After a Polio Case was Found, 1,000 Children in Pidie were Immunized – As many as 1,000 children began receiving polio immunization in Pidie District, Aceh, after the finding that the polio virus was infecting children in the area some time ago. The administration of mass polio immunization was centered on the Sigli City Square field. Attended by the Director General of Disease Prevention and Control … Read more

The message of Lourdes de Bandana after having denounced her ex for gender violence

The singer expressed herself in her networks after the repercussions that were generated after making her case public. Friday evening, Lourdes Fernandezmember of Bandana, surprised in their social networks by sharing images of his completely bruised face. Now, the singer expressed herself again after making public the unfortunate violent episode of which she was a … Read more

The story of the saving car that rescued Porsche from the worst crisis in its history

The Boxster appeared in 1993 before the urgencies of the brand to survive. A rush bet that ended in success. In times of almost insurmountable problems, Porsche He found the answer in a compact sports car, more accessible than his emblematic 911 and the result of inventiveness against emergencies. Boxster is not only the name … Read more

the reasons and 5 tips to increase well-being

Two new studies draw attention to the wellness of Argentines: in one of them, carried out by the Siglo 21 University, it is pointed out that 6 out of 10 are not happy and that almost 4 out of 10 have burnoutthat is, you feel “burned out” by work. Meanwhile, in a survey carried out … Read more

food, kinesiology and medicine, all at the service of La Scaloneta

SUBSCRIBERS EXCLUSIVE The daily routine begins with pure mate but has planning and professionals who work in silence in search of the best for Messi and company. When in the Argentina barely a couple of hours after midnight, more than 13,000 kilometers away, on the edge of the Arabian peninsula, the mate of Lionel Messi … Read more

“Merlina” escaped from Los locos Addams to reach Netflix at the hands of Tim Burton

A sarcasm of terror surrounds the series Merlinand spin-off about the daughter of the addams familywhich opens this Wednesday the 23rd in Netflixwith macabre direction of Tim Burton. It is based on the reinvention of Merlina that the actress Christina Ricci had done in the films of the Familia Addams (1991 and 1993), more than … Read more

The Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival kicks off

“The festival shows that jazz is still very much alive in the young generation,” he told Clarion singer and director Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival, Julia Moscardini which from November 23 to 26 will take place in the city with more than 30 concerts and a spirit dominated by artistic diversity. Indeed, this new edition … Read more

Despite wars and crises… 5 groundbreaking innovations emerged in 2022

Numerous crises, especially the war in Ukraine, marked the current year, but despite this general impression, a group of scientific innovations and creations appeared in the world during the year 2022 that may have a role in changing and distorting some areas of life. In this context, and according to the annual habit, the American … Read more

The bill that you can hold in your hands and is worth up to $400

An option that is outstanding and can be tremendously higher than face value. In this rage for tickets of dollar with certain oddities that they can have a great value for collectors, a new coveted piece emerged. In this case, it is the copies that are in circulation and that can be worth up to … Read more

The fifth dose against Covid has a novelty in the City and there is a curious fact

Porteños over 50 years of age can be reinforced without prior shift. At the same time, more than a thousand people per day in the country still apply the first dose. The vaccination campaign against Covid is about to be fulfilled two years in Argentina. A few days ago, the health authorities summoned all those … Read more