Indonesian Stall Targeted by Jeff Bezos Predicted to Grow Rapidly in 2023

Unicorn to venture capital companies owned Jeff Bezos penetrate the segment shop, either through investment or special services. This sector is forecasted to grow rapidly in the next two to three years. The Co-Founder and CPO of Warung Pintar Group, Harya Putra, said that the number of conglomerates and banks targeting warungs shows the potential … Read more

William Tanuwijaya Named Businessperson of the Year 2021

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The founder and CEO of Tokopedia, William Tanuwijaya was named Businessperson of the Year 2021 by Fortune Indonesia. He became one of the 20 best Indonesian businessmen this year. William was chosen because he was considered successful in recording a number of positive financial indicators, transformative leadership, effective good corporate governance … Read more

Wanting an IPO, GoTo Group Approaches Retail Investors on the Indonesian Exchange

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – GoTo Group’s electronic money service, GoPay provide financial education to the younger generation of retail investors in the capital market by collaborating with the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). The collaboration was held as part of celebrating Financial Inclusion Month (BIK) through the FinanSiap program which is designed to answer the needs … Read more

Boy Thohir Wants to Annex Trimegah, Maybe GoTo Synergy?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – One of the richest people in Indonesia at once President Director of PT Adaro Energy Tbk (ADRO) Garibaldi ‘Boy’ Thohir made the latest breakthrough in the Indonesian capital market. On Monday (4/10/2021), through the national newspaper, Boy Thohir passed kThe consortium he leads announced that it would take over 49% stake … Read more

Warung RI Targets the World’s Richest People, Global Investors, and Unicorns

Shop become a new battlefield unicorn and decacorn since 2019. During the corona pandemic, this segment is increasingly in demand. It even attracts the attention of the world’s second richest person Jeff Bezos to Silicon Valley-based venture capital The latest, startup Ula raised US$ 87 million or around Rp 1.24 trillion in series B … Read more

First time since late 2019, Tokopedia outperforms Shopee in Indonesia

Tokopedia finally overtake Shopee in terms of the number of visits to the platform per month in the second quarter, based on data iPrice. It’s the first time e-commerce This green nuance has outperformed Shopee since the third quarter of 2019. Based on iPrice data, the number of visits to platform Tokopedia 147.79 million per … Read more

Tokopedia Closes Tens of Thousands of Fake Vitamin-Mask Shops!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Tokopedia founder and CEO William Tanuwijaya does not deny that there are shops in the Tokopedia marketplace that sell vitamins to fake masks. Therefore, William confirmed that he had taken firm steps against these shops. “We closed tens of thousands of shops, sir. However, with the existence of social media, one … Read more

Fake Vitamin Case, Tokopedia Boss: Tens of Thousands of Stores Closed, but…

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – CEO Tokopedia William Tanuwijaya stated that there are people who take advantage of the momentum during this pandemic to sell fake vitamins or sell medical devices above normal prices. “We closed tens of thousands of shops, but every day there will be new criminals. But the percentage is very small,” William said … Read more