ASKAP radio telescope has found a mysterious radio source in the plane of the Milky Way

Localization of the source ASKAP J173608.2−321635 according to the data of ground-based optical and radio telescopes. Ziteng Wang et al. / Astronomers in the framework of the radio survey of the sky with the ASKAP telescope discovered a variable source of highly polarized radiation, the nature of which remains a mystery to this day. … Read more

Webb telescope arrives in French Guiana for launch

MADRID, 13 Oct. (EUROPA PRESS) – NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has arrived in French Guiana for its December launch from the Kourou base, after 16 days of sea voyage from California. The world’s largest and most complex space science observatory will now be driven to its launch site, where it will begin two months … Read more

A collision of galaxies. An unusual shot of the Hubble Telescope

Viewers of this clip also saw: Remarkable shots from the Hubble Space Telescope, shown by ESA (European Space Agency), show two galaxies that are closely related to each other. They fused together by gravitational attraction. They are 100 million light years away from Earth. The galaxies NGC 5953 and NGC 5954 happened together to form … Read more

The Hubble telescope locates the celestial “eye,” a galaxy with an incredibly active core.

A cosmic hurricane shows its ‘eye’ in a new image of hubble space telescope. the spiral galaxy NGC 5728 has a real power plant at its center. This structure located 130 million light years from Earth in the constellation Libra is in a unique cosmic category due to its active core. NGC 5728 is a … Read more

The Hubble Telescope observes the celestial “eye”, a galaxy with an incredibly active core

The cosmic hurricane appears “the same” in a new photo by The Hubble Space Telescope. The galaxy spiral NGC 5728 has great power at its center. This structure is located 130 million light years from Earth in the constellation Libra in a unique cosmic class thanks to its energy core. NGC 5728 is a Seyfert … Read more

It took 20 years to complete the James Webb telescope

The James Webb telescope is now being brought to French Guiana in preparation for launch. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, KALIFORNIA — Space telescope James Webb finally finished designing after 20 years of delay. A ship carrying the US$10 billion James Webb Space Telescope left port in Southern California last weekend to embark on a nearly two-week voyage to … Read more

The first days of the James Webb Telescope in space, a journey without false notes

Before it can study the first stars and galaxies or characterize nearby exoplanets, the James Webb Telescope will first have to survive its launch. There will follow a long sequence of deployment in deep space before joining its observation post: the Lagrange point L2. A few weeks ago, the engineering teams closed the program of … Read more

NASA’s Roman telescope completes design phase

MADRID, 30 Sep. (EUROPA PRESS) – NASA’s Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope has successfully passed its critical design review, indicating that all design and development engineering work is now complete. “After viewing our extensive hardware testing and sophisticated modeling, an independent review panel has confirmed that the observatory we have designed will work,” he said. … Read more

The Hubble Space Telescope has taken another spectacular photo

The ring is formed when the observer is exactly on a straight line drawn by the source of the gravitational field and the light source behind it. Einstein’s first ring was captured by observing the JVAS B1938 + 666 galaxy in 1998. The Einstein ring viewed, designated GAL-CLUS-022058s, represents a galaxy 9.4 billion light-years away, … Read more