“I finished The Medium on Xbox Series S and I thought I was on an Xbox Series X”

As you well know, this is the week of The Medium, the first Xbox console exclusive – temporarily at least – of a new generation. That is, it is practically one of the first contents for Xbox Series S and X that directly warn that it could not be possible in the previous generation. Bloober … Read more

Premier League: Denilson’s loneliness at Arsenal: “I thought ‘My God, is this my life?”

Premier League The Brazilian player recorded his time at the English club between 2006 and 2011 Denilson scores Xavi in ​​a Bara-Arsenal. Denilson Pereira Neves played five seasons in the Arsenal, at the orders of Arsene Wenger. The French technician was his main supporter when, at the age of 18, he landed in London, a … Read more

Milk with you (in thought) to end 2020

A milestone year ends in Quebec, and Quebec Milk Producers (PLQ) wish to underline it in a humorous way by concluding their advertising series which started last month. The fourth and last message of this offensive carried out by the agency lg2 was presented during the high mass of December 31: the Bye bye 2020 … Read more

Microsoft says hackers got further into its systems than the corporation previously thought | CBC News

Microsoft said Thursday in a blog post that hackers tied to a massive intrusion of dozens of U.S. government agencies and private companies sneaked further into its systems than previously thought, although the intrusion doesn’t appear to have caused any additional harm. The company said the hackers were able to view some of the code … Read more

This is how Apple thought it could be its Apple Watch inspired by an old iPod

The Apple Watch hit US stores in June 2015 after many months, and even years, of rumors, information and, surely, proofs internal to see which design was the most suitable for the market. And it is obvious that along the way those of Cupertino had to make important decisions about what would be the final … Read more

Marcela in “I am Betty the ugly” thought she had breast cancer Find out by the scare that happened!

Natalia Ramírez invited to perform the self-examination and to have her medical check-ups December 24, 2020 09:50 hs Natalia Ramírez, better known as Marcela Valencia in the Colombian telenovela “Yo soy Betty la fea”, underwent medical check-ups, because she had an anomaly in one breast and it was through her social networks that the actress … Read more

United States: Donald Trump denied having thought of declaring martial law to stay in government

Elections in U.S This year they maintained a level of polarization and tensions unusual in the North American country. President Donald Trump He was defeated by his Democratic adversary, Joe BidenBut, from the beginning he refused to admit defeat and claimed that the elections were “fraudulent”. This Saturday, in addition, some media accused him of … Read more

“My father died of covid. I thought of him when I was vaccinated ”| Society

A small puncture in the deltoid marks the beginning of the end of a hell that those who this week have received the longed-for first doses of the covid vaccine in the United States know very well. Daisy Solares, a respiratory therapist, the second person vaccinated in the State of Maryland, was run through her … Read more

The US discovers that the piracy in its networks is even greater than thought

“It’s like you wake up one morning and suddenly realize that a burglar has been in and out of your house for the past six months.” In such plain and disturbing terms, Glenn Gerstell, a former adviser to the US National Security Agency, explains the sophisticated worldwide massive hacking operation discovered by chance just a … Read more