Just over 100,000 Walloons and Brussels residents work in Flanders (infographic)

They were 70,000 in the year 2000. Fluctuating growth as far as the Walloons are concerned, partly linked to the economic situation. An increase that Forem, responding to the appeal of the federal government, intends to reinforce during the “Werkweek” which begins on Monday. Article reserved for subscribers Political Journalist By Pascal Lorent Published on … Read more

The staggered holidays of French speakers weigh on Belgian tourism

The spring holidays end this Sunday in Flanders. They will only start in a fortnight for French-speakers. With an inevitable impact on the Belgian tourism sector. Some believe, however, that it will be necessary to wait several years before drawing the true balance sheet. Article reserved for subscribers Journalist in the Investigations department By Alain … Read more

DR Congo: Philippe de Moerloose’s strange 25 million agreement with a Chinese cement manufacturer

Philippe de Moerloose got rich thanks to suspicious contracts with the Congolese government. Our investigation now reveals how the Belgian businessman opened the door to Chinese interests. Article reserved for subscribers Journalist at the service of society By Louis Colart and Kasper Goethals (“De Standaard”), Yann Philippin (“Mediapart”) Published on 04/17/2023 at 06:00Reading time: 5 … Read more

The good deals of Philippe de Moerloose with the Tshisekedi government

Anti-money laundering report, internal psychodrama in a pan-African bank, expensive vehicles… Investigation into the nine-figure business of the Belgian Philippe de Moerloose with the DR Congo. A business that resists compliance services, judicial investigations or Kabila-Tshisekedi regime change. Article reserved for subscribers

Trial of the attacks: after a week of interrogations, windows on the minds of the accused

Very dense, the week of hearing the accused has come to an end. Some came back very personally on their journey, others assumed their share of responsibility in the attacks. But on the merits of the case, the big questions remained unanswered. Article reserved for subscribers Journalist at the service of society By Arthur Sente … Read more

Marc Uyttendaele: “The religious fact is taking more and more space”

The lawyer and law professor at ULB explores the Belgian model of state neutrality through case law in his latest essay. And to conclude that on the wearing of convictional signs, “it is allowed to prohibit”. Article reserved for subscribers Journalist at the Forum department By Fanny Declercq Published on 04/13/2023 at 19:30Reading time: 5 … Read more

Trial of the Brussels attacks: “broken heart”, “law of retaliation”… the defendants explain their terrorist commitment

For the first time, the main defendants of the attacks in Brussels reconsidered their motivations for engaging in the path of armed jihad and the commission of attacks in Europe. For the most part, they send Daesh and the international coalition back to back. Article reserved for subscribers Journalist at the service of society By … Read more

A medicine that disgusts alcohol withdrawn from the Belgian market

The French firm Sanofi has decided to suspend the distribution of its drug Antabuse in Belgium. The product that can help with alcohol withdrawal is therefore no longer available here, but pharmacists can order it in neighboring countries. Article reserved for subscribers Journalist at the service of society By Anne-Sophie Leurquin Published on 04/11/2023 at … Read more

New twist in the race for the inheritance of the Viscountess of Spoelberch

Belgian lawyer Farida Chorfi thought she had recovered part of the loot. But here are his millions “frozen” again, pending a decision by the Swiss Federal Court. Article reserved for subscribers Head of Investigations By Xavier Counasse Published on 04/11/2023 at 06:00Reading time: 3 mins PVery fifteen years after her death, the family fortune of … Read more

Miriam Cahn after the controversy over one of her works: “We can no longer do abstract art”

The Basel artist speaks out after French justice dismissed those who wanted to amputate his Parisian exhibition of “Fuck Abstraction! “, canvas deemed” child pornography “. With LéNA, discover the best of European journalism. Article reserved for subscribers By Florence Millioud (“Tribune de Genève”) Published on 7/04/2023 at 12:02Reading time: 7 mins Paris shows Monet, … Read more