Alarm on Televisa: Michelle Renaud would have tested positive for COVID-19

The actress would have been infected with COVID-19 (Photo: Instagram @michellerenaud)Michelle Renaud would have tested positive COVID-19, as reported by journalist Maxine Woodside on her program All for women, where he claimed that the 32-year-old actress It would put the recording of the telenovela “Quererlo Todo” in crisis. And it is that the project has … Read more

Campeche grants free life insurance to fishermen – Noticieros Televisa

In Campeche, to grant economic security to families of the fishermen what lose their life during their working hours, a life insurance to just over 6,000 sea ​​men. We recommend you: Campeche closes ports due to cold front 9 It is life insurance it is free and covers the amount of 100,000 pesos in the … Read more

Celebrities and COVID-19: Paul Stanley confirmed that he tested positive for the coronavirus and joins others on Televisa

Paul Stanley confirmed on his social networks that he tested positive for COVID-19 (Photo: Instagram @paulstanleyd)The morning show host Today, Paul Stanley, tested positive for COVID-19, so he made it known through his social networks. The case of the positive of Paul Stanley puts the members of the Televisa project in the red He was … Read more

Who is the mask ?: Arath de la Torre and Golden Scorpion surprise everyone

Who is the mask? continued to reveal the identity of two of its participants, with Arath de la Torre and Escorpión Dorado as the characters discovered this Sunday. Itatí Cantoral was the guest researcher in this episode, who accompanied Yuri, Juanpa Zurita, Carlos Rivera and Consuelo Duval in speculation about the identity of the famous … Read more

They “kill” an actress at the 2020 TVyNovelas Awards | THE IMPARTIAL

CITY OF MEXICO.- The production of TVyNovelas Awards 2020 “Killed” the actress Luz Maria Aguilar, by publishing his photograph during the posthumous tribute they made to the actors who have already passed away, but it turned out that the actress is still alive, assured Alex Kaffie. In his column Sin Lisonja, the entertainment journalist said … Read more

Hurricane Zeta weakens to tropical storm over Alabama – Noticieros Televisa

He Hurricane Zeta weakened this Thursday to tropical storm moving rapidly to the northeast, after hitting Louisiana and Mississippi, where it was recommended to the neighbors, weary from the succession of storms, to stay under cover overnight while authorities reviewed the storm’s damage. We recommend: Hurricane Zeta hits Louisiana and leaves at least one dead … Read more

Noticieros Televisa – Breast cancer, the leading cause of death among Mexican women

Hello how are you? Very good days. As always, I am very happy to be accompanied. Still October, yes. Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A month in which we place a lot of emphasis on prevention. There is data from the World Health Organization that indicates that every year one point thirty-eight million new cases are … Read more

This Televisa actress could go to prison

Things seem to be not going well for Livia Brito after her attack on a photographer The actress Livia Brito goes through a bad time, during their legal dispute, after having attacked the photographer Ernesto Zepeda, in Cancun. Likewise, in an interview conducted by the program Venga la feliz, from TV Azteca, the politician Juan … Read more

New storm approaches the Mexican Caribbean – Noticieros Televisa

He Hurricane Epsilon moves away from the Bermuda Islands towards the North Atlantic with maximum sustained winds of 85 miles per hour (140 km / h) that will begin to weaken this Saturday, while in the Caribe another new storm is brewing, reported the National Hurricane Center (NHC). We recommend you: Cold front 8 will … Read more

Lorena de la Garza a forgotten actress of Televisa

The actress is known to the public as “Nacasia” October 22, 2020 22:57 hs Lorena de la Garza is an actress who is known as “Nacasia” for her participation in Televisa soap operas. The Mexican had been distant from the public, but with the difficult situation the world is experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, … Read more