Canelo Álvarez, the boxer who has the luxury of thinking about movies when he is not at his best level

Saúl Canelo Álvarez said that he would like to appear in a Viking movie. (Photo: Manuel Velasquez/Getty Images) The life of Saul Canelo Álvarez it is a constant ambivalence. On the one hand, he is a boxer who has made history in Mexico and the world; on the other he is a tycoon trying to … Read more

KPMG warns: start thinking radically differently about healthcare

Accounting and advisory organization KPMG warns that healthcare systems worldwide need to be thought of radically differently in order to cope with upcoming crises. International recession, covid-related debt and also climate change disasters could be part of that. The corona pandemic may have been just the first of a whole series of crises, but care … Read more

Standard: Raskin to Rangers, Camara (Olympiacos) in the sights, Genoa is thinking of… Dragus!

In the meantime, the club’s recruitment unit is active. “I know that Fergal (Harkin) and the scouts are working day and night to bring us more. We will see at the end of the transfer window if it can be settled. As we know, in an ideal world, Standard would like to strengthen in each … Read more

Earn Jirawan is afraid of misunderstanding about the house. Mother-in-law built for grandchildren without thinking about the value

Recently, Ern has posted a message via Instagram. clarify the value of this house for fear of misunderstanding by saying “Inform all brothers and sisters, media.. Earn is worried that they will misunderstand the value of the house. Please allow me to inform you this way. that Ernst never said the value of the house … Read more

Hyo-ri Lee “Life as a celebrity on social media, sometimes thinking ‘what am I doing’”

Lee Hyo ri. photo ㅣ tvN Singer Lee Hyo-ri revealed her feelings about her current life. On tvN’s ‘Check-In Canada’, which aired on the 14th, it was depicted meeting an adopted dog ‘Ppaekkom’ in Canada who was rescued from a poor dog farm and met a precious family. ‘Ppaekom’ is a dog with a trauma … Read more

Kim Ji-min “♥Kim Jun-ho’s dead feet, thinking it was cheese powder, almost ate it… It’s dirty, so break up”

JTBC ‘Knowing Bros’ broadcast screen capture Kim Ji-min said that he broke up with his lover and senior comedian Kim Jun-ho because he was too dirty, and unfolded a situational play that was overly immersed in the single concept. In the JTBC entertainment program ‘Knowing Brother’, which aired on the afternoon of the 14th, Park … Read more

Goodbye to the Galaxy S23 Plus? Samsung thinking of canceling that size

A new report from South Korea has left us speechless: Samsung could cancel the Galaxy S24 Plus. It’s been several years since Samsung completes its launch of the Galaxy S series with a plus model that increases in size and improves certain features. Today we know that it is not as profitable as expected and … Read more

‘Dolsing’ Kim Sae-rom, thinking of remarrying after 6 years of divorce “Can’t I get married?” worry

▲ Source | Saerom Kim’s Instagram [스포티비뉴스=유은비 기자] Broadcaster Kim Sae-rom announced the current situation. Recently, Kim Sae-rom posted a picture on her SNS along with the words, “I’m going to set a goal of 100 dead (lift) this year (I can’t get married?)”. In the published photo, Kim Sae-rom is taking a picture in … Read more

Tourist tax, bloodletting from 10 euros per night already possible in six prestigious tourist locations. Here’s what they are and who’s thinking about them

The “sting on tourism” will be able to start from Venice, Florence, Siena, Pisa, Rimini and Verbania and never stop, arriving to infect minor municipalities, including those that had never applied the tourist tax, with the risk of a domino” on the sector that the Meloni government, in words, said it wanted to support and … Read more