5 free platforms to take advantage of

Artificial intelligence (AI) -by means of the instructions that run through its algorithms- tries to emulate those cognitive processes that, later, derive in mental activities such as learning, creativity or the ability to plan. The paradigm that best represents these synthetic virtues is ChatGPT, a system developed by OpenAI that is generating a lot of … Read more

after North Africa, Russian petroleum products reach the West African market

(Ecofin Agency) – At the end of February, the supplier Kpler had established, based on an analysis of Russian maritime transport data, that significant quantities of Russian hydrocarbons had been delivered to several Maghreb countries such as Morocco. Russia seems determined to find new markets, particularly in Africa, to sell its petroleum products there, thus … Read more

Dutch laboratory successfully tests two new vaccines

(Ecofin Agency) – Worldwide, avian flu represents the first health challenge for the poultry industry. For the time being, the main means of control, such as culling or confinement of poultry, are no longer sufficient to reduce the threat in a sustainable manner. On March 17, the Dutch government announced that two vaccines against avian … Read more

drug dealers terrorize a neighborhood of this city

Life becomes difficult for the inhabitants of Antwerp who live near Place De Coninck. For several years, drug dealers have invaded the neighborhood and carry out their dirty work with impunity. Local residents are trying to alert the authorities to their situation, which is no longer tenable. “There is a climate of impunity and we … Read more

“I thought he was going to let me go”

With his touching story, this candidate had managed to snatch a few tears from the coaches of The Voice… Today, Charles is upset by the fallout from his passage. VDN Published on 03/18/2023 at 20:08 By The Voice of the North “It’s just love”: a week after their moving passage in The Voice, Charles and … Read more

MTN Nigeria wants to merge its payment unit and digital arm

(Ecofin Agency) – Since launching its payments banking unit MoMo PSB in May 2022, MTN Nigeria has added 2 million new subscribers to fintech services. The company wants to accelerate the growth of its mobile branch in order to better meet demand. MTN Nigeria has announced that it plans to merge its payment company, Momo … Read more

The headquarters of the Russian border guards in Rostov-on-Don are on fire: black smoke visible for kilometers away

And fire broke out in the headquarters of border guards in Rostovcapital of the homonymous Russian province bordering on Ukraine: it is the FSB headquartersthe internal security services, at 20 via Sievers. Some witnesses cited by Telegram channels said they had heard explosion before the flames broke out.

Review of the book Gablonz / Jablonec by Štěpán Kučera

The city as the main, essentially the only hero of the book. Roughly a hundred years, during which it was first called Gablonz and in the second half Jablonec nad Nisou. Journalist and writer Štěpán Kučera arranged the German and Czech topographical names for himself, and in the recently published book called Gablonz / Jablonec, … Read more

justice orders Moov Africa Malitel and Orange to pay $284.2 million to a consumer association

(Agence Ecofin) – Since 2021, the operators Moov Africa and Orange have chained several initiatives and actions to have a decision of the Bamako Court of Appeal overturning a decision condemning them to a heavy fine. In particular, they carried out a strike in February 2022. Telecom companies Moov Africa Malitel and Orange Mali will … Read more

Tbilisi, protesters burn the EU flag

Tensions continue in Georgia: some anti-European demonstrators lowered the flag of the European Union in Tbilisi, the capital, and burned it. The activists, who belong to the Conservative Movement, are calling for a referendum to be held on the law relating to “foreign agents”. The law would have been revoked by the governing Georgian Dream … Read more