The veteran who won all his titles in the same club

At 34, Cahill He is a veteran hardened in a thousand battles. The one from Dronfield has played in six teams so far and with only one has he been able to win titles. The defender has behind him a record with eight trophies and everyone with him Chelsea, club in which he played between … Read more

Behind the Xbox Series X Optimized Titles: Tetris Effect: Connected

One of the biggest benefits of all this power is that it gives developers the ability to create games Optimized for Xbox Series X. This means that they have taken full advantage of the unique capabilities of Xbox Series X, both for new titles created in the same way. native to the Xbox Series X … Read more

Xbox Game Pass: 10 new titles with touch controls for Android

Xbox Game Pass: Add to 10 new titles with touch controls for Android. The future is today, and Microsoft knows it. Generating new accessibility for users, Xbox touch controls have unlocked new ways to enter and play. Microsoft has pointed out that touch controls “they have been one of the most requested features for cloud … Read more

Los Angeles Dodgers: How Many MLB World Series Titles They Have

The 2020 World Series came to an end and with it a new champion. Los Angeles Dodgers were crowned at the top of the MLB after beating the Tampa Bay Rays, who turned out to be a tough stumbling block as expected, in six games. The Angelina franchise once again writes on the golden pages … Read more

You can play Xbox titles with a PS5 DualSense thanks to xCloud

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums DualSense, the control of the PlayStation 5, has given much to talk about. For this reason, it is striking that some individuals have already laid their hands on it and have been able to test the bet that Sony … Read more

Gallery I The brave faces that fight breast cancer

Adriana Moscoso, Mery Garzón, Andrea Vintimilla, Narcisa Flores and María Eugenia Ruiz, fight against cancer every day. Xavier Caivinagua / El Mercurio Images: Xavier Caivinagua About 50 women are part of the Mutual Help Group, from the oncology area of ​​the José Carrasco Arteaga hospital, from Social Security. This space has allowed breast cancer patients … Read more

The origin of all the noble titles (and patrimony) of the Falc family

Thursday, October 22, 2020 – 03:55 Fernando Falc (i), Carlos Falc and Infanta Elena, at the San Isidro Fair in 2012. GTRES The deceased Marquis of Cubas descended from one of the most important aristocratic families in the country, since his father, Manuel Falc and Escandn, who died in 1975 at the age of 82, … Read more

Boca Juniors is very close to achieving something that River Plate will never be able to achieve, no matter how many titles it wins

Boca Juniors signed this Friday a cooperation agreement with the Argentine Foreign Ministry to develop joint activities that contribute to the dissemination of the Argentine image abroad in addition to promoting the Boca Juniors Consulates. This agreement will allow you to get closer to a very great desire in the Boca world. Related news The … Read more

GOG will sell titles from the Epic Games store through its Galaxy app. Will it become a universal platform?

GOG just announced their new plan to expand their platform into a universal store that would allow players to buy and run titles from other stores within GOG. The first partner turns out to be none other than the Epic Games Store. This will help you bring various PC titles to your new store, including … Read more