Other companies may fall, Arca Capital and Evergrande are just the tip of the iceberg, according to the consulting company – Companies and markets – Economy

Businesses and corporations face a really serious problem. Many of them cannot function without the capital they obtain by selling their own bonds. In Slovakia, this fact is illustrated by the case of the Arca Capital group, which has a problem with the payment of hundreds of creditors, in the world it is a problem … Read more

[Y이슈] Sue Lee-sook’s ‘death rumors’ fake news spreader sued… Strong response notice

Actor Seo Yi-sook (55) side eventually sued a netizen who spread fake news that he had died. According to OSEN’s report on the 23rd, Seo Yi-sook’s side was reported to have filed a complaint through the Mapo Police Station in Seoul. Earlier on the afternoon of the 20th, the online community ‘DC Inside'[단독] Actor Lee … Read more

[경제]Eating out at home instead of at a restaurant?…Milkit ‘explosive growth’

[앵커] In the era of Corona 19, where it is not easy to continue to cook and it is not easy to go out to eat, the meal kit market is showing explosive growth. As the boundary between home-cooked food and dining out is blurring, menus that used to be available only at restaurants have … Read more

[경제]BOK likely to raise key interest rate further within this year…

[앵커] The Bank of Korea’s base rate, which had maintained 0.5% for 15 months, was raised to 0.75% in August. However, in the financial sector, the BOK is expected to raise the key interest rate by an additional 0.25 percentage point once again in the second half of this year, and the MPC is expected … Read more

[문화]Acting confrontation between actors from a girl group…”Expect for a different performance”

[앵커] There are not many cases where idols who have been active as K-pop singers have turned into actors. At the same time, female singers who were active in girl groups had an acting showdown on the screen. Reporter Hye-eun Kim reports. [기자] Yoona Lim, a former member of the group Girls’ Generation, visits the … Read more

‘The virus is now spreading among the unvaccinated’

Go upstairs Coronavirus Scientific Committee Member Prof. Dr. Gündüz stated that the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) has spread among the uncooked. Gündüz said, “Unfortunately, the rate of the unvaccinated is not very low. Therefore, we see that this disease continues among the unvaccinated.” used the phrases. Çukurova University Faculty of Medicine Balcalı Hospital Chief … Read more

‘Unvaccinated people transmit coronavirus to vaccinated patients in risky groups such as cancer’

Go upstairs Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine Dean Prof. Dr. Sait Gonen and Infectious Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Emphasizing that hospital admissions and positivity rates have increased, İlker İnanç Balkan said that despite being vaccinated, patients in the risk group with low immunity, such as cancer patients, were caught in Covid because of their “unvaccinated relatives”. … Read more

For the first time, “Tip” surpassed the goal of bouncing the ball for the next 3 years in Paris.

If you use the word “beyond expectation” or call it “surprise,” it wouldn’t be wrong. With the results of the first Olympic Games of “Tip” Orawan Paranang, the Thai national table tennis player, the 88th hand of the world, ranked 49th of the list, which on September 7th will be referred to as a full … Read more