Live maggots rid wounds of dead tissue and bacteria

Gareth Kempson is the CEO of Biomonde, the sole distributor of maggot therapy in Europe, with manufacturing facilities in Germany and Wales. According to Kempson, the two production sites can each house 50,000 green blowflies (Lucilia sericata), and in recent years the maggots of this fly have contributed to 25,000-30,000 wound treatments per year across … Read more

Live larvae clean wounds of dead tissue and bacteria

Gareth Kempson is the administrative director of the company Biomonde, which is Europe’s only distributor of larval therapy with production facilities in both Germany and Wales. According to Gareth Kempson, the two production facilities can hold up to 50,000 flies each of the species Lucilia sericata and in recent years their larvae have contributed to … Read more

Review of Kleenex’s comfortable nose tissue: Dana and DPG don’t break my heart

Those who have a runny nose due to a cold or allergic rhinitis You’ve probably had a runny nose or felt uncomfortable while wiping your nose. I met a tissue that can be used comfortably on the nose for such people. Kleenex nose tissue Capacity: 60 sheets (current lowest price) 1,360one) Allergic cold, nasal tissue … Read more

AMD: To better study it, 3D printed eye tissue

“Our collaborative efforts result in highly relevant retinal tissue models of degenerative eye disease. These tissue models allow many possible uses in research but also many translational applications, including therapeutic development,” write the authors. From stem cells to an outer blood-retinal barrier model Scientists are using patient stem cells and 3D bioprinting to produce eye … Read more

Recognize the Types and Functions of Muscle Tissue in Humans

Kobaran.Com- Muscle tissue is soft tissue built up by muscle cells. This network consists of several types with different forms. Each of these muscle tissues also has a specific function for the human body. In general, in the human body there are about 600 muscle tissue. This network has the ability to move parts of … Read more

Fake tissue restores erection in pigs – New Scientist

With an artificial tissue, pigs with a damaged penis can get an erection again. This may lead to treatments for erectile dysfunction in humans.

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CRISPR gene editing can repair damaged tissue after heart attack

Each year, cardiovascular disease accounts for approximately 32% of all deaths worldwide. Researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center say a new gene-editing therapy could help treat heart disease. The research team also found evidence that the therapy can help repair damaged tissue immediately after a heart attack. Each year, cardiovascular disease (CVD), … Read more

Treating the damaged brain with artificial tissue

class=”medianet-inline-adv”> of the USA San Diego Professor at the University of California, City of California. Dr. Feeling and his team succeeded in producing brain organoids using stem cells from human skin and transplanting them into mice. The transplant, which is a first in the history of medicine, is seen as an important success in the … Read more

a new layer of brain tissue to fight infections

This discovery of this brain tissuewhich acts as a protective barrier, allows us to better understand and deepen the functioning of our brain. This fabric also serves as immune cell monitoring platformwhich have the role of detect infections and inflammations. Published this Thursday in the journal Science (source 1), this discovery by scientists from the … Read more