Tesla in Germany promises to double production without increasing water consumption

Electric car manufacturer Tesla has submitted a factory expansion application to the German authorities, promising to double production without increasing water consumption. Tesla promises that the Berlin plant will be able to produce 1 million cars a year after the expansion when the plant is operating at full capacity. Since the first days of construction, … Read more

Tesla with 3 meter wagon wheels

Completely crazy: Tesla with 3-meter car edges © Screenshot / YouTube / WhistlinDiesel A curious idea packed in a bizarre video: what can be done with the huge wagon wheels. In one actually totally crazy video a YouTuber has a Tesla Model 3 on his load limits brought. How does the Tesla Autopilot behave in … Read more

Study says thousands of electric car charging stations in US are unreliable

A common part of everyday life with an electric car is the stress of reaching a non-functioning stand. Almost 2 out of 5 recharge attempts end in failure. Charging electric cars at public stations is difficult, to say the least, because the technology is often out of order, software errors occur, the current is too … Read more

Tesla owners are upset that they now have to share “their” chargers with people driving cheap Hyundais

Tesla owners are upset that they now have to share “their” chargers with people driving cheap Hyundais 18.3.2023 | Petr Prokopec / Photo: Tesla If you are wondering why the American car company did this in the first place and is getting rid of one of its key competitive advantages, the answer is easy. This … Read more

A Tesla shareholder has spoken. Cybertruck is to go into production with a different figure

That shareholder is Matthew Donegan-Ryan, who attended Tesla’s recent Investor Day event. Here, he was supposed to speak with high-ranking people from Tesla, from whom he was supposed to learn new things about the production Cybertruck, which the automaker has not yet publicly communicated anywhere. Again, these are unconfirmed reports. At the outset, it is … Read more

’80 thousand euros to repair a Tesla Model 3 which is worth 49′. The experience of a Turinese

Roberto “Maz” Mazzu | 18/03/2023, ore 09:00 CARD INFORMATION Definitely curious the episode told by a computer engineer from Turin, owner of a Tesla Model 3which after a road accident saw a very high cost of repairs: paid 54 thousand euros, to put it back to new it took 80. The story is told to … Read more

Used tesla is almost unsaleable, it was caused by Musk’s discounts

Large used car dealers on the American market, such as Carmax or Carvana, reacted to the discounts on new Teslas more or less immediately and forced prices down by thousands of dollars. In doing so, they not only “farewelled” the margin, but lost money on hundreds of teslas sold. European sellers are almost not discounting … Read more

Tesla owner claims his app unlocked a stranger’s car and let him drive it

Sometimes you can even jump into someone else’s electric car and drive it, according to Canada-based Tesla owner Rajesh Randev, Insider reports. In early March, the man got into his white Tesla Model 3, which was parked on a Vancouver street, and drove to pick up his children from school. However, he realized he was … Read more

Volkswagen got ahead of Tesla and showed its cheap electric future

Volkswagen’s new electric car is called ID. 2all, will cost 25,000 euros and will hit the streets in 2025 throughout the first two months of 2023the electric car world has felt the simultaneous impact of last year’s final global sales numbers, the arrival in Europe of the cheapest chinese cars to those of generalist brands … Read more