This would be The Last of Us 2 with next-gen patch for PS5 at 4K and 60 fps

The Last of Us Parte II will be released in June of last year on PS4 with a couple of months to go before we celebrate their First anniversary nothing has been said yet about a possible patch next-gen update the Naughty Dog game to PS5. That is why some users have started to imagine … Read more

Updates for some PlayStation 3 games can no longer be downloaded

Multiple users of PlayStation 3 They are warning in the forums of ResetEra and of PSNProfiles that the patches and updates for some video games Sony console cannot be downloaded, preventing access to their online multiplayer, the possibility of obtaining trophies and playing the most stable version of the program, according to each case. The … Read more

The “Three Years Pledge” … an important announcement from “LG” for all its users

The Korean company “LG” surprised all its users with an important announcement that it described as a “3-year pledge”, after shocking them that it would exit the race to manufacture smartphones. And announced, “LG”, in an official statement, that it will release in the future updates to the operating system of “Android” phones for many … Read more

Enlisted Open Beta Now Available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X / S

Publisher Gaijin Entertainment and developer Darkflow Software have announced that the open beta from Enlisted is already available in PC, PlayStation 5 y Xbox Series X/S. You can download it to your computer after registering at This formulary, and on console through the PlayStation Store and the Microsoft Store. Enlisted it’s a shooter free with … Read more

Fight against HIV and other pandemics: The United States has invested more than 900 billion FCfa in Côte d’Ivoire

On the occasion of World Health Day, commemorated every April 7, the coordinator of Pepfar at the United States Embassy in Abidjan, Ms. Ngalamulume Bibola, takes stock of the actions of this American program to fight AIDS. in Ivory Coast. In 18 years of existence, what assessment of Pepfar can you make? Thank you for … Read more

The five keys to Returnal, the new PS5 exclusive

Sponsored content ReturnalHousemarque’s spectacular action game for PS5, launches April 30. It is an action adventure bullet hell New generation that will test your reflexes in a science fiction story that takes place on a mysterious planet that requires you to adapt to each cycle, full of unexpected challenges and constant evolution, that change your … Read more

Le Matin – Apple boss discusses work on autonomous car technologies

Apple boss Tim Cook alluded to work underway at his company on self-driving cars, without confirming the idea of ​​a vehicle or technology specific to the Apple brand, when of an interview with the “New York Times” published Monday. “We love to integrate electronic equipment, software and services, and find the points of intersection between … Read more

ClubHouse launches first monetization feature

(Ecofin Agency) – ClubHouse, the latest fashionable social network, allows Internet users to create their chat room and invite whoever they want to converse on a chosen topic. The concept broke through in a few months, to such an extent that the giants of the sector immediately launched in its pursuit … With competition from … Read more

10 Myanmar Rebel Groups Condemn Military & Support Anti-Coup Protesters – As many as 10 Myanmar rebel groups granted enclosure for the anti-coup movement on Saturday, fueling fears of a wider conflict will emerge in a country that has long been wracked by conflict between the military and armed ethnic groups. Myanmar has been in turmoil since the military toppled civilian leader Aung Saun … Read more

The Last of Us series on HBO will begin filming this summer and will end in 2022

The adaptation of The Last of Us and series begin filming in Calgary, Canada, on July 5, and the plan is to close production on June 8, 2022. This is the first series produced by PlayStation Productions, a studio formed by Sony to bring its video game licenses to film and television; in this case … Read more