On the sidelines of COP27, Orange is committed to supporting African governments in the energy transition

(Ecofin Agency) – Global players in the telecom sector are increasingly concerned about the impact of their energy consumption and their activities in general on the environment. In an exclusive interview with We Are Tech on the sidelines of COP27, the Director of Sustainable Energy & Partnerships of Orange Middle East & Africa, Mr. Jean … Read more

NSIA Banque CI set a record at the end of the third quarter of 2022

(Ecofin Agency) – NSIA Banque Côte d’Ivoire added XAF159.3 billion in net outstanding loans to its customers between 1is January and September 30, 2022, can be seen from its unaudited financial results, published over the period. At the end of the third quarter, this performance indicator stood at 1077.6 billion FCFA, against 918.3 billion FCFA … Read more

mobile money struggles to boost the revenues of telephone operators, unlike in Kenya

(Agence Ecofin) – Mobile money is historically seen as a growth niche for telecommunications operators in Africa. This reality, which is confirmed in East Africa, is still struggling to materialize for several WAEMU operators. In Côte d’Ivoire, revenues from mobile money services for mobile operators reached CFAF 7.2 billion ($11 million) during the second quarter … Read more

In sub-Saharan Africa, fintech fundraising jumped 894% in 2021, to $1.56 billion (Mastercard)

(Agence Ecofin) – While the Covid-19 pandemic has contributed to a significant improvement in the regulatory frameworks governing their activities, young shoots in African finance are increasingly attracting investors. Fundraising by fintech start-ups in sub-Saharan Africa reached $1.56 billion in 2021, up 894% from 2020, according to a published report on October 25 by payment … Read more

the preferred bidders for the concession of 3 of the 4 main airports are known

(Ecofin Agency) – The process of concessioning Nigeria’s international airports continues, a plan based on the diversification of the national economy with a view to reducing its dependence on oil revenues. The names of preferred and second-choice bidders for the concession of 3 of the 4 main Nigerian airports were unveiled on Wednesday October 26 … Read more

After they closed the door on them.. what happened between Helmy Bakr and artist Suhair Ramzy on their wedding night in the bedroom was shocking and shameful.. Exceeded all expectations!

2022/10/22 It’s 01:45 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite Musician Helmy Bakr’s statements sparked a wide case of controversy among the public, because of his talk about his 13 wives, and the most prominent reasons for his separation and the non-continuation of marriage with all the women who were in his life. Here we will … Read more

Twitter is testing an option to restrict who can mention you

(Agence Ecofin) – In its fight to protect its users against trolls and cyberbullying, Twitter has implemented several features to help Internet users feel safe on its platform. The next one being tested should still please a lot of people According to app options scout Jane Manchun Wong’s tweet, Twitter is developing a new option … Read more

He is heading to defame them.. Barcelona’s agent is a rash of high-paid people | Football

Directly, but without naming them, Barcelona club president Joan Laporta and sporting director Matteo Alemani again targeted the team leaders and players with high-paid contracts, because of their delayed salaries due to the “Covid-19” epidemic. Although the players have not been named, they have become known, and they are 5 whose wages are very high: … Read more

In the first half of 2022, private equity funds bet $4.7 billion on Africa in 338 transactions

(Agence Ecofin) – The substantial amount of capital put on stand-by during the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the new fundraising carried out in 2021 contributed to boosting investments during the first six months of the current year. Private equity funds across all categories (private equity, venture capital, private debt, infrastructure and real estate funds) … Read more

Serena Williams’ Venture Capital Fund Leads $12.3M Round in Ugandan Fintech Numida

(Ecofin Agency) – Numida, the Ugandan start-up, receives major new support to scale up its credit offer to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, in an African context of low access to financing. Numida, a Ugandan fintech that offers loans to small businesses, has just raised $12.3 million to expand its working capital loan offer to … Read more