A disused Spanish financial system | Opinion

Let’s take a look at three international companies that are ranked among the top five in the world: Apple Inc., Microsoft Corporation and Amazon Inc. Among the three, the last published stock market value was 3.89 trillion US dollars, that is, approximately eight times the General State Budgets approved for 2021 in Spain. Really impressive! … Read more

IAG plans to put Aer Lingus to compete in the UK for traffic to the US | Companies

The baton of the CEO of IAG, Luis Gallego, is already perceived as the head of the airline holding company, where he is making decisions that are reminiscent of his time in Iberia. Between the first stall movements, you will put Aer Lingus, when the crisis begins to be overcome, to compete with their own … Read more

Tech companies lead Wall Street’s rises in the last 30 years | Markets

30 years ago, Amazon did not exist. It wasn’t until 1994 that the American digital commerce giant began to take its first steps. Despite this, it is the third company in the S&P 500 that has appreciated the most in these three decades, with a rise of 161,000%. His business began in 1995, with the … Read more

What could the first prize in the El Niño draw could invest in? | My finances section

Once almost all the holidays have passed and the disappointment of not having been lucky with the Christmas Lottery has been assumed, the temptation may arise to seek revenge with El Niño, whose draw is this Wednesday. In the case of winning the top prize, however, have you ever thought about how you would spend … Read more

The first day of Brexit in the market, without earthquakes in the negotiation | Markets

The first session in the markets after Brexit without an agreement on financial matters has been without incident. Despite the fact that the world committee of wise men on derivatives (ISDA) warned of possible distortions in the negotiation of about 600 billion euros per year in these instruments in the EU, the CNMV believes that … Read more

Brexit throws the electric glove on the British automotive | Opinion

It is difficult to start a car in the cold, when engine oil becomes very viscous. The British government, after Brexit, is in a similar situation when it comes to boosting its car industry. Although he managed to avoid tariffs at the last minute in the trade agreement reached with the European Union, the rules … Read more

Photos: Beirut still waiting for answers | International

12 photos It has been five months since the colossal explosion in the port of Beirut that on August 4 left 205 dead, more than 6,500 injured and 350,000 displaced. And the Lebanese are still waiting for answers. Politicians have failed to form a new government and have stalled the ongoing investigation while the victims … Read more

45 films in a minute: the animated video that pays tribute to the history of cinema

Precisely during Christmas, on December 28, 1895, the Lumière brothers screened a film for the first time, La salida de la fábrica Lumière in Lyon, before a group of people gathered in the Indian Room of the Gran Café in Paris. That documentary film, which lasted just 46 seconds and had no sound, is considered … Read more

El Heraldo de Coatzacoalcos – Will Smith survived 2020

* The actor uploaded a comic video to his Facebook account where he wished his fans a happy year Agencies Mexico City If anyone knows what it is like to survive a global crisis like the Covid-19 pandemic, it is actor Will Smith thanks to his character in the film “I am a Legend.” Although … Read more

What gadgets have been the most desired in 2020? The iPhone 11 tops the list | Lifestyle

Technology advances and the industry lives not only from smartphones, and it is that the consumer electronics market has taken advantage of the pull of full connectivity and Internet of Things to get closer each time more types of devices to meet more and more needs both at home and away from home. Still don’t … Read more