The slow decline of summer has begun

For the past few months, the sun was at its highest in the sky and day length was at its longest. This trend comes to an end with the start of a new sun season, between August 6 and November 5. The star is effectively entering its autumnal phase, in transition between the strongest 90 … Read more

Viral !! Gas stations prohibit Thunder 125 bikers from filling pertalite !! lol why??

Viewed: 55,696 – Caakkk…recently news circulated on social media regarding the ban on the Suzuki Thunder 125 containing pertalite at gas stations. It is not known exactly where the location of the gas station is. But what is certain, this gas station not only prohibits the Suzuki Thunder 125, but they also prohibit modified … Read more

Suzuki Regarding Viral Thunder Rejected Pertalite Content at Gas Stations: Thank You

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS) responded to the viral response of one of its two-wheeled products, Thunder, which was rejected Pertalite by Pertamina gas stations. Andita W Wiwaha, 2W Digital Marketing SIS, said that his party is grateful because this viral video will remind people of Thunder, which has long been sold … Read more

Disney+ Ultimate Warrior Beast Hunter Movie Experience: Famous Alien Warriors Kill, Bloody and Brutal (With Thunder) #Disney+ Taiwan (180888) – Cool3c

The appearance is still a very classic alien ultimate warrior. It first appeared in the 1987 movie “Ultimate Warrior”, and then appeared in many subsequent movies as the same role, even in “Alien Battlefield” and the sequel, and with Another plot in which stars in outer space compete with aliens is a classic role in … Read more

Western smoke on its way to Quebec?

Major forest fires are raging these days in the western Canadian provinces, in particular due to temperatures well above seasonal norms. Consequently, several air quality bulletins have been issued since Friday by Environment Canada. The situation on this Sunday tends to show an improvement, due to the presence of a low pressure system that brought … Read more

Thor: Love and Thunder’ Has a Big Plot Hole Around Stormbreaker

The Marvel movie Thor: Love and Thunder contains a major plot hole involving Stormbreaker. The hammer has been part of Thor since Avengers: Infinity War, as an alternative to the Mjolnir hammer which was destroyed by Hela, Thor’s sister. Thor: Love and Thunder shows that Thor’s dynamic with his weapons is very different. When he … Read more

Thunder Awaken Announces Its Dedicated VALORANT Team

News By: Samuel Moreno | 21-07-22 Thunder Awakenthe famous Peruvian organization specialized in Dota 2, revealed through its social networks its incorporation into another quite popular game in Latin America: VALUING. The team is made up of the following players: PIER00: Controller (Captain) Sayled: Duelist Damned: Initiator (IGL) Snake: Flex nLss: Sentinel YOU CAN ALSO … Read more

“Thor” continues to thunder at the top of the North American box office

The heroes of the fourth installment of the “Thor” saga, “Love and Thunder”, continue to thunder at the top of the North American box office this weekend, according to estimates on Sunday from the specialized firm Exhibitor Relations. Between Friday and Sunday, the film directed by New Zealander Taika Waititi collected 46 million dollars in … Read more

Shower of shooting stars: a striking spectacle to come

Meteors are remnants left behind from the passage of two comets, Marsden and Kracht, created following the break-up of another comet. The shooting stars are already visible for the most seasoned. However, the best chance of seeing them will be on the night of July 28-29 shortly before dawn. The new moon could also allow … Read more