the pound today: it increased again

The price of the dollar recorded today, Wednesday, March 24, 2021, a significant increase of 3 piasters in its prices today compared to its price Yesterday, Tuesday In front of the pound in most Egyptian banks during morning trading on Wednesday. In the following lines, you will get acquainted with us on all dollar prices … Read more

What is the size of the largest shark teeth in the world, this fossil gives an overview

KOMPAS.com – Megalodon is a prehistoric shark that has long been extinct. But until now, these sharks still attract the attention of researchers, because they are considered the largest shark in the world who ever lived. Megalodon is said to grow up to 18 meters, almost three times larger than the largest white shark ever … Read more