complaint-against-kaduva-movie-high-court-order-censor-board-prithviraj-sukumaran | Complaint against Tiger movie; High Court to take the decision of the Censor Board after watching the movie

photo: youtube Kochi: Jose, a native of Pala, has alleged that Prithviraj’s new film ‘Katuva’ is defaming him and his family. The High Court directed the Censor Board to watch the film and take a decision on the complaint filed by Kuruvinakunnel. The petition was filed after the Censor Board did not take a decision … Read more

Hanno Behrens Failed to Persija?, Manager Hansa Rostock Called Kemayoran Tiger Management Hanged

TRIBUNNEWSSULTRA.COM – moving They have Behrens ke Persija in danger of being cancelled. Really?, what caused this news to emerge. Whereas before, Persija Jakarta and the Bundesliga’s second tier club Hansa Rostock already established communication, related to the transfer They have Behrens. It is even said, Hansa Rostock have agreed to release They have Behrens ke Persija … Read more

Caretaker dies bitten by a Bengal tiger in Peribán, Michoacán

Michoacán.- José de Jesús, a 23-year-old young man, who in recent days was bitten on both arms by a Bengal tiger in the municipality of Periban, Michoacandied this afternoon in a hospital in the city of Morelia. Reports indicate that the young man opposed having both arms amputated and his health condition became even more … Read more

Attention: Asian Tiger spotted in Zonguldak

It was determined that the mosquito of different sizes and colors, which was seized by the citizens in Zonguldak Yeşilmahalle, was an Asian tiger mosquito in the Municipality Veterinary Affairs Directorate. 15-06-2022 | 16 : 00 13 It was determined that the mosquito of different sizes and colors, which was seized by the citizens in … Read more

how to differentiate a “normal” and a tiger?

Aedes albopictus. Native to the tropical forests of Southeast Asia, the tiger mosquito has colonized 67 departments out of the 96 metropolitan departmentsaccording to the latest map from the Ministry of Health, as of January 1, 2022. Known for its ability to transmit viruses like the sighdengue or Zika, this species is under surveillance by … Read more

«Tiger King» – «Doc» Antle

“Tiger King” star Bhagavan “Doc” Antle is said to have been arrested by the FBI on Friday, and must appear in court on Monday, accused of money laundering. It writes the news agency AP and newspaper The Wall Street Journal – both of which refer to unnamed sources. The controversial feline profile is said to … Read more

SOUGHT. Tiger mosquitoes in Belgium – Metrotime

The search for exotic mosquitoes is taking things up a notch. Anyone who thinks to spot a tiger mosquito in Belgium can upload a photo of the mosquito on the website† Scientists will then determine whether it is a tiger mosquito. With the project, the Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) and Sciensano want to gain … Read more

Follow along: Sciensano and Institute of Tropical Medicine seek help to map tiger mosquitoes

Javier Rebolledo, project manager at Sciensano, calls on us to search for tiger mosquitoes and thus contribute to public health. “After stinging an infected person, a tiger mosquito can transmit viruses of certain infections such as dengue, chikungunya and Zika fever to other people. That is why we want to monitor the presence of this … Read more