More Experienced by Young People, 4 Tips to Prevent High Blood Pressure! : Okezone health

AGE now, it sounds more familiar to the younger generation, of productive age suffering from stress high blood pressure or hypertension. If in the past this disease was synonymous with the elderly group, but not now because lifestyle changes that are increasingly unhealthy make today’s youth susceptible to hypertension. Given the increasing risk, one of … Read more

Forgot your medication? 4 tips from scientists that can help you

According to an estimate by the WHO (World Health Organization) approximately half of the patients who are in treatment are not taking the prescribed medications as they should. Misunderstanding of the dosage? Neglect ? Forget ? Underestimating the importance of treatment? The reasons can be multiple. If this is your case, it is essential to … Read more

“Up to 9 million won for personal pension for those aged 50 or older” Tax expert’s year-end tax settlement ‘Nice Tips’

Provided by Hanwha Life Insurance In order to receive a thick ’13th month’s salary’, you must prepare your year-end tax settlement meticulously. Jeong Won-joon, a tax expert at Hanwha Life Insurance Financial Services, said on the 6th, “The key to year-end tax settlement is to lower the final tax amount.” Pension savings and individual retirement … Read more

tips for productivity on the move – Samsung Newsroom India

More and more people work from anywhere and, in the same way, the demand for mobile devices increases. In this sense, Galaxy Z Fold4 allows users to expand their usual workspace through numerous functions, in addition to covering more functions thanks to its lightness and a larger screen. Galaxy Z Fold4 remains as compact as … Read more

Miscellaneous Numbness in the Face, and Tips for Treating it Page all – In most cases, tingling in the body more often occurs in the area of ​​the feet and hands. However, some people can feel tingling in the face. pins and needles on the face is a temporary sensation that occurs as a result of a short-term health disorder, other pre-existing illness, or the result … Read more

10 effective tips for a happy and healthy gut

Dyt, who makes recommendations for intestinal health. Deniz Pirçek made the following statements on the subject: “Managing stress is very important for our overall mental and physical health. Studies show that even short-term stress can disrupt the balance of microorganisms in the gut. It will be very beneficial to take time for yourself to reduce … Read more

Covid, flu, bronchiolitis… here are all our tips to avoid them!

While the Covid is experiencing a resurgence and bronchiolitis is a real problem at the moment, the flu is expected after the new year. All SARS-CoV-2 indicators are indeed on the rise in Belgium. Currently, 957 people carrying the virus are hospitalized (+30), including 48 in intensive care (+4%). In addition, viral loads detected in … Read more

Boskamp tips: “It gave me pain in my…

John Boskamp Foto: © Pro Shots Jan Boskamp is not yet impressed by the Orange’s game at the World Cup in Qatar. The team of national coach Louis van Gaal finished first in the group, but did not sparkle. Boskamp knows what needs to change: he would have liked to see Xavi Simons make his … Read more