Unconventional Ways to Find Employees: From Tesla Rides to Tinder Messages. Why does it work?

The job search process usually takes a lot of time, requires a lot of effort and can be stressful. What if it all happened more easily? “Bee Lithuania” for the third year in a row, it uses non-traditional means to find employees, which facilitate the selection process and allow future employees to get to know … Read more

Tesla Model Y is the eighth most expensive in the world in the Czech Republic

Tesla’s Model Y is a global hit and is well on its way to being among the five best-selling models in the world this year. In the first nine months, more than half a million were sold worldwide. But there is one catch, the price varies by up to two times depending on the country … Read more

Tesla Semi passed the tough test. She drove an unexpected amount of kilometers on a single charge

Elon Musk himself revealed a few days ago that the Tesla Semi passed the demanding test that it underwent in normal operation. As he writes electrek.co, a fully loaded Tesla Semi traveled 500 miles (804 kilometers) on a single charge. The total weight of the set was almost 37 tons, so as you can see, … Read more

A Tesla in Taizhou found a serious car accident and hit multiple cars at the intersection!Car crash video exposure–Fast Technology–Technology changes the future

On November 28, a blogger uploaded a video of a Tesla car accident, which attracted the attention of netizens. The driving recorder showed that the Tesla hit multiple cars at high speed at the intersection, and the Volkswagen SUV was the most severely hit.He was squeezed to the side of the road and almost turned … Read more

Coca-Cola beats Pepsi: its Renault electric trucks are already running, Tesla is waiting

To the tractor Tesla Semi we have been waiting for several years. We should expect it in a few days, specifically on December 1. That’s when the first 15 Pepsi trucks should be delivered. In addition, Tesla boasts that they completed a test drive with a loaded car weighing a total of 81,000 pounds (36.8 … Read more

We saw the Lucid Air: an impression of quality compared to the Tesla Model S

When the opportunity arises to take a closer look at a new brand and its first model, such as the Lucid Air, we take advantage of it. So Numerama jumped on the occasion! It will only be a static observation this time, but it’s a good start. Quickly passing through Munich, it was tempting to … Read more

“Drive it yourself.” Musk responds to Bill Gates after questioning the self-driving Tesla

“Drive it yourself.” This is what Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, responded to the American businessman and founder of the global technology giant “Microsoft” Bill Gates, when he questioned the effectiveness of Tesla’s self-driving cars. And the current owner of “Twitter” tweeted on his account, directing his speech to Bill Gates: “He … Read more

Tesla announces another recall for 80,000 cars and some even have to be recalled

Tesla cars suffered this year a large number of requests for “collection”more commonly known as the process recall🇧🇷 There are problems again and 80,000 cars in China will be recalled. If many of recalls were simple to solve, as it was via over-the-air (OTA), this really obliges the owners to take the car to the … Read more

Vespa from Germany Immediately Enters Indonesia, Sophistication Similar to a Tesla Car, How Much Does It Cost?

HALLOTERNATE.COM – Kumpan Electric re-release electric motor similar Vespa with high quality and more innovative. Electric motors are similar Vespa this time it was named Kumpan 54 ignite which was produced by the original electric scooter manufacturer German. Reportedly, Kumpan 54 Ignite is a new version of the reincarnation of electric motor Ri 1954. Read … Read more

Tesla is rolling out self-driving software FSD Beta to everyone in the US and Canada

Tesla has been testing its self-driving software FSD Beta for a long time with a limited group of customers in the US and Canada. Those who were able to get the software are Tesla drivers who were able to demonstrate that they drive calmly and safely. Now Tesla is done with the limited tests and … Read more