The lake in Russia is called the killer: death threatened after spending just an hour on this beach

When you imagine a lake in a completely uninhabited area, you would expect spectacular scenery, majestic mountains, a clean beach, and the lake itself to be calm and inviting to swim in. However, staying near the one in Russia Lake Karachay back in 1991, it would have ended in nothing but death. This huge lake … Read more

Members of a silat college who ganged up on online motorcycle taxi drivers in Blitar were threatened with 7 years in prison – Not long ago, a video showing the beatings by a group of suspected members martial arts school to an online motorcycle taxi driver viral on social media. The incident that occurred in Blitar, East Java, is said to have occurred when members of one of the silat colleges convoyed on motorbikes after the … Read more

Susno Duadji: As soon as he revealed who the culprit was, Bharada E’s soul was threatened in that very second

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Former Chief of Criminal Investigation Police Komjen (Ret.) Susno Duadji highlighting the life of Bharada Richard Eliezer aka Bharada E which is currently under threat. Susno Duadji thinks Bharada E need to receive special protection during the legal process of the death of Brigadier Pol Nofriansyah Yoshua Hutabarat or Brigadier J. “He … Read more

A woman in her twenties takes off her robe of shame.. My husband is asking me for something forbidden by Sharia and has threatened to divorce if I do not do it.. You will not believe what he boldly wants to marry!

2022/08/10 It’s 09:10 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite Dr. Heba Kotb, family relations consultant, discusses during her weekly meetings with the media Amr Al-Leithi, in his program clearly broadcast on Al-Hayat channel, many issues and inquiries related to marital relations. The discussions include many bold questions, which in the eyes of some may be … Read more

Police officers at the airport in Paris shot dead a man who threatened passengers with a knife

The confrontation took place in the public area of ​​the French airport near Terminal 2F. The person first shouted abuse, then left, only to return with a knife. The border police called the man, who they said was among the homeless, several times to put the knife down. However, he did not obey and finally … Read more

After his controversial remarks, “The Rock” threatened by the boyfriend of Megan Thee Stallion!

The Rock rocked social media with his hilarious comments about rapper Megan Thee Stallion. But in the general euphoria, the artist’s boyfriend, Pardison Fontaine, wanted to react with fairly clear comments, in order to calm things down. As a big international superstar, as a partner of many big brands, The Rock must be irreproachable in … Read more

Dallas’ Samantha was kicked out of the series for this reason: Larry Hagman, who plays Jockey, immediately threatened the producers – Világstzár

Linda Gray she played one of the most popular characters in the series Dallas, Samantha, who was the wife of Jockey Ewing. He got the iconic role at the age of 38, and finally stayed in the series from 1978 to 1991. It was only a hair’s breadth that this would not happen, because the … Read more

ASN Arrested for Selling Fake Tickets PSM Makassar Vs Persija Jakarta, Threatened with 6 Years in Prison

TRIBUNPAREPARE.COM, PAREPARE – Parepare Police Arrest the fake ticket seller PSM Makassar against Persija Jakarta at the Gelora Bj Habibie Stadium, Friday (5/8//2022) yesterday. At first the alleged perpetrators had the initials male R (45) and female J (46). However, after further investigation, female J (46) acted as a witness because she only acted as … Read more

The building that threatened to collapse in Bastogne has been secured. It will be destroyed

A large security perimeter was set up on Saturday morning until mid-afternoon on part of the Mc Auliffe square in Bastogne and on the top of the Grand’Rue. The old Friterie 2000 is in danger of collapsing. The building is closed and has been undergoing renovations for several weeks. Work, according to the mayor of … Read more