he had threatened them with death

The correctional court of Liège decided on Friday to seek the opinion of a service specializing in the treatment of sex offenders before rendering its judgment in the case of a resident of Grâce-Hollogne prosecuted for having committed rape and attacks on sexual integrity on two young girls aged 15 and 17 with mental disabilities. … Read more

Bart De Wever threatened by an attack project: what we know

DIndividuals suspected of preparing attacks, placed under arrest warrant on Monday, wanted to assassinate the mayor of Antwerp Bart De Wever (N-VA) and attack police offices, the newspapers of the Mediahuis group reported on Friday. Investigators had been monitoring these young men for a long time, who had quickly become radicalized. Their ambition was not … Read more

I was threatened with death.. and my father refused my appearance in the media for this reason • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Journalist Mona Abu Suleiman revealed the attack she was subjected to and the obstacles she faced after entering the field of media. Abu Suleiman said, through the Sawalif Ramadan program, that she faced death threats to her, her home, and the MBC channel, and she was also threatened with expulsion from the university. … Read more

Threatened with indictment, Trump denounces “election interference” by “thugs”

Threatened with criminal charges in New York in a case of purchase in 2016 of the silence of a porn actress, the former president of the United States Donald Trump denounced Monday evening on television “a scam” and “electoral interference” orchestrated by “thugs” before the 2024 presidential election. • Read also: Will Donald Trump be … Read more

Migrant rescue NGO Sos Méditerranée intimidated and threatened by gunfire off Libya

The association was taken to task on Saturday March 25 when it wanted to rescue a makeshift boat with 80 people on board. Additional tensions, new and worrying. The NGO Sos Méditerranée, which works for the maritime law of imperative rescue of people in danger at sea, whose radius of action is between Libya and … Read more

The German and British main tanks arrived in Ukraine and the Russian soldiers exposed the tragic situation: the commander refused to retreat and threatened with death | Russia-Ukraine War | Global

2023-03-29 14:27 World Daily Compilation Center / Comprehensive Report on the 28th In the face of Russian aggression, the main tanks provided by Germany and the United Kingdom are currently arriving in Ukraine one after another. Ukrainian ground forces commander Oleksandr Syrskyi said Ukraine’s goal was to exhaust Russian forces trying to capture the Ukrainian … Read more

And we have had enough of you. Hungary hit the West and threatened NATO

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto stated that he is tired of criticism from Western countries on issues of rights and democracy in Hungary. “Western criticism hinders mutual cooperation, especially regarding NATO and Russia,” Szijjarto said. Together with Turkey, Hungary is the only country that has not ratified Sweden’s entry into NATO, in the case of … Read more

“They threatened to bring in a bailiff if I didn’t pay”

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Charo threatened Kimberly and demanded that she take a DNA test to confirm Jimmy’s paternity

In addition, new characters such as Giovanni Ciccia, Karime Scander, Jorge Guerra, Guadalupe Farfán, Franco Pennano, among others, appear to stir up the “Las Nuevas Lomas” neighborhood where all kinds of situations occur. Do not miss the ninth season of the television series from Monday to Friday at 8:30 p.m. You will be surprised!

A man arrested in Seraing: he threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend

A man was deprived of liberty on Friday evening after threatening his former partner with death in Seraing, the Liège prosecutor’s office said on Saturday.The 40-year-old lives with his former partner in Seraing. Breaking with her, he lives with the mother of his children in Saint-Nicolas and elsewhere in his family. While he was in … Read more