Revealing report on a secret Hamas unit in Turkey

A report in the British newspaper The Times, based on Western intelligence sources, assures that the terrorist organization Hamas has operated a secret unit in Istanbul for two years without the knowledge of the Turkish authorities. The article published on Thursday claims that this unit is engaged in cyber intelligence under direct instructions from the … Read more

16-year-old girl raped by 30 men, triggers a big demonstration in Israel page all

TEL AVIV, – Case rape around 30 men took turns raping the 16 year old girl, sparking a massive demonstration at Israel. Protesters gathered in several cities after media reported a group of men in their 20s lined up outside hotel rooms to take turns raping the underage girl. The girl was reportedly drunk, … Read more

Rape of a 16-Year-Old Girl by 30 Men in an Israeli Hotel Page all

TEL AVIV, – A teenage girl came under police surveillance after she reported that there were 30 men Israel raped her. Based on reports from New York Post On Friday (21/8/2020), an unnamed teenage woman said after she went out drinking at a hotel, she went to the toilet, and then suddenly a group … Read more

After foiled attack, Israel strikes Syria – Last Hour

(ANSAmed) – TEL AVIV, AUG 03 – In response to the attempted placement of explosive devices on the Golan Heights last night by a commando from Syria, the Israeli air force hit military targets in southern Syria’s army Damascus. The military spokesman said that “observation posts and information gathering systems, anti-aircraft artillery position and control … Read more