For Béac, the telephone credit is not money and must not be used by telecom operators for other payments.

[Digital Business Africa] – Following the correspondence of Frédéric Debord, CEO of Orange and president of the Association of concessionary operators of mobile telephony of Cameroon, to Béac about the mechanism for collecting customs taxes on mobile phones by means of telephone credit , the Béac gave its position. For the Bank of Central African … Read more

Telecom service insurance Market size, status and precise outlook 2020 to 2028 – Journal l’Action Régionale

“The Global report Telecom Market service insurance explores the Telecom Service Assurance market worldwide and offers details about industry summary, classification, definition, and scope, along with key regions and countries. This research report provides in-depth information on every aspect of the Telecom Service Assurance market. Further, the research study divided the market on the basis … Read more

by manufacturers Huawei Technologies, Commscope, Comba Telecom – BiciRunSalamanca

He macro base station antennas market Research Report is a comprehensive study that offers an in-depth analysis of the global Macro Base Station Antennas market size, future trends, and cost. Structure, Macro Base Station Antennas market share, capacity, segmentation market growth, revenue and forecast to 2026. It is a comprehensive quantitative assessment of the Macro … Read more

Huawei has stocks of telecom chips for several years

By E.B. The Chinese company had already secured a sufficient volume of semiconductors for its business-to-business operations since last year, according to sources cited by this medium. And these base station chips have a longer production cycle compared to those used in smartphones, he says. TheElec, which recalls that Huawei is a major provider of … Read more

Unlike Bouygues Telecom and SFR, Free is prohibited from deploying 5G with Huawei in France and is stepping up to the plate

Xavier Niel’s operator has not been authorized to call on Huawei for 5G in France. Thomas Reynaud, managing director of Iliad, denounces a real problem of equality. In addition to the presentation of its quarterly results, Free provided some information on the limits imposed by the State within the framework of the deployment of 5G. … Read more

Failure of the SFR and Bouygues Telecom networks: it was a cyberattack

SFR, Bouygues, Knet, FDN, Vialis … Several ISPs saw their fixed internet access services severely disrupted on Tuesday 1is September at the end of the day. Several thousand subscribers have simultaneously reported breakdowns or unusual delays in connecting to websites throughout France for several hours. This was obviously not a coincidence. SFR * and Bouygues … Read more

The State obliges Bouygues Telecom to withdraw 3,000 Huawei antennas in very dense areas

At the request of the government, Bouygues Telecom must withdraw 3,000 antennas from the Chinese manufacturer Huawei in very dense areas. Security requires. Huawei equipment is still debated in France. During a conference call, the president of Bouygues Telecom Olivier Roussat announced that the operator will not have “no more Huawei antenna in very dense … Read more

Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Disney, Telenet, …: the streaming war is raging and telecom operators join in the dance in Belgium

Subscription video-on-demand services are growing in number and cable operators are entering into partnerships so as not to lose their share of the pie. The competition promises to be intense. There are more and more video streaming offers. The ease of use and the relatively low price ended up convincing many consumers, even those from … Read more

Bloomberg: A slowdown in reforms after Argentina’s decision to freeze prices for telecom services

Buenos Aires – dpa Posted on: Saturday 22 August 2020 – 10:22 PM | Last update: Saturday 22 August 2020 – 10:22 PM Argentina signed an agreement on debt delays that could have paved the way for the lifting of capital and price controls and restrictions, albeit slowly, and the adoption of a more balanced … Read more

Telecom. The mobile phone giant begins to compete with Mercado Libre

In addition to telephony, internet and entertainment, Telecom expands to the electronic commerce segment; launched a platform that allows businesses, companies and entrepreneurs to create their own online store With more and more users adopting the habit of buy and sell online, a local telecommunications giant entered the sector with the intention of competing with … Read more