Xbox boss hints that Microsoft is working on a device to stream games from xCloud to televisions

Without openly stating that the company is working on its development, Phil Spencer analyzed the future potential that such an article could offer within its Xbox Game Pass service. Microsoft has hinted at its plans to market a device for users of its xCloud streaming game platform to broadcast to their televisions. It would be … Read more

Phil Spencer targets televisions as next xCloud target

The idea of ​​a peripheral Xbox Cloud Gaming or xCloud for our television is not new. The software giant was preparing lightweight Xbox streaming devices in 2016, but canceled hardware. Microsoft has been researching different options since the company originally demonstrated Halo 4 and streaming from the cloud to Windows and Windows Phones in 2013. … Read more

Xiaomi estimates to close 2020 with more than 14 million televisions sold – Xiaomi News

The world no longer only knows Xiaomi for being a smartphone manufacturer. Beyond it, their televisions have been reaching practically every corner of the planet, positioning itself as the best options in quality / price. Although in 2019 Xiaomi managed to sell more than 10 million televisions, the firm estimates to close 2020 with sales … Read more

Experience the PS5 console’s 3D Tempest audio technology with compatible headphones on departure day. Virtual surround sound for televisions will be available after launch

With less than two months to go until the launch of PlayStation 5, we can’t wait to offer our fans a totally new and more immersive gaming experience than ever. We’ve already mentioned how the DualSense Wireless Controller will make games look more realistic, but today we want to focus on how the PS5’s 3D … Read more

Sony presents ‘Ready for PlayStation 5’ televisions, to get the most out of the PS5 console | Technology

If you are going to buy the PS5 console, you need a 4K TV. Sony makes it easy for you with its new Sony Bravia ‘Ready for PlayStation 5’ series. Unlike the competition, Sony has a dual interest in selling consoles. Not only for the consoles themselves, but also to increase the sales of their … Read more

LG installs Apple TV + on some of its televisions

An update provides access to Apple’s service on 2018 televisions. The Korean electronics giant surprised its customers last week by surprisingly deploying the Apple TV + application on its televisions. Several 2018 models are affected. However, the manufacturer does not provide an exhaustive list of the models concerned. LG had already made its rival’s streaming … Read more

Electronic devices and other services could stop working due to a strong solar storm

The National Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), an agency of the United States Department of Commerce warned that between today and tomorrow telephones may stop working, radio signals, TV and cable. Since they would experience interruptions, power grid systems could be cut off and satellite communication could end abruptly. Related Post Alfonso Bonilla … Read more

Wanda Vázquez denies having promised televisions to inmates in exchange for votes

Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced denied having promised televisions and benefits of visits to inmates in exchange for votes in her favor in the New Progressive Party (PNP) primaries. In a interview with Telemundo, the president expressed surprise with said allegations that she classified as false and of which, she assured, she was not aware. “The … Read more

Technology: PS5: Sony presents “Ready for PlayStation 5” televisions to play

Updated on 07/29/2020 at 19:24 The console PlayStation 5 It will hit markets around the world in December this year. Sony has promised that the date will not be changed despite the fact that some technology production lines in Asia have been affected by the coronavirus. This device will come with different accessories such as … Read more

Jean-Paul Philippot will not leave for France Télévisions

Posted on Wednesday July 22, 2020 at 5:57 p.m. The current boss of the French public service, Delphine Ernotte has been reappointed as president of France Télévisions. The Superior Audiovisual Council has decided to renew its mandate – which began in 2015 – until 2025. In front of her, the current president of France Télé … Read more