The moment a drone drops hundreds of bags of cannabis in Tel Aviv

They launched bags of marijuana from a drone in Tel Aviv Hundreds of small bags of marijuana fell from the Tel Aviv sky on Thursday, in an action different passersby described as “miraculous”. Confused, dozens of people ran along Rabin Street in the city trying to grab all the bags they could hold in their … Read more

United Arab Emirates to Establish Embassy in Tel Aviv

loading… DUBAI – Minister of Foreign Affairs (Minister of Foreign Affairs) United Arab Emirates (UEA) Anwar Gargash stated that the UAE will establish an embassy (Embassy) in Tel Aviv. Gargash said this during a video conference with the Atlantic Council research institute in the United States (US), Anadolu news agency reported. He stated that when … Read more

UEFA Champions League qualification: ‘Riga’ FC – Tel Aviv ‘Maccabi’. Live text

Latvian football club “Riga” FC will leave on Wednesday UEFA Champions League qualifiers for the first round of the match, meeting with the Israeli team in Tel Aviv “Maccabi“. Portal “Delfi” offers live match text. UEFA Champions League qualification: Riga FC – Tel Aviv Maccabi 75. min. “Maccabi” direct free kick hit the “Riga” players’ … Read more