Review: “The fire” at the National Theater – Controlled anxiety

Where: NATIONALTHEATRET Director: KARI HOLTAN Of: TARJEI VESAAS With: HELENE NAUSTDAL BERGSHOLM, PER FRISCH, PETRONELLA BARKER, TORBJØRN DAVIDSEN «Introverted and disturbing» See all reviews In the opening scene, Helene Naustdal Bergsholm sits like Jon alone on a stool. Around her, there are light projections that bring to mind a scene from the sci-fi film “Interstellar” … Read more

They found Mick Jagger in the SND. Roba Roth – Theater – Culture

On Saturday and Sunday, the SND Drama presents its first premiere this year, entitled When the Stones Come. Although the legendary band Rolling Stones is celebrating 60 years since its inception this year, the anniversary has not chosen a theme. Photo: Braňo Konečný Robo Roth as Mick Jagger’s great double in the new game Until … Read more

The 5 things that make Lina Tejeiro “rabona” and the hot photos she uploaded to her Instagram | movie theater

Lina Tejeiro returns to the cinema from this January 27 with “A tail with a heart”, film made by Dago Garcia Productions that revolves around Cheo, an undesirable neighbor whom everyone calls a “rabón”, since he makes life impossible for those who live in a building. Lina plays Carolina Rico, a striptease dancer, who will … Read more

The board of the World Latvian Amateur Theater Union will consist of 7 members – Stage – Culture +

Sandra Bondarevska, representing the Latvian Theater in Ireland “Sliedes”, Agnese Jēgere, representing the Stockholm Latvian Amateur Theater “Sala”, Čaklais, representing the London branch of the Birmingham Small Theater, Liāra Ozola, representing the Bergen Latvian Amateur Theater, LAT, were elected to the Board. Anna Kosareva, representing the Latvian Theater in Italy “Momento”, Ilona Brūveris, representing the … Read more

Mirabel Madrigal, from ‘Encanto’, is inspired by this Colombian researcher | movie theater

The charm of Barichara that encompasses its architecture, tranquility and the colors of the earth captivated the giant Disney who included in his latest film, ‘Charm ‘, the landscaping of this heritage town of Colombia and The one who advised the production of the film was the researcher Alejandra Espinosa. “That was a four-year job … Read more

ex-director of the Theater of Satire explained why he left his post

Mamed Huseynovich did not accept the merger of the two theaters. After joining the theater of Satire “Progress of the scene of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan”, Mamed Agayev, who held the post of director, applied for dismissal of his own free will. He worked in the theater for 42 years. Mamed Agayev noted that he “did not … Read more

Estonian national treasure is created in Daile Theater – Oscar Luts’ Spring / Article

Estonian national treasure is created at the Daile Theater – Oscar Luts’ Spring The show moves to Estonia at the beginning of the 20th century, so music consultant Juris Vaivods has chosen songs that match the times. They are performed by the main characters of the show – students of the Palamuse parish school. The … Read more

Premiere of the growth drama ‘My Father – Peter Pens’ at Valmiera Theater

On Friday, January 7, after a long break during guest performances throughout Latvia, performances will resume in the premises of Valmiera Theater – the Round Hall. The debut of the new director Henri Arājs on the stage of Valmiera Theater – the growth drama “My Father – Peter Pens” will be the first meeting with … Read more

We are all afraid. Director Henry Arayy’s debut performance at the Valmiera Theater My Father – Peter Pen / Day

Director Henry Aray’s debut on the stage of Valmiera Theater – a drama of growth My father is Peter Penn, says the hero Daniel returns to his childhood, where he learned a secret at the time – his father is Peter Penn, yes, the same flying boy from Nowhere, a boy with special abilities. Finding … Read more

Jacopo Tissi appointed étoile of the Bolshoi, enters the Olympus of theater stars –

from Valeria Crippa “The promotion was already in the air and I was on my toes for several days” For Jacopo Tissi the doors of the Olympus of the Bolshoi Ballet have opened wide, that exclusive rank in which the stars Svetlana Zakharova, Denis Rodkin, Olga Smirnova, Vladimir Lantratov shine, absolute protagonists of the world … Read more