Using Police Attributes to Escort Ambulance, Motorcyclist Arrested at the Peak – A driver with the initials H was arrested in the Puncak area, Bogor Regency because he was caught using the attribute police. Police even that fake has to deal with police at the Bogor Police Headquarters, Thursday (12/5). Head of Traffic at the Bogor Police, AKP Dicky Pranata, explained that H was arrested … Read more

Improve Body Health, Here Are Tips On A Sugar-Free Diet

Thursday, 12 May 2022 21:13 Reporter : Apprenticeship diet illustration. – Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important. A healthy lifestyle can make the body protected from various diseases that will attack the body. Therefore, adequate nutrition is needed from the food and drinks consumed. Currently, there are many variants of food sold. This … Read more

Handcuffed After Exception Was Rejected by Judge, Inspector General Napoleon: This is the Result of Your Work, Hypocrites – Defendant Inspector General Napoleon Bonaparte alleges the presence of hypocrites in the matter of alleged persecution against youtube Muhammad Kosman alias Muhamad Kece. Until this case continues to prove the examination of witnesses. The accusation was made by him in handcuffs, after hearing the trial reading of the interlocutory decision by the panel … Read more

Jakarta Deputy Governor: There are 21 suspected cases of acute hepatitis in Jakarta – Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Ahmad Riza Patria revealed the findings of the alleged 21 casesAcute Hepatitis in the capital. Currently still under epidemiological investigation. “Yesterday, while the temporary data were 21 cases (Acute Hepatitis) suspected to be associated with acute hepatitis. The 21 are in Jakarta, but there are 3 victims,” ​​said … Read more

Hybrids ‘come to life’: See what drive Europeans prefer in 2022 – Magazine – Car

Interest in mild hybrids, electric cars and LPG is growing significantly in Europe this year. On the contrary, plug-in hybrids lose their appeal and diesel “falls” steeply down. In the first three months, interest in LPG-powered cars grew surprisingly significantly in Europe. Their share increased year-on-year in all markets, up to 300 percent in Germany. … Read more

Leo Gassmann on social media: “I’ll never forget that girl’s screams”

The singer rescued a girl who was victim of violence and commented on Instagram <!– CONTINUA A LEGGERE » –> CorriereTv “Last night I and some passers-by rescued an American girl who had been abused by a boy of French origin shortly before. As soon as I heard the screams, I approached and asked a … Read more

The Mystery of Rape and Murder Cases That Makes Brazilian Police Confuse – Police Brazil’s federal government said yesterday it was still investigating the alleged rape and death of a 12-year-old Yanomami girl by illegal gold miners, but cast doubt on the veracity of the allegations. Officer police who led the investigation, Daniel Ramos, told reporters interviews with members of the community of Aracaa village in … Read more

Makes Crying Eid at Mother’s Grave, This Beautiful Toddler Immediately Kisses the Tomb

Make Crying Eid at Mother’s Grave. Instagram @aqillaseshaadreenasetiawan ©2022 – Moment Eid 1 Syawal is actually a special day spent with parents, family and relatives. However, not infrequently those who have to live the day with deep longing. Either because they are separated by distance, or separated by the fate of death. As … Read more

Covid-19. Incubation, contagiousness, symptoms: what have the Omicron variants changed?

“How long can you stay contagious if you are positive for a variant of Omicron? » The question is posed to us by Isabelle. The question of the duration of contagiousness has been asked to us regularly since the appearance of Covid-19. Just like the symptoms. While the epidemic is still running in our country, … Read more

“Today you would be condemned for this”

Published on Friday, April 29, 2022 at 09:43 Par Sudinfo with Belga Dutch personality Johan Derksen is under fire after making sensational statements on television. The sports journalist confessed to Vandaag Inside on Tuesday night that when he was 22, he raped a woman “by sticking a candle into her vagina while she was unconscious.” … Read more