the protests in San Paolo- Corriere TV

Many people took to the streets to the chorus of “murderer”, addressing the off-duty lieutenant accused of the murder of the wrestler After the death of Leandro Lo, martial arts legend and eight-time world champion in jiu-jitsu, dozens and dozens of people took to the streets of Sao Paulo in the night between 7 and … Read more

launches a series about a woman who suffers from a disease with no cure

The laboratory of American origin that in 2020 and 2021 held a long and controversial negotiation with the Argentine Government for the contract for vaccines against Covid, Pfizer, launches this Thursday a fiction series about a woman suffering from a chronic and incurable disease. The initiative, with the preceding conflict and raised in this way, … Read more

Inverter, the technology that allows you to consume up to 70% less energy

When buying a appliance, consumers analyze many variables that go beyond the final price: the value of the brand and its presence in the market, quality, guarantee and design. But there is a feature that is becoming more and more important these days: energy efficiency. In a macroeconomic context with rising inflation and a imminent … Read more

the red lava attracts thousands of tourists- Corriere TV

A large number of people flocked to the site of a new eruption of the volcanic fissure located in an uninhabited valley about 40 km from Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. The eruption, which began on Wednesday 3 August, concerns Mount Fagradalsfjall volcano in southwestern Iceland, which last year erupted for six months. The images … Read more

In Kherson, where the Ukrainian counter-offensive tries to reconquer the territory- Corriere TV

Lorenzo Cremonesi, sent to Kherson / CorriereTv Journey to Kherson, among the rubble of a western village razed to the ground by Russian bombing. Now the Ukrainian forces are trying to reconquer these areas and a Ukrainian sergeant explains it well: «The Russians are a few kilometers from here. Our counter-offensive is underway, but the … Read more

the latest rumors bring good news about the price of the new model

Like the iPhone 13, the standard version would start at $799. It seems that the rise in inflation that is going through the american economy will not affect the interests of Apple and much less punish the pockets of his legion of fans worldwide. According to the latest industry rumours, the next base model of … Read more

the images from the camera on the policeman’s helmet – Corriere TV

The man, suspected of the theft of sunglasses, was intercepted and stopped by other officers on foot Horse chase through the streets of New York: a police officer has stopped an alleged sunglass robber. The man, conspicuously hunted, ran away on foot chased by the policeman on horseback who filmed everything with the camera mounted … Read more

The fifth largest airline in the United States is born

Recently the American airline JetBlue Airways agreed to buy Spirit Airlines for 3,800 million dollars, thus giving rise to the creation of the fifth largest airline USA. For this to go ahead, however, the deal must first be approved by antitrust regulators in that country. The announced agreement was the crowning of a “war” of … Read more

Find the origin of the “ghost particles” that pass through our bodies and planets! …The Middle East

Press B – Middle East Watch finding the origin of the “ghost particles” that pass through our bodies and planets! Now see the details. ‘Ghost particles’ in deep space likely originate from galactic nuclei fueled by supermassive black holes, according to a new study that could unlock the mystery of these pre-universe subatomic particles. Details … Read more

The strange reaction that the Covid vaccine can cause

Los hyaluronic acid fillers are increasingly popular: to hydrate or give volume to the lips, to give greater prominence to the cheekbones, as an alternative to surgical rhinoplasty, to emphasize the chin or outline the jaw, to fill in nasogenian wrinkles or dark circles, and even to give a “rejuvenated” appearance to the vaginal lips … Read more