TikTok adds AI background generator – Engadget Japan

SOPA Images via Getty Images Recently due to The amazing performance of OpenAI’s DALL-E 2making AI art-related topics quite hot, and TikTok has also caught up with this ride,Introduced an “AI green screen” effect in its Android and iOS apps, allowing you to produce a “work of art” that is somewhat abstract oil painting style … Read more

Venezuelan speaks of viral TikTok: “Chilean women take care of their husbands”

Her name is Lina Báez, she is 24 years old and she went to Puerto Montt tired of Santiago. Viral became a young Venezuelan who posted a TikTok video “warning” Chilean women to take care of their husbands. “Chileans, take care of your husbands, precious, because the Venezuelans arrive, they make their arepitas, they give … Read more

Daily consumption of energy drinks, this man has heart disease

Jakarta – A viral TikTok video of a man with the username @sageyweebs shares his story of drinking energy drinks for two years, leading to heart disease at an early age. In the Q&A in the comments, he admitted that he drank 1-2 cans every day and rarely drank water. The flood of netizen comments … Read more

Viral Video Link Allegedly Virtual UiTM Is on TikTok and Instagram? Check the UiTM Virtual Viral Video Download Link here

BOGOR REVIEW – Women studying at UiTM, Maya viral from TikTok because video naked spread. There is link video suspected Maya UiTM boy from Instagram? Many people are looking link Maya UiTM boy viral from TikTok naked available at Instagram. As for video viral Maya The UiTM made a lot of talk on the application … Read more

TikTok shows videos in Russia that TikTok itself has banned – NRK Oslo og Viken – Local news, TV and radio

Since Russia’s war against Ukraine started, TikTok has been like a zombie for Russian users. Both dead and alive at the same time. Because while the whole world used TikTok to get news about what was happening in Ukraine, the company chose to stop Russian users from uploading new videos. In addition, videos from accounts … Read more

Virtual Viral Video Link of UiTM Boy Without Clothing No Censor Is Circulating, Is There a Viral Video Similar to Virtual UiTM on Yandex?

BOGOR REVIEW – Check out the UiTM student named Maya which viral because video naked circulating in TikTok. Ada link video viral Maya UiTM boy from Yandex? Many are hunted link Maya UiTM boy viral from TikTok naked available at Yandex. Maya UiTM boy much talked about in Malaysia and Indonesia because link video viral … Read more

Tiktok wants to ensure transparency with APIs

9. August 2022 – In the future, interfaces should enable researchers and Tiktok’s security advisory boards to gain a deeper insight into the activities that Tiktok implements to comply with its community guidelines. In addition, the social media platform wants to ensure more transparency with an expansion of the quarterly report. Three new programming interfaces … Read more

Omar Chaparro: Young man discovers that his mother was a friend of the actor

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 08.08.2022 13:20:07 How many times have we not heard stories of people who claim to have met famous people? It is certainly unlikely to be believed until they show evidence such as photos and a girl thought her mother was lying to her when she told her that she had … Read more

TikTok Viral Video Link Similar to Maya Budak UiTM No Sensor 14 Seconds on Dropbox, Check Full Download Link

BOGOR REVIEW – There is currently a heated discussion on TikTok link video viral from Maya UiTM boy. Ada link download no sensor from Dropbox? Many are looking link Maya UiTM boy viral on TikTok with no clothes available on Dropbox. From this incident, Maya UiTM boy has become much discussed in neighboring Malaysia, including … Read more