Hiroyuki Miyasako laughs at Takafumi Horie’s “Gachi advice” over the yakiniku restaurant “Please cooperate seriously” Love Call: J-CAST News[Full text display]

On November 25, 2021, Hiroyuki Miyasako of the former Ameagari Kesshitai corps talked about the future prospects of the yakiniku restaurant “Ushimiya Castle”, which he produces and manages, while introducing new collaborators. Mr. Miyasako also responds to the remarks of Mr. Takafumi Horie, a businessman who spoke frankly as “honestly dangerous”. Hiroyuki Miyasako From Miyasako’s … Read more

Jiang Guangtai sent a jogging video to officially reply to the training text: Continue to soar towards the sun

2021-11-25 17:10 source:Shot China Original title: Jiang Guangtai sent a jogging video to formally reply to the training essay: Continue to soar towards the sun On November 25, Beijing time, today, the national football defender Jiang Guangtai, who is quarantined in Suzhou, posted a video of his recovery on social media, with a text saying: … Read more

Jaguar Yokota’s third-year junior high school son “Skinhead” shocked to be released “Surprised” “Refreshing” from blonde: J-CAST News[Full text display]

Jaguar Yokota, a professional wrestler and talent, and Hirokatsu Kinoshita, the eldest son of a doctor and talent, Daiishi Kinoshita, unveiled their skinheads on Instagram on November 20, 2021. Mr. Oishi Kinoshita (right) when he had long hair and Mr. Hirokatsu Kinoshita, his father.From Oishi-kun’s Instagram (@therealjaguarjr) posted on October 9th He showed off his … Read more

Google Releases APK 10.7 Beta Version…Improved Problem of Disappearing Message Text Between iPhone and Android

In the meantime, Android and iPhone device users have been able to send and receive messages using the Google Messages and iMessage apps, respectively. However, there have been constant reports of some text disappearing or emoticons not appearing normally whenever a message is sent between an Android device and an iPhone. Accordingly, it was observed … Read more

“The guy who made a fool of my wife, I won’t forgive you.” Eita Nagayama, Tweet collected from the response Deleted: J-CAST News[Full text display]

Actor Eita Nagayama deleted a tweet on November 18, 2021 that mentioned his wife and singer Kaela Kimura. Eita Nagayama (Photo: Rodrigo Reyes Marin / Afro) From Eita Nagayama’s Twitter Anger at speculative articles Eita posted a screenshot on Twitter of an online article saying that Kimura’s representative song “Butterfly” is currently an unlucky song. … Read more

Hiroyuki Miyasako recommends withdrawing from the yakiniku restaurant NO “It’s going to be a wonderful restaurant” Did you see the winner? : J-CAST News[Full text display]

On November 18, 2021, Hiroyuki Miyasako of the former Ameagari Kesshitai corps talked about the current situation in a video about the yakiniku restaurant “Ushimiya Castle” that he produces and manages. In addition to expressing his apology to Hayato Morita, the owner of the yakiniku restaurant that supervised the menu, he also revealed his determination … Read more

Souta Fujii “4 crowns” 100 million yen Amount worth the feat of a teenager: J-CAST Trend[Full text display]

Shogi Souta Fujii 3 crowns (19) = throne, Eio, Kisei = became the dragon king on November 13, 2021 over the 34th Ryuo match against Masayuki Toyoshima (31). At 19 years and 3 months, he became the youngest four crown in history. It is said that the total prize money won will increase significantly and … Read more

Big Star Wars text box: KOTOR On Switch “Designed”

Big Star Wars text box: KOTOR On Switch “Designed” Photo: Aspire If you enjoy Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic On the Nintendo Switch this weekend, you’ll likely have noticed an oversized combat text box that appears every time you engage in a battle. Many players thought it was a bug at first, but … Read more

Big Star Wars Battle Text Box: KOTOR On Switch ‘Intended’

Foto: Aspyr if you enjoy Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic On Nintendo Switch this weekend, one thing you’ve no doubt noticed is the huge battle text box that appears when you’re involved in a battle. Many players initially thought it was a bug, but Aspyr – the developer behind this version of BioWare’s … Read more

Disruption of work and study and postponing the payment of taxes .. Text of the report of the committees of representatives on the draft law on “epidemics and pandemics”

The House of Representatives, headed by Counselor Dr. Hanafi Jabali, will discuss, in its plenary session next Tuesday, the report of the joint committee from the Health Affairs Committee and the Office of the Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee on a draft law submitted by the government regarding measures to confront epidemics and health pandemics. … Read more