Most expensive trial ever in our country: terror trial costs more than 35 million euros | Instagram VTM NEWS

BrusselThe terror trial in Brussels will cost the community at least 35.3 million euros. This is evident from documents from the FPS Justice. This makes it by a street’s length the most expensive process in Belgian legal history. The government contract, awarded to a consortium around Fabricom and G4S, is worth 24,177,000 euros. That includes … Read more

The terror experienced by the attendees at the Harry Styles concert

the concert of Harry Styles featured in Bogota, Colombia on the night of November 27 It was a horror story for his assistants. The artist who is on tour «Love on tour 2022” in Latin Americawas presented in Colombia and will continue on Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Chile. In the middle of the show in … Read more

50 injured in an earthquake in northwestern Turkey…and a video captures the moments of terror

ReutersFifty people were injured as a result of a 5.9-magnitude earthquake that struck northwest Turkey and was felt in Istanbul early Wednesday morning, according to the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Authority and media.There were no reports of deaths or major damage caused by the quake, which occurred at 04:08 am local time (01:08 GMT) … Read more

Russian energy terror concerns: winter cold is breaking the Ukrainian resistance? | Abroad

Premium The best of De Telegraaf Door Mischa van Diepen 11 nov. 2022 in ABROAD The Ukrainians are preparing for a difficult winter. Ⓒ AFP Kiev – Ukraine faces a dark and cold winter due to massive Russian bombing of energy infrastructure. Temperatures can drop well below -10 degrees and in a disaster scenario Kiev … Read more

Terror returns to Brussels: policeman killed. The killer would shout “Allah Akbar”

Two policemen were stabbed in Brussels, in the Schaerbeek district on rue d’Aerschot, near the Gare du Nord. One of them died as a result of his injuries. The attacker, on the other hand, was shot and wounded by another patrol who intervened on the spot. According to some local media, the attacker screamed “Allah … Read more

“We caused blood to make it look more realistic in the game”: the keys of The Callisto Protocol to bring terror to the new generation – The Callisto Protocol

the creator of The Callisto Protocol promises a whole festival of horror and violence for his new space horror adventure. We visited the offices of Striking Distance Studios in Zaragoza to see the new work of Glen Schofieldbut beyond the trailer for The Callisto Protocol, I am completely engrossed with the gore of the software. … Read more

Drone Suicide Terror Russian Military Base Russia

Saturday, November 5, 2022 – 08:51 WIB VIVA – Federation Armed Forces Russia (VSRF) uncovers possible attacks suicide drone to Hmeimim Air Base, Jableh District, Latakia Province, Syria. The attack is believed to have been planned by two Russian opposition terrorist groups. Major General By Yegorov, Deputy Head of the Russian Reconciliation Center for the … Read more

The scene of ‘Terrifier 2’ that causes vomiting and fainting in the public – Cinema and Tv – Culture

Vomiting, dizziness, deafening screams and fainting are the elements that, until now, have overshadowed the international premiere of ‘Terrifier 2’, the eponymous sequel “without cuts or concessions” of the film released in 2016. For two and a half hours, this film sprinkled with gore, bloody scenes, disturbing images and truly chilling moments, has caused more … Read more

MADiSON is the scariest game, according to a study, although the PT demo surpasses it

Halloween may be over, but if you’re still looking for a horror experience, the results of some research might give you ideas for your next game. The Broadband Choices study of 200 participants had this group play 45 horror titles to analyze their beats per minute and choose thus “scientifically” which caused more nerves. The … Read more