Wallonia will have to tighten its belt for ten years

Jean-Luc Crucke (MR): “The 600 million from the federal government? That would be a minimum” Jean-Luc Crucke (MR), the Walloon Budget Minister, wants to believe that federal solidarity will exceed 600 million euros in aid. Wallonia must invest massively but it must also control its debt. He is convinced that the Walloon ministers will agree … Read more

30 km / h in built-up areas – the European Parliament wants to tighten road rules

A speed limit of 30 kilometers per hour in built-up areas and zero tolerance for drivers under the influence of alcohol – such changes in road regulations are wanted by the European Parliament. Among other things, thanks to this, the goal of zero fatalities on the roads of the European Union by 2050 is to … Read more

The EU hopes to tighten visa restrictions for Belarus

Emblem of the European Union The European Union announced on Wednesday that it plans to tighten visa requirements for Belarusian officials in response to Minsk’s “exploitation” of illegal migration flows and pressure on the bloc’s external borders. “We are addressing a worrying new form of smuggling, which is the growing role of national actors in … Read more

US Olympics tighten vaccination procedures

The American athletes selected for the upcoming Winter Olympics scheduled for February 2022 in the Chinese capital, Beijing, are subject to vaccination against the “Covid-19” virus, according to the guidelines revealed yesterday, Wednesday, by the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee. The commission’s regulations state that from November 1, all athletes, workers, contractors and others who … Read more

7 Benefits of Skipping Sports for Health, Build Stamina to Tighten Calves

Merdeka.com – In everyday life, humans cannot be separated from sport, both for achievement and to maintain the condition of the body to stay healthy. Sport has an important role in human life. Through sports, humans can be formed who are physically and mentally healthy and have a disciplined personality, high sportsmanship which in the … Read more

China’s recovery slows amid government crackdown to tighten control over economy

An employee inspects a circuit board on the controller production line at a Gree factory, following the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in Wuhan, Hubei province, China August 16, 2021. China daily via REUTERS The recovery of economic activity in China last August continued to deepen its slowdown, according to the latest data from Industrial production … Read more

China continues to tighten its grip on tech giants

Outside Alibaba’s Beijing office on August 24, 2021. NG HAN GUAN / AP Chinese e-commerce giants’ smartphone apps come in handy. With a few clicks, you can order the property of your dreams and obtain a loan to acquire it. It shouldn’t last. According to Financial Times from Monday, September 13, Beijing will force e-merchants … Read more

Biden is preparing to tighten the requirements for COVID-19 vaccination

One of the most important aspects of the plan will be mandatory vaccination for all federal employees and contractors, a source familiar with the initiative told AFP, speaking on condition of anonymity. Currently, civil servants have two choices: vaccination or regular testing. “The president has signed a decree that aims to take another step forward … Read more

Arrival form: Checks tighten. Where to find it, when the Czechs have to fill it out

Above all, the obligation to fill in the arrival form still applies. Due to new protective measures, random checks will be tightened at all domestic airports from Wednesday, especially at Václav Havel Airport upon entry into the Czech Republic. The diary provides a brief overview of how to fill in the arrival form and what … Read more

Despite rising Covid-19 figures, no decision has yet been taken to tighten the limits

Epidemiological safety measures will remain at the current level until the next decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, the government decided on Tuesday. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Currently, the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers provide for a transitional regulation for the epidemiological situation, if the 14-day cumulative Covid-19 the number of … Read more