Death: After hearing these words from Landsberg, I thought about President Grybauskaitė

“They don’t even talk to each other,” the historian is surprised. – Are we always consistently adhering to value policies? After all, the brutal actions of the Russian regime, which are condemned by Western societies, we continue to buy both liquefied natural gas from Russia through our ‘independence ship’ and electricity from Königsberg. What kind … Read more

Adamari López thought it was a cold, but tested positive for Covid-19

“I thought I was going to get out of all this clean, but with the news that I have tested positive for Covid-19. I had been feeling a little sick, I thought it was a cold, I began to feel a lot of sore throat, in the body, head, I think I had a fever. … Read more

Ethiopia’s oldest human fossils appear to be around 30,000 years older than previously thought

Researchers at the Omo Kibish Formation in southwestern Ethiopia in the East African Rift Valley. Al Deino The oldest human fossils in East Africa may be even older than scientists thought. New research indicates that the fossils were buried during a volcanic eruption around 233,000 years ago. The fossils were thought to be less than … Read more

Great partner Pastrňák. I wanted to win for Tukka, the Czech star thought of a friend

David Pastrňák proved to be a good friend. The Czech striker of Boston against Philadelphia (3: 2) almost a year later ended the waiting for another hat-trick in the basic part of the NHL, but instead of his own celebrations, he thought of a teammate. “I had extra motivation today, I wanted to succeed mainly … Read more

Samkova? Fighter! At first I thought it was final for Beijing, the Doctor admitted

The expedition is the most numerous, but you probably can’t say that it is the most ambitious. According to the development of the season, it doesn’t look like a medal harvest… This has a real basis, but the chances are clear. We have three graces (Ledecká, Sáblíková, Samková)Although Evka is injured and it will be … Read more

Modern humans lived in eastern Africa 38,000 years earlier than thought

Modern humans emerged in eastern Africa at least 38,000 years earlier than scientists previously thought. That conclusion was drawn from traces of a colossal volcanic eruption used to date the earliest undisputed Homo sapiens fossils. The remains, dubbed Omo I, were discovered at the Omo Kibish site near Ethiopia’s Omo river in the 1960s. Previous … Read more

The Earth is cooling from the inside faster than thought

Earth’s interior heat dissipates sooner than previously thought, according to laboratory evidence of how a common mineral conducts heat at the boundary between Earth’s mantle and core. The evolution of our Earth is the story of its cooling: 4.5 billion years ago, the surface of the young Earth was at extreme temperatures, and it was … Read more

Oldest fossil remains of our ancestors turn out to be much older than thought

The fossils of Homo sapiens discovered in East Africa turn out to be not 200,000, but at least 230,000 years old. In the 1960s, hoping to learn more about our own ancestors, expedition members traveled to a remote place in southern Ethiopia to search for human remains. And with success. In the town of Omo … Read more

It was thought to be connected to Kovid.. The truth appeared on the operating table

Raşit Batur, 28, living in Samsun, had Kovid 9 months ago. His complaints did not pass for months. It was thought that almost 90 percent of Batur’s pulmonary vessels were clogged with “clots”. The real truth emerged on the operating table. Almost all of the pulmonary vessels were occluded not by “clots”, but by a … Read more

The event that stunned even the doctors in Samsun! Clot due to coronavirus was thought to be, the real thing appeared on the operating table

The life of 28-year-old Raşit Batur, a father of a child who works as a lawyer’s clerk in Samsun, has completely changed after the Kovid infection he had last May. His complaints, which started with a simple shortness of breath, were thought to be the effect of Kovid at first, and he could not get … Read more