Tidal flashes from neutron stars may indicate an approaching merger

Researchers have developed a new way to predict some of the universe’s most violent mergers. The sea of ​​highly charged particles surrounding a neutron star can experience a tidal wave as the neutron star’s very dense core spins toward each other or into a black hole. The researchers found that tidal waves appear as regular … Read more

Hubble Discovers Strange Cluster of Blue Stars | Gas Clouds | Tidal Forces | Virgo

[NTD, Beijing time, June 30, 2022]Researchers have discovered five peculiar blue colors in Hubble observationsgroup of stars. They do not exist in the same way as any known group of stars evolves. these fivegroup of starslie inVirgo(Virgo), each group is about the size of a dwarf galaxy. One of them is SECCO1, also called AGC … Read more

Hubble discovers group of young blue stars | gas clouds | tidal forces | stellar clusters

[Epoch Times, June 29, 2022](Epoch Times reporter Di Rui compiled and reported) Researchers have discovered five strange blue colors in Hubble telescope datastar group. They do not exist in the same way as any known group of stars evolves. these fivestar grouplie inVirgo(Virgo), each group is about the size of a dwarf galaxy. One of … Read more

“The iPhone left in the tidal flat for 10 months worked fine”

thebible [인사이트] Reporter Dasom Kim = There are often people who lose their smartphones by drowning them while traveling to the beach or river during summer vacation. Most of the time, when you drop your smartphone in water, you cry and give up looking for it. This is because it is difficult to find a … Read more

Blessings of the Pekalongan Rob Flood, Residents Pick Up Many Stranded Sea Fish Carried By The Tidal Waves

TRIBUNJATENG.COM, PEKALONGAN – The impact of the tidal wave on the north coast of the City PekalonganCentral Java has even become a blessing for residents who live around the coast. Tribunjateng.com monitoring, Tuesday (24/5/2022) afternoon, from 16.00 WIB to 18.45 WIB, sea water overflowed into residential areas, precisely at the Crematorium, high sea waves hit … Read more

Parents and child killed by tidal wave in French coastal town | NOW

A tidal wave in the French region of Brittany killed two parents and one of their children on Thursday evening. The family was walking on a dike in the coastal town of Plogoff when they were swept away by the water, French media reported. The body of the 33-year-old woman was recovered by rescuers. Her … Read more

Electricity from tides: in Scotland the first plant in the world that tests the blades of tidal turbines

FastBlade, just opened in Scotland, is the first rig in the world capable of testing tidal turbine blades as if they were in difficult marine conditions. Tidal energy is that generated by the natural movement of water resulting from the tides: a still little exploited technique that the Scottish plant could help to spread. The … Read more

Tidal turbine: Ricoh unveils a mini hydroelectric power plant for small streams

The idea of generate electricity from the drainage system of a factory or an irrigation canal interest you? Note that the Japanese company Ricoh has developed a system to make this possible. baptized 3D-Pico Hydro Generator Systemthe solution proposed by the company consists of a mini hydroelectric power station capable of generating electrical energy even … Read more

Tidal Theory of the Solar System, These are the Strengths and Disadvantages!

Tidal theory discusses the formation of solar system. Another name for this theory is Tidal theory. The scientist who first put forward this theory was George Louis Leclerc de Buffon in the 18th century. He is a French scientist. He explained that the formation of the solar system through a violent collision process. The collision … Read more

Similarities between Planetesimal Theory and Tidal Theory

KOMPAS.com – theory planetesimal and tidal theory is one of the two theories of the formation of the universe that have similarities. Tidal theory basically departing from theory planetesimal, do not be surprised if the two have in common. The planetesimal theory and the tidal theory appear to be the same theory. However, the two … Read more