Chile begins gradual reopening of ALMA radio telescope

The radio telescope ALMA, which with its 66 antennas is the most advanced in the world, this Thursday restarted the reopening process after being closed for six months, although it rules out resuming scientific observations this year. The pandemic imposed a forced pause in the great astronomical observatories installed in the north of Chile, closing … Read more

Giant telescope on Tenerife takes razor-sharp images of the sun – RT German

A sunspot in the highest resolution. Taken with the GREGOR telescope at a wavelength of 430 nm. The largest European solar telescope has taken high quality images of our star. With the device called GREGOR, the researchers can resolve details from just 50 kilometers on the sun. The solar telescope is operated on Tenerife by … Read more

TODAY Moon will hide Mars LIVE this Saturday, September 5, when how to see the lunar kiss phenomenon from Peru Spain Chile Ecuador Colombia Nasa Telescope

The Luna will hide Mars LIVE this Saturday, September 5 and will be visible in different countries of the world to the delight of people. The phenomenon happens due to the proximity between the Earth and its satellite. Also, due to the distance at which it will be, the planet will look almost like a … Read more

Telescope achieves detailed images of the Sun

The Gregor Solar Telescope acquired the most detailed images in European history of the Sun with photos 50 kilometers the size of the star’s surface. The finding was revealed by the Leibniz Institute for Solar Physics in Germany, the entity in charge of redesigning the telescope located on the Spanish island of Tenerife, RT reported. … Read more

POT. Hubble Telescope takes photo of amazing exploding star

There is no doubt that the more we know about the universe, more incredible everything that happens in outer space becomes and more mysteries arise around the very existence of our planetand of humanity. The NASA / ESA Hubble telescope has captured surprising images of planets, comets, stars and galaxies, and now managed to capture … Read more

Westerbork radio telescope discovers plasma cloud in our cosmic ‘backyard’

Using the Apertif observation system of the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope, a new so-called intra-hour variable (IHV) has been discovered – the tenth in a year. IHVs are very compact radio sources that sparkle on a time scale of a few minutes. They are among the rarest celestial objects (Astronomy & Astrophysics, 19 augustus). Researchers … Read more

Cut cable causes large crack in radio telescope …

A cut cable has severely damaged the largest radio telescope in the world until a few years ago, that of Arecibo in Puerto Rico, the University of Central Florida, which operates the device, announced Tuesday. The observations are paused while the repairs last. For an as yet unknown reason, a 7.5 cm thick steel cable … Read more

Space telescope TESS completes primary mission with 66 found exoplanets – IT Pro – News

The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, a space telescope launched by NASA in April 2018, has completed its primary mission. 66 exoplanets have been discovered and a further 2,100 potential candidates. The telescope continues to search for new worlds. TESS will be on July 4th primary mission completed. During that mission 75 percent of the starry … Read more