several Brussels tunnels blocked, the police threaten to intervene

The Cinquantenaire, Loi, Tervuren and Leopold II tunnels towards Brussels city center are blocked this Friday morning following an action by Uber drivers. Rue de la Loi is also experiencing severe slowdowns due to these actions. The police called Uber drivers on Twitter on Friday morning to free the traffic lanes on pain of having … Read more

Uber drivers continue to cripple Brussels: police threaten to call tow trucks

The police on Friday morning called on Uber drivers on Twitter to free the traffic lanes or see their vehicle repaired. The Cinquantenaire, Loi, Tervueren and LĂ©opold II tunnels towards Brussels city center are blocked this Friday morning following an action by drivers Uber. Rue de la Loi is also experiencing severe slowdowns due to … Read more

Cabinet: stick to basic rules, otherwise extra lockdown restrictions threaten | Politics

VIDEO’SEven with an average of more than 20,000 infections and almost 300 hospitalizations every day, the cabinet is not pulling the emergency brake. There is still hope that a hard lockdown can be avoided. Niels Klaassen, Laurens Kok 22 nov. 2021 Latest update: 22-11-21, 18:49 The figures continue to rise, the healthcare sector is calling … Read more

Allegedly 12 Districts Threaten Not to Participate in Badminton in OKU Raya Porprov

MATTANEWS.CO, READ – It is suspected that there are 12 badminton teams (Badminton) from Regencies and Cities in South Sumatra that are currently participating in the XIII Porprov at the Baturaja Sports building, OKU Regency, stating that they did not participate in the competition. The twelve regencies include Musi Rawas, Banyuasin, Musi Banyuasin, Lahat, Pagaralam, … Read more

French League: crowd riots “threaten” the future of football

November 22, 2021 picture released, Getty Images comment on the photo, Marseille’s Dimitri Payet has been targeted twice this season French Sports Minister Roxana Maracignano said that the frequent riots in the first division matches make football in the country “in danger”. The match between Lyon and Marseille on Sunday was canceled just five minutes … Read more

Russia shot down its own satellite. According to NASA, the shards threaten the ISS

The Ikar 39L satellite, which Russia shot down, has been in space since 1982 and measured three and a half meters. Astronauts on the ISS had to resort to rescue modules due to flying debris. According to NASA, the shooting down of the satellite created another approximately 1,500 pieces of space debris in orbit. In … Read more

Fans Threaten To Boycott Kylie Jenner Over Astroworld Drama: “Her Wallet Is All That Matters” | celebrities

CelebritiesKylie Jenner (24) is under fire after she has been silent after the dramatic performance of her beloved Travis Scott (30) at the Astroworld festival last week. Nine people were killed as a result. The reality star only responded via Instagram Stories, but then it remained silent. Fans find it unsaleable that she is silent … Read more

Migrants threaten from the east. EU from the west. The Polish government has developed war rhetoric.

The crisis on the border with Belarus could be useful for the Polish government. Polish soldiers look at migrants in the border area at Kuznica. The photo was sent out by the Polish defense. Photo: Irek Dorozanski, DWOT / Reuters / NTB 13. nov. 2021 10:56 Last updated just now NEWS ANALYSIS: Belarus uses migrants … Read more

The tense situation at the border. Sikorski: you have to threaten Lukashenka with sanctions

Asked by the newspaper how to solve the crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border, Sikorski replied that Lukashenka must be convinced that he would not win and that the migrants he had invited “pose a greater problem to him than to us”. He added that to achieve this, “we must show that the entire European Union … Read more

Lukashenko is using the migrant crisis to threaten Russian bombers

Russia has again sent bombers on the wings over Belarus, reports Reuters. The planes were of the Tu-160 type, which are long-range bombers that can carry nuclear weapons. They patrolled the airspace together with Belarusian Su-30 fighter jets. – People are scared With the Russian bombers along the border as a backdrop, there was a … Read more