Does José Alberto Castro have an affair with Cecilia Galliano?

Does José Alberto Castro have an affair with Cecilia Galliano? The producer also talked about his relationship with actress Angélica Rivera For: Emilia Zuniga ENE. 14. 2022 Mezcaliente Jose Alberto Castro and Cecilia Galliano. Add us to your home screen to visit us easier and faster Add The producer Joseph Alberto Castro better known as … Read more

Judge determines that Rosario Robles remains in prison – Noticieros Televisa

For the fifth time, a control judge of the South Prison issued justified preventive detention against the former secretary of Sedesol and Sedatu, Rosario Robles, who will continue in the Santa Martha Acatitla women’s prison. We recommend you: We recommend: Why is Rosario Robles in jail? This Thursday, a hearing was held, in which the … Read more

Covid vaccination in Mexico celebrates one year – Noticieros Televisa

Mexico meets today, December 24, 2021, one year what did you apply your first covid vaccine to a nurse who received the dose of Pfizer, in a ceremony that took place in the General Hospital of Mexico “Eduardo Liceaga”. We recommend you: Two nurses and a doctor, the first people to receive COVID-19 vaccine in … Read more

Televisa achieves the return of beloved actress, after nine years of absence

With the aim of breaking audience records, Televisa He searched for a beloved actress who has been away from the small screen for 9 years. It is about nothing more and nothing less than Natalia Esperón, who in 2012 abandoned soap operas. It was the journalist Alejandro Zuñiga who had the exclusive of his return … Read more

Livia Brito wins the praise of her fans with a ‘flirty’ photo in a swimsuit

The beautiful Cuban, Livia Brito, actress of Televisa soap operas, cinema and television, has become one of the most important ‘influencers’ of the moment and in social networks, she also proves to be one of the most beautiful with her most’ fiery photos . Brito, 36, showed off her beauty with a close-up photo, where … Read more

Which states will spend Christmas at Green Traffic Light? – Televisa News

The Health authorities released, on the afternoon of Friday, December 10, 2021, the update of the covid traffic lightIt is noteworthy that a total of states will be green for the next 15 days, that is, during the December holidays. We recommend you: CDMX will continue with a green traffic light due to covid, without … Read more

Solar eclipse seen from space darkened Antarctica – Noticieros Televisa

Antarctica witnessed a spectacular eclipse total sun. The South Pole was in twilight at a time of year when there is usually no night due to the translation of the planet. We recommend you: Meteorite fall causes luminous phenomena in Cuban sky On Saturday, December 4, an impressive total solar eclipse occurred in Antarctica. The … Read more

Will the Welfare Pension give a Christmas bonus in December? – Televisa News

The end of the year is coming and a frequent question is whether older adults who have access to Welfare Pension will receive aguinaldo; We explain below. We recommend you: When is the Christmas bonus paid in 2021? The Welfare Pension is a support granted by the Government of Mexico, which aims to improve the … Read more

Raúl Araiza receives aesthetic treatment in Hoy; unexpected result

Millennium Digital Mexico City / 02.12.2021 10:19:18 In the midst of the controversy facing Galilea Montijo, who is accused of having had an alleged love affair with the narco Arturo Beltrán Leyva, alias The Beard, the drivers of the Program Today They came out in defense of the driver and expressed their support. Despite the … Read more

Sputnik vaccines are capable of neutralizing omicron – Noticieros Televisa

The vacunas Sputnik are able to neutralize omicron, the new variant of covid, reported the Fund for Direct Investment of Russia (FIDR), and detailed that it is ‘unlikely’ that a modification of Sputnik V because together with the single-dose version Sputnik Light have been shown to be ‘highly effective against other mutations’. We recommend you: … Read more