Margot thought she had migraines…

8 augustus 2022 Margot (23 years old) woke up last October with a terrible headache. She had to throw up and couldn’t stand any light anymore. The doctor thought she had migraines. Margot herself too. “A few days before my admission to the hospital, I woke up with a headache. This kept getting worse. I … Read more

“I thought the increase would stop, but it just doesn’t.” For example, Marten Schoenmaker from Winschoten is bracing for an increasingly higher energy bill

We have to take significantly higher energy bills into account, warn Nibud and Vattenfall. Marten Schoenmaker (40) had expected his own to go down, thanks to insulation and solar panels – but he sees the fixed costs for his family only increase.

Thought to be a headache due to long COVID-19, it turns out that this teenager has a serious illness

Jakarta – A 15-year-old teenager was diagnosed by a doctor with long symptoms of COVID-19. Upon further examination, it turned out that he had a brain tumor. The teenager, Kane Allcock, initially experienced symptoms of persistent headaches after testing positive for COVID-19. Kane’s mother, Nicki, also revealed to doctors that her son might have migraines … Read more

Athletics will earn me food, thought the Botswanan. At the record, he dropped the finish like Bolt

The athletic world registers another possible successor to the star Usain Bolt. While the American Erriyon Knighton ran the famous junior world record in the 200 in the spring, Letsile Tebogo has now imitated him in the 100 with a time of 9.91. And that with the completely omitted conclusion “to Bolt”, for which the … Read more

That symptom, which we thought was insignificant, is the harbinger of a heart attack! Most people live life threatening! – Gallery

Roza Gallery Roza Health That symptom, which we thought was insignificant, is the harbinger of a heart attack! Most people live life threatening! Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. Today’s factors such as intense stress, sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet are the biggest reasons for the spread of these disorders. However, our … Read more

Chronology of a 26-year-old woman with chronic kidney failure, thought she had stomach pain

Jakarta – Viral, a woman with the initials DN (26), shared her story about her struggle against chronic kidney failure. DN revealed the initial symptoms felt in the form of sluggishness. “Initially, the symptoms were around the end of 2020. When I was focusing on the thesis, I suddenly started to feel sick. It was … Read more

Discovery shows antimicrobial resistance is more evolved than previously thought

Researchers have discovered an important and previously unknown mechanism that many bacteria use to resist antibiotics. Using a combination of calculations and physical observations in the lab, the researchers unearthed a sophisticated process that some common bacteria use to protect themselves from the rifamycin class of antibiotics, which occur naturally and are also manufactured to … Read more

T cells seem more important than thought in combating coronavirus

Everyone has known them since the corona pandemic: antibodies A corona vaccine that specifically instructs the immune system to produce T cells instead of antibodies provides good protection in a mouse model. Researchers from the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) write this in Nature Communications. According to the researchers, such a vaccine may offer a … Read more

Arrival PMU Prix du Pays d’Auge, 9th Stage of the Galop Challenge. A Thought for Le Havre (Listed). A winning comeback for JADOOMI

NP : 1 – 6 Although not having raced since October 30, 2021, JADOOM (photo) was the strongest this Sunday at Clairefontaine-Deauville in the Listed Prix ​​du Pays d’Auge, 9th Stage of the Galop Challenge. JADOOM constantly galloped alongside the host IN CROWD. came next TRANSPARENCY et MEDIA STREAMthen BURGARITA et WATCH HIM. Halfway up … Read more