An asteroid, like the Eiffel Tower, will soon “graze” the Earth

Viviana Urbina Meteored Chili here 3 min Although 4660 Nereus passes relatively close, Earth is not likely to be hit. Asteroids regularly approach Earth. Very often they attract attention and put us on alert when one of them gets too close to our planet. Although NASA has a long list of these objects, it knows … Read more

Lunar soil has oxygen to feed 8 billion people

Joana Campos Meteored Portugal here 4 min Each cubic meter of lunar regolith contains an average of 1.4 tonnes of minerals, including about 630 kilograms of oxygen. Along with advances in space exploration, we have recently seen a lot of time and money invested in technologies that could enable efficient use of space resources. And, … Read more

NASA sent a spacecraft to deflect the trajectory of an asteroid

Marc Hay 24 Nov 4 min NASA will try to deviate the trajectory of an asteroid to “protect humanity”. It is quite simply a first! It is a scenario worthy ofHollywood ! NASA took off this Wednesday morning a spacecraft which will aim to deflect the path of an asteroid. The objective posted by NASA … Read more

In Senegal, the futuristic city of singer Akon is slow to emerge

The first stone laid to inaugurate the works of the futuristic city “Akon City”, a project of the Senegalese-American singer Akon, in Mbodiene on August 30, 2021. Photo: AFP / VNA / CVN On the site, in Mbodiène, on the Atlantic coast, about a hundred kilometers south-east of Dakar, the sign showing constructions in phantasmagorical … Read more

Cosmic Cataclysm captured for the first time!

John Thomas Marc Hay 07 Jul 6 min Illustration of the suction effect exerted by a black hole on a neutron star. Two sensors that detect gravitational waves, one located in Europe and the other in the United States, have caught for the first time the sign of a cosmic cataclysm that has occurred in … Read more

A police blunder after Belgium-Portugal in Brussels? “When I got down, the blows were linked”, denounces Nidal

Posted on Thursday, July 1, 2021 at 2:05 p.m. The 21-year-old Schaerbeekois explains that he was beaten up by the police and bitten by a police dog in the city center of Brussels when he had done nothing after the Belgium-Portugal football match … Nidal, a 21-year-old Schaerbeek, is one of six people who were … Read more

Earth’s geological events are linked to a 27 million year cycle

Scientists at New York University (United States) have shown a 27.5 million year cycle in Earth’s geological activity. It materializes as peaks on this curve which shows the number of major events over the last 260 million years. © New York University .

NASA closely monitors an anomaly in Earth’s magnetic field

A strange anomaly in the Earth’s magnetic field arouses particularly the interest of NASA at this time. This is a huge region in the sky above the planet that has a lower than normal magnetic intensity. This region stretches between South America and southwestern Africa. This phenomenon, baptized South Atlantic Anomaly (AAS), has intrigued and … Read more

The volcanoes of Venus are alive, and other news from the sky

With Perseverance, NASA recovers in Mars The March 2020 mission took off Thursday from Cape Canaveral in Florida, heading for the Red Planet. On board, the Perseverance rover will join its predecessor Curiosity to retrace the geological history of Mars and look for any traces of past life. It will land in February 2021 in … Read more