After the departure of her father, Dina El-Sherbiny is criticized for her open black dress

The star, Dina El-Sherbiny, won two awards for the best comedian actress for her role in the series “Kamel El-Edd”, which also won the award for the best comedy series in the Egyptian series season of Ramadan 2023. And the Egyptian star appeared in the first edition of the Creative Summit Award Festival, whose prizes … Read more

Thiago Silva receives offers to move to the Saudi League

Press reports revealed that the Saudi League clubs want to include the Brazilian Thiago Silva in their ranks during the summer transfer period, which opens its doors in early July. And according to the British “Sports Mall” network, Silva received offers from several clubs in the Saudi League, without revealing the identity of the clubs … Read more

Campaign ‘We are the medicine ourselves’ draws attention to…

Recent research shows that you can delay the risk and course of dementia by living a healthier life. Dementia cannot be cured and unfortunately there is no medicine available yet. Trying to prevent dementia is the best option we have. Completely preventing dementia is not possible. After all, other personal factors also play a role, … Read more

A new photo of Pique with Clara Chia…and the audience: To this extent did Shakira destroy you?

Former Barcelona player Gerard Pique sparked controversy by publishing a new photo with Clara Chia, months after publishing their first photo together.. Pique appeared in the photo topless, while his mistress Clara wore a wide black shirt, and Pique attached the image to a heart-shaped emoji. The audience interacted greatly with the post, which has … Read more

So antibodies against a common virus can cause MS

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet have found further evidence for how the Epstein-Barr virus can trigger multiple sclerosis or drive the development of the disease. A study published in Science Advances shows that some individuals have antibodies against the virus that mistakenly attack a protein in the brain and spinal cord. Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) infects most … Read more

Fernando Muslera spoke for the first time about the fraud case! “I was very impressed” Galatasaray

For long years GalatasarayUruguayan glove Fernando Muslera, who played in . HE EXPRESSED Connected to this situation where he has experienced low performance in the last few weeks, Muslera is among the well-known names of the football world. of In the investigation file, in which he was arrested for allegedly defrauding many wealthy people with … Read more

AI analyzes ESC, thinks German contribution is the best (lol)

The Eurovision Song Contest takes place on Saturday, and for many fans that is of course a must-attend event on TV. The songs are discussed in advance and for the first time an AI was allowed to give its “opinion”. And it shows: GPT-4 doesn’t really understand that much about music. Let … The Song … Read more