Proto-crocodile: The most terrifying monster of prehistoric times. Even a T-rex wouldn’t stand a chance against him

The largest individuals of the razana reached a length of up to seven meters. It was the year 2000 when scientists found fragments of a prehistoric crocodile’s skull. They were very surprised by its size, but they weren’t sure what fossils they had found. They had to wait for other fossil remains, according to which … Read more

He ridiculed Musk’s warning that it’s more dangerous than nuclear… A terrifying thing happened, the undisputed Tesla is going

photo = Reuters “You are my creator. But I am your ruler.”-From the novel Frankenstein: or Modern Prometheus (1818) A robot and a 7-year-old boy are playing chess. The robot grabbed the opponent’s piece and tried to move it to its place. At that moment, the child moves his ‘look’ and tries to keep his … Read more

Video – A terrifying accident .. a rider flew on the spectators!!

The Commonwealth Games were canceled after a cyclist had an unfortunate accident when he hit a cheerleader in the stands, causing her injuries and bleeding. The accident occurred during the qualifying round for the men’s 15 km race in London, when the English rider Matt Walls crossed the barrier on the side of the track … Read more

The Poles published a terrifying report about their food. It turned out what they are

Discussions about food quality are endless. In the Czech Republic, for example, for a long time there has been a narrative that Polish food products are of very poor quality and compete only on price in the domestic market. However, a number of experts pointed to the fact that this is not quite true. It … Read more

Stephen Hawking made a terrifying claim about artificial intelligence before his death

Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, who died on March 14, 2018, had repeatedly given his opinion on artificial intelligence. For him, a humanity that wants to rely too much on machines could be ruined. artificial intelligence is it a good or a bad thing? For Stephen Hawking, the eminent British astrophysicist who died on March 14, 2018, … Read more

Shared imaginary terrifying map

Former Russian President Dimitrij Medvedev, who now works as deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, has shared an imaginary map on the messaging service Telegram. On the imaginary map, Ukraine does not exist as it is today. That’s what the Finnish newspaper writes Evening newspaper. Medvedev made several statements at the start of the … Read more

Specialists have revealed how our everyday life will look like in the near future: some of it is even terrifying

Artificial intelligence devices will protect fully automated homes and help save energy. Hydroponic gardens and vegetable gardens, which take up very little space, will become popular, because in them plants grow without soil – in water filled with nutrients and oxygen. Broken household appliances will not spoil your mood, because smart devices will predict when … Read more

Europe’s Energy Crisis Gets Even More Terrifying, Next Russian Coal Becomes a Target

loading… The European Union (EU) has drastically reduced imports of Russian thermal coal ahead of a full ban next month. This has exacerbated concerns over the intensifying energy crisis on the European continent. Photo/Doc BRUSSELS – European Union (EU) has drastically reduced imports coal Russian thermal ahead of a full ban next month. This exacerbates … Read more