In Trani torchlight procession in memory of Teresa with the Save anti-violence center

After Sunday’s tragic events, the Save anti-violence centre, with the support of the Municipal Administration, organized a torchlight vigil through the streets of the city on Tuesday afternoon. This is the program: 5.30 pm – meeting in Via Edoardo Fusco (square in front of the Municipality of Trani) 18.00 torchlight departure. The procession will follow … Read more

Teresa Mannino reveals: “I grew up with a monkey, I’m ashamed. I was a wicked child. For a lover I risked losing the part in a film”

“My monkey? Now I start crying. It’s one of the few things that I am ashamed. I was 10…”. Thus begins the interview of Teresa Mannino al Corriere della Seraan at times hilarious question and answer in which the Sicilian comedian retraces her life, from childhood to successes on the small screen, revealing unpublished anecdotes … Read more

THE BALL – Teresa Bonvalot misses historic qualification for the world tour (Surf)

The Portuguese Teresa Bonvalot finished the final of the Haleiwa Challenger, in Hawaii, in third place, narrowly missing the historic qualification for the 2023 world tour. Bonvalot needed a second place in this seventh and final round of the Challenger Series 2022 to secure fifth place in the ranking, the last one that gave access … Read more

‘La reina del sur 3’ on Netflix: release date of the series about Teresa Mendoza

With more than 2 million weekly viewers in the US through the Telemundo channel, and many others who follow each episode in Latin America and Spain thanks to Netflix, ‘queen of the south‘ has become a reference fiction for the Hispanic public. There are many ingredients that explain its success: a well-known actress, a popular … Read more

She was called “Polish Audrey Hepburn”. What does Teresa look like in “How I Started World War II” today?

“How I Unleashed World War II” is a cult Polish comedy from 1969. Jędryka played the role of Teresa in the film. This and the following shows guaranteed her star status and one of the most beautiful women in the country. Jędryka was called “Polish Audrey Hepburn” and half of Poland was sighing for her. … Read more

Summary of ‘Sangue Oculto’: Teresa discovers that Alberto is the father of baby Gonçalo

Carolina and Pedro continue back from the boy Francisco, who is sick. The nurse tells her what she thinks and the paramedic alerts her to the fact that she cannot make diagnoses because she is not a doctor. Vanda overhears the final part of the conversation and curtly orders them to leave. Almeno finds Maria … Read more

Find out! Nelson Arrieta did what he could in Teresa Carreño | Showbiz 123

Diego Rivero/ @Diiegorivero The Meridiano team moved to the Teresa Carreño theater facilities to enjoy a special night in the presentation of Nelson Arrieta corresponding to his tour “Solo por ti Tour”in his reunion with the Venezuelan public after several years of absence in the country. Attendees began to invade the spaces of Teresa from … Read more

Mount Teresa

Sunday 23-10-2022,03:55 WIB XI JINPING’S FACE was plastered on the giant screen showing the party congress in Shanghai.-HECTOR RETAMAL-AFP- HOLIDAY a week in China October 2022 kept Huangshan congested. That is the “father” of the mountain in China. Higher than the highest. Bigger than the biggest. More beautiful than the most beautiful. At least, that’s … Read more

They called her “Mother Teresa” and she fell for a millionaire scam

A woman was arrested on charges of fraud millionaire who carried on through his company. Apparently, her suspect claimed to help small businesses, but in reality she made them invest and only she took the profits. Johanna García was known as “Mother Teresa” since she presumed to help small businesses through her firm MJ Capital … Read more