The father is angry, his child is almost stolen by a monkey while on vacation

Krabi – Before going on vacation, it’s a good idea for a traveler to find out about the place. Don’t let your vacation be ruined by unexpected events. Reported from Whitelum vacationed with his family in Thailand. Tempted by the beauty of the famous Monkey Beach in Krabithe Australian family also went there. Whitelum … Read more

“Bella Ranee” is very popular! FENDI is a global fashion brand from Italy. Announcing the first Friend of FENDI seat in Thailand

can be called another superstar heroine of the industry for “Bella Ranee Campen” After earlier, he flew to Milan, Italy to attend the Women’s Fall/Winter 2023 Show at Fendi’s Milan Fashion Week. latest “Bella Ranee” Has posted pictures and messages on Instagram IG: bellacampen that “It’s such a perfect time and great honor to be … Read more

The eminent monk in Thailand has passed away for 22 years and his body is not rotten. His whole body is emerald green and cannot be burned during cremation-International-China Times News

(Schematic / Dazhi video) The eminent monk Luang Phu Woraphon Thawitan passed away in 2001, and it has been 22 years since then. But so far, the body of Luang Phu Woraphon Thawitan has been enshrined in Chumphon Temple (Chumphon Temple) in Khon Kaen Province. The current abbot of Chumphon Temple also recalled that when … Read more

A breakthrough season awaits Salač in Moto2. The time has come to regularly fight for front positions

On Sunday, Filip Salač will start what is probably the most important season in his career. In his second year in the Moto2 class, he should prove that he can regularly fight for the top ranks. The first year in a new category is usually a time of defense for motorcycle racers within the framework … Read more

Lela broke the silence: The first words after Karlos’ romance

Karlos failed to sweep the porn star Riku Fane under the carpet, but he is probably more successful with the barman Lara. “We train here three times a day, we work from morning to evening. I see that the Czech Republic is once again living with some kind of case, that some lady passed me … Read more

Missing radioactive capsule found in Thailand, possibly broken | Abroad

20 mrt 2023 om 12:14Update: 2 dagen geleden After a 10-day search, a capsule containing radioactive material was found at a Thai metal foundry. According to local authorities in Prachinburi province, the capsule is likely broken. This news causes unrest and concern among the population. The cylinder of 25 kilos and 30 centimeters long contains … Read more

Radioactive material lost in eastern Thailand melted in foundry |

[Thailand]On the issue of the loss of a metal container containing radioactive cesium-137 at a power plant in Prajinburi province in eastern Thailand, the Prajinburi provincial government and the Thai Atomic Energy Secretariat held a press conference on the 20th, saying that the container was made of iron. It was announced that it was taken … Read more

Emanuelle ‘Manu’ Santana Marques from Genk travels with the whole family from Thailand to Brazil: “This even exceeds my participation in ‘De Mol’” (Genk)

© rr Genk – The hunt for De Mol will be open again from Sunday and there is even a search from Brazil. Emanuelle ‘Manu’ Santana Marques (36), the girl from Genk who dropped out just before the final last year, starts her search in her native country. It is the last stop of a … Read more

‘Chanaiporn’ shines in the bicycle championship in Vietnam prepare for battle ‘Tour of Thailand’ continues

‘Chanaiporn’ shines in the bicycle championship in Vietnam prepare for battle ‘Tour of Thailand’ continues “Seth Ink”, General Decha Hemkrasri, president of the Cycling Association of Thailand, revealed that “Coach Nop” Pol. Report on the results of the international women’s long-distance cycling race “Bivace Cup 2023” in Vietnam on March 17, 2023, in the 10th … Read more

Mekong River Recedes, Ancient Buddhist Stupa Rises to the Surface

Nong Khai – Mekong River so the border icon between Thailand and Laos. This large river is now receding, a rare sight has become the target of tourists. Reported from Asia News Network, Nong Khai in northern Thailand is starting to get crowded with tourists. In recent times, the city has been increasingly talked about. … Read more