Princess Charlene again first lady, but ex of Prince Albert raises tensions | Backbite

19 nov 2022 om 14:19 Princess Charlene of Monaco, the wife of Prince Albert, withdrew from publicity for a long time due to fatigue. She is now frequently seen in public life again. Most likely she will also be present on Saturday at Prince’s Day, the national holiday in Monaco. However, there would still be … Read more

Tensions in the Republican camp: Trump criticizes Desantis for lack of loyalty

Donald Trump criticized Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for the second time this week, as tensions rise between the two Republicans, who are likely to battle for the party’s 2024 nomination ASV for the presidential elections, reports the British broadcasting company BBC. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Trump called DeSantis a “mediocre” governor who … Read more

Another European state angered Moscow: It is escalating tensions and Russians are being “hunted” there, they claim

Russia perceives another European country as a threat. On Wednesday, the West warned that there would be consequences for the Norwegian military’s maneuvers. Russia’s foreign ministry also appealed to its citizens to consider the risk of visiting the neighboring country, which has arrested several Russians for espionage in recent days. The spokeswoman of the Russian … Read more

Tensions rise on Korean peninsula: Seoul raises fighter jets after sighting of 180 Pyongyang jets

South Korea took about 80 fighter jets into the air after detecting a large number over a four-hour period on Friday North Korea warplane, Seoul’s military said, citing CNN. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The South Korean military said in a statement that 180 North Korean military aircraft had been spotted. The incident … Read more

Tensions with Russia, second US aircraft carrier to Europe

loading… The US Navy’s USS Gerald R Ford Carrier Strike Group is reportedly headed for Europe amid simmering tensions between the West and Russia. Photo/US Navy LONDON – Amid the simmering tensions between the West and Russia, aircraft carrier United States of America (USA); The USS Gerald R Ford, and his assault group are on … Read more

SCAF: tensions ease between Dassault and Airbus around the future European fighter plane

The project is eminently sensitive and none of the manufacturers makes the slightest comment. Absolute stealth on the subject, the manufacturers evade questions, as the plane they have to build will have to escape radar. The site, to tell the truth, is more than that of a “simple” fighter plane. This is the Future Air … Read more

Formula 1 | Brawn ‘stunned’ by Mercedes F1 year, tensions with Wolff resurface

Former Mercedes F1 manager, Ross Brawn witnessed the series of successes gleaned by the team, and in particular by Toto Wolff, between 2014 and 2021; but is also the witness of the fall of the Mercedes house, or at least of this failed season of 2022. While the season could end without a win for … Read more

“Good Move” plan in Saint-Gilles: strong tensions between environmentalists and socialists

“Cool Move“: this is the new name of the “Good Move” traffic plan in Saint-Gilles.”Move slowly but surely“, announced Jean Spinette (PS) on BX1. But behind this communication from the mayor of Saint-Gilles, the tensions are palpable in the small Brussels town. As a reminder, the “knit… Take advantage of our current offer and access … Read more