If the US blocks WeChat, China will boycott Apple

BEIJING, KOMPAS.com – China will boycott Apple if United States of America ( AS) block WeChat. The threat was conveyed by the Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman on Friday (28/8/2020), at a time when the US continues to threaten the blocking of WeChat. US President Donald Trump this month announced that from mid-September it could be … Read more

Permanent damage: that’s how dangerous tiktok health trends are

Don’t imitate: These “beauty hacks” are so dangerous. Trends that are hazardous to health are always making the rounds on Tiktok. For example, it is touted to whiten teeth with bleach. Such «beauty hacks» are extremely dangerous. Now the health authorities in the UK are warning against such videos. Trends are spreading like wildfire on … Read more

Ruined teeth and Co. through TikTok beauty trends – multimedia

Bleach for yellow teeth and scraping off unwanted moles: Such “beauty hacks” are dangerous – and can be found in abundance on TikTok. Trends are spreading like wildfire on social media platforms like TikTok. Often these are harmless and intended for fun or entertainment. But now several TikTok trends have emerged that health experts classify … Read more

Walmart joins forces with Microsoft in negotiations to buy TikTok

The fate of TikTok in the United States is becoming clearer, between the resignation of its American general manager and the alliance formed by the giants Microsoft and Walmart to buy the popular but threatened social network from the Chinese group ByteDance. • Read also: TikTok boss Kevin Mayer leaves the company Candidates for the … Read more

Microsoft-Walmart, the surprise alliance to try to buy TikTok

Tiktok against the United States, the United States war – ISOPIX / SIPA Two giants to tip the scales. Walmart confirmed on Thursday that it had allied with Microsoft in the negotiations to buy from the Chinese group ByteDance the TikTok video sharing app, which the president Donald Trump threatened to ban if it did … Read more

Videos – Walmart teams up with Microsoft to acquire TikTok

The American supermarket giant says it is interested in the video sharing application, owned by the Chinese company ByteDance. Posted: 08/27/2020, 7:05 p.m. TikTok is reportedly close to a deal with a buyer. Keystone Walmart confirmed on Thursday that it had allied itself with Microsoft in negotiations to buy the TikTok video-sharing app from Chinese … Read more

Walmart partnered with Microsoft in negotiations to acquire the social network TikTok

The TikTok logo on a cell phone screen (REUTERS / Dado Ruvic / File)The American Retail Giant Walmart and Microsoft have teamed up to negotiate a joint purchase of Chinese video sharing app TikTok, according to the specialized channel CNBC this Thursday. “We believe that a potential relationship with TikTok in partnership with Microsoft could … Read more

TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer steps down after 100 days in office

KOMPAS.com – After approximately 100 days (about three months) served as CEO TikTok, Kevin Mayer resign from his position. Previously, Kevin Mayer was appointed CEO of TikTok in mid-May 2020. In a written statement, Mayer said that a series of changes to TikTok’s leadership structure had prompted him to step down. In fact, the appointment … Read more

August 27th. What is supposed to happen this day

The catastrophes that have occurred so far in 2020 they have turned the world upside down. From the coronavirus pandemic to a plague of locusts in Africa and the raging fires in different parts of the planet have marked a year of uncertainty. But, in the last days a terrifying new mystery circulating on TikTok … Read more

TikTok director resigns after three months due to threat of ban in US | NOW

TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer is leaving TikTok after three months. He told this in a letter to employees of the company on Thursday, writing Financial Times. Mayer has decided to leave after US President Donald Trump said to ban TikTok, unless parent company ByteDance sells TikTok’s US arm to an American company within 90 days. … Read more