Alana (23) traveled to Turkey for new teeth: “I got beautiful teeth, but then my nightmare started” (Gavere)

© gianni barbieux This newspaper recently reported on recruiters for dental tourism: all-inclusive travel – often to Turkey – for completely new and snow-white teeth. Alana Boone (23) fell into that trap. She moved to Antalya, had all her healthy teeth filed into stumps and received 28 crowns in return. That was exactly a year … Read more

He escaped from occupied Kherson. Now he says: many of the Russians did not have teeth, they were dirty

– The evacuation was extremely dangerous; people died on the roads. They were fired upon by tanks, rifles and artillery – estimates Ihor – Before I left, I destroyed my military book and deleted all my social media accounts. I had a lot of articles and photos there that could put me in danger – … Read more

Agreement in Congress: We will give Ukraine missiles with a range of 300 km, so that they can punch Russia in the teeth

Slotkinová participated in a briefing with representatives of the administration of US President Joe Biden on Wednesday. It was there, according to CNN, that the words about a joint agreement regarding the provision of missiles to Ukraine were to be heard. “The main topic was what more can we do for Ukraine literally in the … Read more

Almost the whole village came to the finals, laughed Bejlek. Now he’s grinding his teeth at the US Open

It has been known for a long time that sixteen-year-old tennis player Sára Bejlek can win adult titles, on Sunday she convinced herself that she can also defend them. In Olomouc, she won the ITS Cup for the second time in a row. Now she would like to try to qualify for the US Open. … Read more

Kiev grits teeth, but always lets the Russian gas through for Europe

NOS NOS News•Sunday, 22:07 Wessel de Jong reporter Economy Wessel de Jong reporter Economy Kiev watches with grit as the Europeans continue to buy gas from the Russians. Still, Ukraine says it will never turn off the tap to stop the transit of Russian gas to Europe. Rumors had previously circulated that ‘something could happen … Read more

“I cut my teeth in Turkey.” The worst decision of her life – o2

Katie Inglis from the UK shared her history of dental care on TikToku. The woman, desiring to have a beautiful and snow-white smile, decided to undergo the procedure in one of the Turkish clinics. She paid 6,000 for everything. pounds (about 33 thousand. PLN). The worst decision ever The woman says that the entire procedure … Read more

Is a dry mouth bad for your teeth?

Constant thirst, an unpleasant feeling and a smelly breath. They can all be unpleasant side effects of having a dry mouth. Is a dry mouth actually bad for your teeth? We asked biological dentist Hans de Liefde. The medical term for having a dry mouth is xerostomia. This is what happens when you don’t produce … Read more

Cuckoos bring big twists: The heroes have to grit their teeth

It’s not exactly ideal because their lives are very different. Some have to grit their teeth a lot. It might seem that the topic was exhausted by the first episode of the series, but that is far from the case. “As we can imagine, the situation that started their life’s somersault doesn’t really have a … Read more

“Migrates and enters the brain”

A team of researchers recently discovered a link between a bacterium that causes periodontitis and Alzheimer’s disease or various forms of cancer. The study gives scientists hope for a possibility to reduce the number of patients with periodontal disease. The bacterium Fusobacterium nucleatum can cause Alzheimer’s and cancer Gum disease – also known as periodontitis … Read more