Sejm of Poland failed to vote for the recognition of the Russian Federation as a state sponsor of terrorism

During the evening discussion that preceded the vote, factions and groups unanimously supported the resolution. Poland failed the vote on the anti-Russian resolution / photo The Polish Seimas was unable to adopt a resolution recognizing the Russian Federation as a state that supports terrorism. This was due to an amendment made by the ruling … Read more

New Alzheimer’s drug proves effective in slowing cognitive decline

A number of scientists expressed, on Wednesday, November 30 (November), their satisfaction with the detailed results of a clinical study on a new drug that confirmed its effectiveness in slowing down… cognitive decline for patients with diseaseAlzheimer’s neurodegenerative, but they also talked about the potential for negative effects. The full results of this advanced (Phase … Read more

four defendants present at the trial of the terrorist attack in Grand-Bassam

Par : Laura| Key words : ivory, trial,| Updated on 01-12-2022 Four defendants were present in the box of the accused at the opening Wednesday in Abidjan of the trial of the murderous attack which left 19 dead and around thirty injured in March 2016 in Grand-Bassam (south-east). Among the four accused are the … Read more

Leave Korea, hate comments terrorism… Ghanaian twins finally apologize

After the game with Ghana, some Korean netizens leave malicious commentsGhana YouTuber “My blood didn’t allow it” Photo = YouTube capture of Gana twins The Ghanaian YouTuber’Ghana Twins’ eventually apologized for the ‘hate comments’ from netizens after the Korea vs. Ghana match at the 2022 Qatar World Cup. On the 30th of last month, Isak, … Read more

The growth of Salafi jihadism in the Sahel

The Global Terrorism Index (GTI) found a substantial increase in violent extremist activity in the Sahel between 2007 and 2021 with Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger recording 732, 572 and 554 more deaths respectively in 2021 than in 2007.

‘From the 1st consultation, I remember terrorism’: diabetes requires health education – 11/28/2022

Anger, anguish, lack of confidence. These are some of the possible emotions that a person can experience after receiving the diagnosis of diabetes🇧🇷 But it’s understandable. The disease is chronic and is related to frightening outcomes such as blindness, amputations and dialysis. However, science guarantees: communication, education, access to information and health literacy (also called … Read more

Is the dream of the Japanese “Blue Lock” in the World Cup realistic?

Perhaps Karen Payne, a professor at the University of Fairfordshire in Britain, was right when she said that “the mind is what you wear,” a sentence that came as the title of her book, which talks about the direct impact between what a person wears and his self-confidence. After several scientific studies, Karen reported that … Read more

The Saudi victory offers Ronaldo 225 million euros … and the player: I will determine my future after the World Cup

The contract extends for the next 3 years … and “Ads Checker” publishes “potential clubs” to move to Informed sources told Asharq Al-Awsat that Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo, who left Manchester United in the English Premier League, told negotiators at the Saudi Al-Nasr Club that he would not discuss his football future until after the … Read more

The ‘powder keg’ Middle East is unusual… Turkiye, Kurdish bombing-Israel line terrorism explosion

Turkiye “Review of ground troops input” Israel tensions over hard-right right-leaning re-election Turkiye (Turkey) bombed targets related to Kurdish separatist militants in Syria and Iraq en masse, and even announced the deployment of ground troops. Tensions are rising throughout the Middle East, with explosions presumed to be terrorist attacks in Israel and Syria. According to … Read more

Council of Europe announced! “Russia” is a state sponsoring terrorism | around the world EXPRESS

Members of the European Parliament declare Russia a state sponsor of terrorism. Due to the brutal behavior in the Ukrainian war This includes mass killings of civilians and war crimes since it launched its invasion of Ukraine in February. #PPTVHD36 #Show news this morning #PPTVStories Follow more news on the website. and Social Media … Read more