Six Britons who stored half a ton of cocaine in Airbnbs arrested in Antwerp

Investigators from the Antwerp judicial police arrested six Britons involved in international drug trafficking. The suspects were using lodgings rented through Airbnb or to store their drugs. More than half a ton of cocaine was seized in Kalmthout, the Antwerp prosecutor’s office said on Sunday. The arrested gang brought in large quantities of drugs … Read more

Lithuanians with almost a quarter of a ton of hashish detained in Poland

Polish border guards detained two Lithuanians on Tuesday carrying a record 244.5 kilograms of hashish in a car trailer. According to the Polish Border Guard Service, Lithuanian citizens have been detained in the village of Zbučina in the Masovian Voivodeship. The drugs were packaged in 14 sports bags hidden in the trailer’s structures. The Forensic … Read more

Moroccan authorities take more than a ton of hashish

Near the Moroccan city of Errachidia, the police arrested four suspects last Thursday arrested because they are suspected of possessing 1,048 kilos of hash. The Moroccan security service DGSN speaks of an ‘international drug organization’. The suspects are between 25 and 52 years old. The four were arrested about forty kilometers from Errachidia in Kadoussa. … Read more

GNR seizes more than a ton of hashish on the beach on the island of Faro – Portugal

The Faro GNR seized this Friday more than a ton of hashish on the beach on the island of Faro, in the Algarve. Following an action to monitor the maritime border, the Guard military detected a suspicious vessel approaching the Algarve coast, heading south from Praia do Garrão. The GNR, through the maritime means of … Read more

I wonder how much a ton is.. Iron and cement prices today, Tuesday, October 12, 2021, last update

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My heart is broken. DJ Ton Hom posted for help. Lots of comments on the parade – news

Big deal! my heart is broken Believing that none of the girls survived, DJ Ton Hom got hit by another one, even posting for help. Parade of comments Follow the news, press follow, live news DJ Tonhom Sakuntala Still having to post for help after falling in love with young Kim Seon Ho Another hero … Read more

Rise in World Demand for Indonesian Coal Price Hoist to US$ 161 per Ton

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources set the price coal Indonesia’s benchmark (HBA) in October 2021 is US$ 161.63 per ton. This figure increased by US$ 11.06 per tonne compared to September 2021 HBA of US$ 150.03 per ton. The Head of the Communication Bureau for Public Information Services and Cooperation of the Ministry of … Read more

“See the ton arrived how many today” the price of iron and cement today, Monday, October 4, 2021 in the Egyptian markets

Through the following, we get acquainted with the prices of iron, which is one of the main materials for construction, and it is among the strongest materials that support construction and its prices follow the Metal Exchange, where prices are constantly changing due to the difference in the international price of iron and through the … Read more

Look at the ton, how much is left today.. We publish iron and cement prices today, Saturday, October 2, 2021

Iron and cement prices stabilized in trading today, Saturday, October 2, and iron prices did not rise during the current period after the increase in cement prices during the last period, and iron is included in many industries and construction works. Businesses iron prices in factories and companies to determine their needs permanently. The General … Read more