Two environmental defense organizations take Minister Clarinval to court

On January 19, the European court had indicated that the Member States of the European Union could not provide an exemption for the use of pesticides banned at European level. The Belgian State given formal notice by two environmental associations However, on the same day, the FPS Public Health granted an exemption to Indoxacarb, a … Read more

“The devil has arrived”: Ukrainian monks, threatened with expulsion from a monastery in kyiv, refuse to leave

The Ukrainian authorities have ordered the monks of the Kiev Lavra of the Caves, a monastery which played a key role in the history of Ukrainian and Russian Orthodoxy, to vacate the premises by March 29. The site is under the jurisdiction of the branch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church which, before the February 2022 … Read more

Qatargate: Marc Tarabella’s preventive detention extended for a month

The MEP is charged, among other people, in the investigation by the Belgian federal prosecutor’s office into alleged acts of corruption within the European Parliament. Marc Tarabella claims to be innocent and denies any involvement in this system of corruption. Several people have been charged in this case, including Pier Antonio Panzeri, former MEP and … Read more

Shutterstock partners with NVIDIA to build AI foundation for generative 3D art tool that converts text into 3D content

American image material and editing tool provider Shutterstock announced today (22) that it has cooperated with NVIDIA (Hui Da) to establish an artificial intelligence foundation for generative 3D art tools.Users will be able to NVIDIA Picasso Generative AI Cloud Serviceusing assets from Shutterstock to train 3D models and turn text into 3D content for industrial … Read more

Violent robbery in Genval: a 17-year-old boy placed in an institution

A teenager was placed in an institution after a violent robbery perpetrated on the eve of the weekend in a business in Genval, in the entity of Rixensart, we learned Monday from the Walloon Brabant prosecutor’s office. Two individuals burst into the Carrefour Express on rue de la Tasnière on Friday evening around 7:30 p.m. … Read more

Sanda Dia’s father attacks members of Reuzegom: “You were not his friends”

Ousmane Dia, Sanda’s father, spoke Monday morning during the trial concerning the death of his son. He attacked the members of the Reuzegom circle and their parents. “I don’t have any hate, you shouldn’t go to jail. But you weren’t Sanda’s friends, because a friend doesn’t let you down,” he said. “I’m angry, very angry. … Read more

SNCB will put 10 stations up for sale in 2023

“Some have lost their usefulness over time and changing uses, says Marianne Hiernaux, spokesperson for the railway company. “The SNCB is therefore putting up for sale various buildings which it no longer needs for its public service missions. […] The objective is to give these buildings of character a second life and revalorize them”. ”Contacts … Read more

Pierre-Yves Dermagne attracts the wrath of the MR after sharing the new employment rate: “It’s self-satisfaction, an extrapolation”

According to him, there is no indication that Belgium will reach an employment rate of 80%. On the contrary, the country will be the European red lantern if a reform of the labor market is not carried out. The employment rate in Belgium reached 72.3% in the fourth quarter of 2022, according to the Statbel … Read more

Accident of a minibus in Antwerp: the vehicle had just been hit by a car

The minibus which ended up on its side during the night from Saturday to Sunday, at a crossroads in Antwerp, had just before that been hit by a car. The accident claimed the life of one person and left several injured. After touching it, the driver of the car followed the minibus which picked up … Read more

“Same as exhibitionist” “Don’t you know TPO?” 490,000 registered female influencers’ WBC watching manners are controversial: J-CAST News[Full text]

Yuipan, an influencer with over 490,000 TikTok followers, reported on SNS that she watched a game of the Japanese national baseball team “Samurai Japan”. The appearance of watching the game with the chest part of the uniform exposed is causing controversy on the Internet. From Yuipan’s Instagram (yuipan1221) After the match against South Korea… Yuipan … Read more