Thunderstorms arriving in the North, hail storms and supercells: the areas at risk

A new storm front is arriving in Northern Italy on Friday 24 June. This time Lombardy will be affected by strong storms not only in the Alpine and pre-Alpine belt, but also in the plains, with the risk of winds of over 100 km / h and large hail for the province of Brescia, especially … Read more

In Como and province issued a weather warning for strong thunderstorms

The warning for possible strong thunderstorms of the civil protection for today 22 June also concerns the territory of Como and its province. The alert (in yellow code) as reported by the natural hazards monitoring center will end at 9pm. The rainfall, albeit abundant, will provide relief on the drought front but will not rebalance … Read more

Weather forecasters promise a stormy weekend: thunderstorms, hail, hail in many areas

On the night of June 17, somewhere, more likely in the southeast, a brief thunderstorm is possible. Fog will form in places. The lowest temperature is 8 to 13 degrees. During the day in many areas there will be short rains, in places with thunderstorms, during the thunderstorms the northwest wind gusts will reach 15 … Read more

There may be heavy rain and thunderstorms on Friday

Heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected in many places. In the south-eastern part of the country in the afternoon and evening there will be a risk of a strong thunderstorm – not only heavy rains, but also storms and heavy hail are possible locally. On average, the country will continue to have a slow wind. … Read more

Heavy rainfall in the east is accompanied by very strong thunderstorms, meteorologists warn

The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI) repeatedly clarified the previous warning against heavy rainfall on Thursday. “There are renewing storms in the vicinity of Studénka, during which, according to radar estimates, up to about 50 millimeters per hour fell. Smaller hail may also appear, ”meteorologists warned on Thursday afternoon. Subsequently, they supplemented the warnings for the … Read more

civil protection notice for thunderstorms, hail and gale force winds; regions at risk »

Weather alert: civil protection warning for thunderstorms, hail and gale force winds; regions at risk National civil protection alert A depression of Atlantic origin crosses Italy, causing a phase of bad weather, in particular in the Center-South, which gradually diminishes over the course of tomorrow. However, the associated baric minimum will intensify ventilation from the … Read more

Bad weather in Emilia Romagna, severe thunderstorms and hail: inconvenience in the A14 – Meteo

Bologna, 7 June 2022 – A strong storm hit, as expected, in the late afternoon today in various areas of the region. Flooding there have been on the highway A14in particular between Forlì and Faenza where there have been traffic delays. The area between Cervia and Pinarella, in Ravenna: the copious water that fell in … Read more

Thunderstorms / Day

Clouds partially cover the Latvian sky, no precipitation. A wind is blowing, mostly from the east. The amount of clouds in Riga, southeast wind three meters per second, air temperature shortly after sunrise +15 degrees, at the international airport +12 degrees. +15 .. + 19 degrees expected in the morning. Mostly the wind will remain … Read more

Yellow alert for thunderstorms also on the Varese area, beware of the wind

<!– –> “A high flow from the southwest will lead, on 03 June, to a gradual increase in instability with scattered precipitation already between night and morning on the western sectors, tending to diffuse in the afternoon, with greater involvement of the alpine and pre-alpine sectors. The phenomena may also take on a reverse and … Read more

Showers and scattered thunderstorms, even of strong intensity, this is how the weather will be until next Tuesday – Chronicle

TRENTO. From late afternoon today, Thursday 2 June, and until Tuesday next week, summer weather is expected, but scattered showers and thunderstorms may develop which locally could be of high intensity, with abundant rainfall, hail, lightning and strong gusts of wind. . The forecast is uncertain, but the development of thunderstorms seems more probable in … Read more