The Christmas campaign puts Barcelona’s resilience to the test

The official staging of the beginning of Barcelona Christmas campaign that will take off tomorrow, Thursday, makes clear the unprecedented nature of the 2020 celebration: deployment in the Born (a show with 400 people in the audience, at 6:00 p.m., prior reservation), after several years marked by the policy of festive decentralization. The pandemic has … Read more

State of Colorado participates in COVID-19 vaccine distribution readiness test

Denver, Colo – Nov. 23, 2020: Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Operation Warp Speed (OWS) have chosen Colorado to participate in a pilot run of the end-to-end logistics readiness test for COVID-19 vaccine distribution. CDC is conducting the test with external partners (Pfizer, McKesson, UPS, FedEx) as well as ten jurisdictions, including … Read more

Villa Clara: Test potential effectiveness of Agromena, a new agricultural fertilizer

This product has been used effectively in fields of rice, beans, corn and vegetables. Photo: ACN. The Territorial Station for Sugar Cane Research (ETICA Centro) of Villa Clara tests the potential effectiveness of Agromena, a new fertilizer formulated based on zeolite, organic matter and other mineral components. Since mid-2020, this novel compound of vitroplant substrate … Read more

20% of Israeli travelers returning from Turkey test positive for COVID-19

Turkey has been for years the main travel destination for Israelis. But in these times of a coronavirus pandemic, it can be dangerous. In fact, of the 988 Israelis who returned from Turkey between October 1 and 28, about 197 tested positive for the coronavirus, according to data from the Health Ministry, the Intellinews website … Read more

the christmas test

Three weeks ago, in these same pages, I described October as “the month in which we lost hope”, given the evolution of the pandemic around the world and, in particular, in our country. In November, things have not been better. But nevertheless, we have regained hope by the announcement of the upcoming availability of several … Read more

Researchers at Cebas test how vegetables stop breast tumors

Scientists from the Food and Health Laboratory of the Segura Center for Applied Edaphology and Biology (Cebas-CSIC) in Murcia have shown in two clinical trials that various molecules present in plant foods, called polyphenols, reach the tumor of patients with breast cancer and they come to stop growth. The results are collected in a doctoral … Read more

Esperanza Sebastián: «Many times we hear, but we don’t listen»

Zaragozana by birth, Esperanza Sebastián has lived in Tarragona for two decades, where she teaches at a secondary school. She is also an educator and coach, but above all, a person full of vitality. After suffering from breast cancer twenty years ago, she decided that victimhood would not help her. At that time he continued … Read more