The images of the seizure of 13 tons of drugs carried out by the United States Coast Guard in the Caribbean

The entire crew of the cutter ship Hamilton poses next to the 13 tons of seized drugs (USCG)In the framework of the great anti-narcotics operation ordered by President Donald Trump in April, The United States Coast Guard seized about 13 tons of drugs in international waters in the Caribbean on Thursday. Two crew members of … Read more

The US Coast Guard seized almost 13 tons of drugs in the Caribbean: “Traffic increased by 50% due to the Maduro regime”

US Coast GuardThe United States Coast Guard seized almost 13 tons of drugs in the Caribbean and began downloading it in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, under the great anti-narcotics operation that has been going on since April. The total of the drug is valued at $ 228 million, divided between 7.7 tons of marijuana and 5.2 … Read more

Scientists are stunned: 28 trillion tons of ice melted in 30 years

That writes The Guardian. The images show a significant decline in the amount of ice at the North and South Poles, glaciers and in high mountains. Current pace The scientists, at universities in Leeds, London and Edinburgh, describe the decline in the amount of ice on the Earth’s surface as ‘staggering’ and warn that the … Read more

Spain and Portugal send 82.5 tons of humanitarian aid to Venezuela

The entire cargo was transported on two flights of the European Union Humanitarian Air Bridge. The supplies will serve to combat covid-19. By: EFE 02:00 PM / 22/08/2020 Spain co-sponsored, together with Portugal, a humanitarian aid operation to Venezuela to combat the coronavirus pandemic, consisting of the shipment of 82.5 tons of supplies to Caracas … Read more

More than 1,000 tons of fuel have already leaked from the ship off Mauritius. The locals also help with the liquidation

According to the Kyoto agency, the Japanese company Mitsui OSK Lines, which operates the vessel, announced the amount of leaked fuel on Sunday. The crew had previously been evacuated from the vessel and the local population, including boat operators and fishermen, had been ordered not to go to the beaches and lagoons of Blue Bay, … Read more

2 tons of spotted pope stranded in Cipatujah Tasik, the meat was cut off by residents

Residents appear to cut whale meat. The children had a chance to ride a 2 ton fish that was stranded, Monday (03/08). special for TASIK DISTRICT – Spotted whales are generally one of three species of plankton-eating sharks, which by filtering seawater. Well, this fish carcass was found stranded, Monday (02/08) morning at Cipatujah … Read more

Kylie Jenner buys pony of almost 2 tons for daughter Stormi (2) | Entertainment

Whoever has it wide, let it hang wide, billionaire Kylie Jenner will have thought. For her two-year-old daughter Stormi, she bought a pony called Frozen, just like her favorite Disney movie. Price tag? $ 200,000 (converted about 171,584 euros) plus the travel costs of $ 10,000 (8,579 euros).

Kylie Jenner buys 2 tons of Dutch dream pony for daughter

Frozen. Foto: Instagram Stal Wilten. 22-year-old reality star and cosmetics mogul Kylie Jenner bought the B-pony Frozen, a 17-year-old snow-white jumping pony, for her two-year-old daughter Stormi. That makes stable Wilten known on Instagram. Jenner paid $ 200,000 for the pony, according to the American news site mailonline. Frozen is currently quarantined in Los Angeles, … Read more

Cardi B and Offset give daughter Hermès Birkin handbag for second birthday and receive tons of criticism

Kulture, the daughter of Cardi B and Offset, recently turned two years old. The celebrity couple celebrated with an extravagant party and extravagant gifts. But for one of those gifts, the couple is now criticized. What do you give to a child who turns two years old? It is a question you may have asked … Read more