DAVID Da Silva Becomes Lulinha’s Threat in the Top Scorer Position of League 1, Check Out the Order

TRIBUN-BALI.COM – Persib Bandung finally got up, in the fourth week match Liga 1 Indonesia 2022-2023. After swallowing the bitter pill 3 times, with 1 draw and 2 defeats. At the match Persib Bandung vs PSIS Semarangfinally Maung Bandung won by a score of 2-1. Even if there is drama gol disallowed, near the end of … Read more

JK Rowling: Police investigate a threat against the writer for her support of Salman Rushdie

wording BBC News World August 14, 2022 image source, Getty Images Caption, JK Rowling is one of the authors who has supported Salman Rushdie. Police are investigating a threat against JK Rowling, author of the “Harry Potter” saga, after she expressed her support for British writer Salman Rushdie, who was stabbed in the United States. … Read more

A walrus is put to sleep in Norway due to a threat to human safety / Article

The walrus had been spotted before, but was first spotted near Oslo in July when it tried to climb onto a boat. The large animal quickly became very popular and was named after Freya, the Norse goddess of love. Despite the calls of the authorities to keep their distance from the 600-kilogram “lady”, hundreds of … Read more

When Was Monkeypox Virus Discovered? Diseases That Are Now a New Threat

PEOPLE’S MIND – In the midst of the increasing number of Covid-19 cases, the spread of monkey pox or monkeypox now a new threat. Case monkey pox in a number of countries reported an increase. Experts are concerned that misinformation about monkey pox can prevent people from protecting themselves. Monkeypox can affect people of any … Read more

In Italy, it seems, the real threat to the environment is Jovanotti :: Blog su Today

Share The next time Greta Thunberg comes to Italy, Friday For Future will be organized in Jovanotti’s home. He is the real enemy of the environment in our country, a bearded Montgomery Burns who is destroying the ecosystem of our wonderful land. If there are three-eyed fish in our seas like in Springfield, we will … Read more

Index – Abroad – Isn’t Vladimir Putin afraid to respond with nuclear weapons?

In the statement, Guterres expressed deep concern about the events surrounding the Russian-occupied power plant. As he put it, he asked the competent forces to rely on common sense to protect the power plant, but “instead of the situation easing, unfortunately in recent days there have only been reports of further incidents that cause concern”. … Read more

There is a threat of a shortage of medicine ozempic: “Inappropriate to use this for your six pack”

Ozempic — ©  Shutterstock The Diabetes League is sounding the alarm now that there is a threat of a shortage of the drug ozempic. It is crucial for people with type 2 diabetes, so the League is calling on doctors to stop prescribing the drug to overweight people in the coming months. But the drug … Read more