She just wanted a cute photo on the beach, but she got a nasty surprise with a body part hanging out

Instead of a cute but average photo, a rough but funny one was taken of a young woman on the beach. One Madi Marotta an American woman named wanted a cute bikini photo of herself on the beach. He put on his sunglasses, struck a pose and smiled widely. Then, when he looked at the … Read more

They were tempted by “Turkish teeth”. The effects are amazing

They went to Turkey to fix their teeth. The effect is amazing The man we can find on TikTok under the nickname @domenichilaa uploaded a video with his friend, where they both show their smiles after the procedure performed in Turkey. The video was watched by almost a million people and no one was surprised … Read more

A virus spreads on TikTok

Hackers exploit the curiosity of some users by offering to remove the “Invisible Body” filter. Lately, the “Invisible Challenge” has had some success on TikTok. This challenge consists in making the whole body or certain parts of the body of the users disappear thanks to a filter called “Invisible Body”. Some of these users use … Read more

Billion views on TikTok for Wagner Group glorification of violence | Abroad

The videos glorify the actions of the controversial military company, the report says. Videos also include footage of the execution of Yevgeny Nuzhin, a former Russian mercenary. One of the videos of the execution had been viewed more than 900,000 times before it could be removed. In total, there are 160 videos on the platform … Read more

The TikTok user who said, ‘I got the job when I said this in every job interview,’ has been viewed 1.8 million times! Here are those words…

The words used by both employers and candidates in job interviews are of great importance. A woman named Jennifer Reardon also shared a magic phrase that always works during the job interview with her followers in the video she took on TikTok. “GENERALLY PROBLEM WHEN THE INTERVIEW IS ENDING” Jennifer said: “Every job I interviewed, … Read more

On TikTok, propaganda videos for the paramilitary group Wagner

Threatening words in Russian and the image of a large metal mass held by an executioner: on TikTok, dozens of hateful videos of this type circulate widely, praising the Wagner Group, a Russian militia present on the Ukrainian front and controlled by Yevgueni Prigojine, a close associate of Vladimir Putin. This content was detected by … Read more

Hii… This Couple Finds a Secret Room in Their 130 Year Old Home

New York – Millennial couple Courtney and Matt discover a secret room hidden inside 130 year old house theirs. Here’s the story… Courtney and Matt shared the story of finding the secret room through their Tiktok account. The discovery originated from a mysterious letter they received some time ago. The letter came from someone with … Read more

This dance has taken over the internet, everyone loves Wednesday! Haven’t you seen it yet? Look and you will understand – From the screen and behind it – Cocktail

A few weeks ago, the series Wednesday premiered on the streaming platform. The creators have managed to create several moments that have taken over the current world of shared memes and viral moments on social media. Photo: SITA/AP, Richard Shotwell Jenna Ortega at the premiere of the news “Wednesday” in Los Angeles. One of the … Read more

Become a Porn Star to Save Men

Jakarta – Become a porn star to save the boys. That is the motivation of Unpai, a TikTok celeb from Japan. He chose to be a Japan Adult Video (JAV) star. On TikTok, Unpai already has 3.7 million followers. Quoted from detikHot, Unpai admits that he deliberately entered the adult film industry just to save … Read more