Father of murderer Romina Ashrafi jailed for 9 years, wife of perpetrator asks for death sentence

TEHERAN, KOMPAS.com – Dad Romina ashrafi who killed her daughter in her sleep, was sentenced to 9 years in prison. He was found guilty on Friday (28/8/2020), for beheading Romina Ashrafi (14). Even though the court had given a verdict, the victim’s mother asked that her husband be executed. Also read: Falling in love with … Read more

Iran, ‘USA never so isolated at the UN’ – Last Hour

(ANSA) – TEHRAN, AUGUST 15 – “In the 75-year history of the United Nations, the United States has never been so isolated”. The spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abbas Mousavi, wrote on Twitter about the rejection of the UN security council of the American resolution to extend the embargo on the sale … Read more

Iranian officials warn the explosion at this facility could be bigger than Lebanon’s

TEHERAN, KOMPAS.com – An office Iran warn, blast on oil facility the outskirts of Tehran could be “bigger than Beirut, Lebanon“. Tehran city councilor Majid Faharani said the Shahran Facility was a “hydrogen bomb” that “nobody paid attention to at all”. Reported Iran International TV, Faharani gave a warning regarding oil facilities in northwest Tehran … Read more

Iranian President: 25 Million People Affected by Covid-19 Page all

TEHERAN, KOMPAS.com President Iran, Hassan Rouhani, revealed 25 million people were infected Covid-19, by saying his country had not yet reached the level herd immunity. Rouhani was Iran’s first high-ranking official to say they were trying to defeat him corona virus with a group immunity approach. Since being first detected in China, Covid-19 has infected … Read more