Viral Tiger at Medan Zoo Thin-Eating Grass, North Sumatra BKSDA intervenes

Medan – Video show skinny looking tiger and eating grass at the viral Medan Zoo. The leadership of the Medan DPRD also poked fun at the Mayor of Medan, Bobby Nasution. View, Friday (9/24/2021), the video shows a tiger in a cage. The tiger looks thin and is eating grass in the cage. The … Read more

The Porsche Macan with internal combustion engines will probably end in 2024

The purely electric Macan is expected to be introduced over the next year, and from 2023 onwards, customers should have a choice between an internal combustion engine or an electric motor. The Porsche brand is synonymous with sports cars for many, but we all know very well that its main income is the SUV. The … Read more

Remains of Zookeeper Erik Cowie from “Tiger King” by family, no memorial

Keeper of the “Tiger King” zoo Eric CoyA body has never been picked up before Jeff Lowe As expected … Instead, someone claiming to be a relative of Eric obtained the remains from the medical examiner. Jeff tells TMZ… him and his wife Lauren This week, someone claiming to be a member of Eric’s family … Read more

Gigabyte unveils compact 14-inch U4 laptop based on Intel Tiger Lake

Notebook companies hardly ever use the term “ultrabook” today. However, the concept of ultraportable and lightweight laptops has not gone anywhere. The Taiwanese manufacturer Gigabyte has announced a new series of such devices, which has received the laconic name U4. So far, the series is represented by the only 14-inch model available in several configurations. … Read more

Decades of extinction, the Tasmanian tiger is seen again

Jakarta – Tasmanian Tiger is now extinct. But on National Threatened Species Day in Australia, the animal was spotted again. Quotes Malay Mail, a nearly century-old recording shows footage of the extinct Thylacine. After going through the editing process with coloring, the appearance of the animal can be witnessed again. The Tasmanian tiger has a … Read more

They recover video of the last Tasmanian Tiger, from 1936

Technological advances made it possible to recover a video showing the latest copy of Tasmanian Tiger, before the species became extinct more than 85 years ago. The recording was restored and transformed in color to better show the physical characteristics of the animal. The National Sound and Film Archive of Australia (NFSA) shared the video … Read more

The hunter fights the saber-toothed tiger with the golden steel wolf! “Marvel’s Midnight Suns”‘s first live live film exposure “Marvel’s Midnight Suns”-Bahamut

Firaxis Games held the “Marvel’s Son of Midnight(Marvel’s Midnight Suns)”’s first live broadcast of the game. In this live game live broadcast, creative director Jake Solomon and senior series producer Garth DeAngelis showed the hunter,WingswolfThe duel with his old enemy Sabretooth Tiger, and also demonstrated the “Marvel’s Son of Midnight“Innovative combat system. Watch the live … Read more

Erik Cowie: – TMZ: “Tiger King” profile found dead

«Tiger King» became one of Netflix’s biggest successes when it hit the screens as the corona pandemic spread around the world. The TV series about the eccentric and controversial zoo owner Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage, known as Joe Exotic, fascinated on a large scale. His circle of friends and enemies also received a great deal of … Read more

Wit Phutharit answered all the questions. When did you have children? Revealing that his wife is 20 years apart, smiling and accepting it as a striped tiger!

52 still fit! Open your mind with Wit Phutharit after announcing that there are 2 children. When was the fan club stunned? Reveals wife is 30 years old, but there is no age gap Accepted as a striped tiger!!! Wit Phutharit Prombandan The 52-year-old actor has announced that he now has 2 children. After being … Read more

This Chinese game has action, a lot of spectacle and flying swordsmen like Tiger and Dragon

Swordman: Xie Yun Liu Zhuan is another of those adventures that stand out from China. The video game industry grows by leaps and bounds in China, like the entire technology sector in the country. And only in the last few years have we seen since record-breaking games on Steam right out of early access, to … Read more