he tackles Georges-Louis Bouchez, “the dream of the MR is to reform a government with them”

Invited on the set of RTL info Signatures this Wednesday, Paul Magnette reacted to recent Flemish polls, placing the N-VA and Vlaams Belang in the lead, with 45% of the vote. For the mayor of Charleroi, this is a “worrying” situation. “It’s worrying, indeed. It worries me a lot that a far-right party, one of … Read more

About teeth, their pain, and the diseases associated with them.. 5 facts that you should never ignore

As science and medical practice advance, facts about what goes on in our bodies correct common ideas we think are true, and then science discovers that they are just perceptions. newspaper The New York Times I posted a report on some of the things you should know when it comes to your dental health and … Read more

Bills are piling up in Glenn and Lyanne’s mailbox, but the two Belgians shouldn’t pay them…

When Glenn and his wife moved into rue Opper in Nieuwerkerken in Limburg five years ago, their house had not one number but two. “The house was at number 197, the driveway was at number 199,” Glenn told our colleagues at HBVL. of videos The municipality then asked the couple to register at number 197, … Read more

Four sectors offer huge opportunities for investors interested in Zlecaf, according to the World Economic Forum

(Agence Ecofin) – The African Continental Free Trade Area offers local and foreign businesses access to a large consumer base whose spending will reach 6.7 trillion dollars by 2030. But some sectors are expected to benefit more than others of African trade integration. The automotive industry, agriculture & agro-industry, pharmaceutical industry and transport & logistics … Read more

Instagram launches new time management and control tools

(Ecofin Agency) – Concerned about the well-being and mental health of its users, the Instagram social network is increasing its features to improve the user experience. This time, it offers new options especially aimed at teenagers. Instagram is launching new tools to help people manage their time and what they see on the social network. … Read more

TikTok will add tags for movie and TV content

(Ecofin Agency) – The TikTok application is known for the creativity of its users, but also for content from the world of entertainment. In this world, we find in particular films and television shows. To highlight them, the app is launching a new feature. On the site TechCrunch, we learn that TikTok will allow you … Read more

Luck will follow them… 3 of the luckiest and happiest zodiac signs in 2023

07:30 pm Sunday, January 15, 2023 I wrote – Shaima Morsi Although some people don’t get what they want in 2023, there are many lucky ones who did. In the following report, we will show you 3 lucky signs that will be lucky during 2023, according to the “hindustantimes” website.

the Shop tab will disappear in February 2023

(Agence Ecofin) – In a few weeks, the Instagram application will receive an update to its main page, including a modification of the navigation on the home page and the placement of certain buttons. From February 2023, Instagram will change the layout of certain buttons on its main page and will remove the Shop tab. … Read more

Nigeria’s Releaf raises $3.3 million to expand its business in the agricultural industry

(Ecofin Agency) – After the fundraising in September 2021, the agricultural technology company has again approached investors to raise capital and develop two new extraction processes for the oil palm industry in Nigeria. Releaf, a Nigerian agritech that supplies agricultural inputs to consumer goods distribution companies, announced on Monday January 9 the raising of $3.3 … Read more

Meet Sarah’s Big Family in Switzerland, Anang-Ashanty Talk About Azriel’s Marriage?

Kapanlagi.com – Family Anang Hermansyah and Ashanty chose a year-end vacation in Europe while visiting the parents’ house Sarah MenzelAzriel Hermansyah’s lover who is in Switzerland. According to Anang and Ashanty, being at Sarah Menzel’s parents’ house was so much fun. They were warmly welcomed and welcome to stay. “It was fun traveling yesterday. I … Read more